The Worst Quarter Ever

The earning season is drawing to an end. But even before it began, we already knew that a lot of companies were in big trouble. Their dividends told us.

What Products and Services Sell Best in a Recession?

I recently read in a biography of Milton Hershey that he believed his business was recession-proof and depression-proof because he sold an affordable product. He reasoned that, even if a person couldn’t afford new shoes or a new car or a vacation, they could always afford a nickel for a Hershey’s chocolate bar. (That was the price in those days.)

Inflation Investing

Inflation is being kept in check right now. But you can guarantee that it will rear its ugly head at some point in the future. Too much money is being printed by the government. And eventually all those dollars floating around in the economy will be chasing a supply...

Increase Your Income Now While the Economy Is Down!

The summer of 2009 will mark two years of the housing crisis being in full force. Nothing in recent times has wreaked as much havoc on the lives of homeowners. On the other hand, nothing else has created as much opportunity for you to make a fortune in real estate. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, even if you don’t have any money to invest.

Before You Buy That Rental Property…

I almost missed out on making $100,000! My husband took me to see a rental property he wanted to buy – and though we could buy it without spending a penny of our own money, I didn’t really want it.

7,000 Points to Go, and That’s the Good News

For months, my colleagues and I at ETR’s sister newsletter, Investor’s Daily Edge, have been pounding the table about how this market is a stock picker’s dream. We have said things like, “Millionaires are made at this point in the market cycle,” “Stocks are really cheap,” and “Build a bulletproof portfolio now.” But most people can only hear the doom and gloom news, and it always ends up costing them money.

Is the U.S. Embassy Really Your Best Friend Overseas?

The stock advice for American travelers seeking safety information for other countries is to check out the advisories at It is also recommended that you register with the State Department before your trip, and then check in with the local U.S. embassy or consulate once you get there.

Make Margin Trends Your Friends

When investigating companies to invest in, I look at several margins – gross, operating, pre-tax, and net profit margin. But I focus on operating margin. Operating margin is the difference between how much you make and how much you spend to operate the business. If the “making” is at least 15 percent higher than the “spending,” I’m interested.

Speedwriting 101

Back in The Day, copywriting was a leisurely business – almost a pastoral pursuit. The client’s marketing folks got you on the phone, described the product, told you what they’d tried before and how it’d worked… what they’d been learning and thinking lately… and you brainstormed the themes you might use for a new promo.

If You’re Late on Your Taxes…

Tomorrow’s the deadline for filing your taxes, and you’re not ready. Maybe you had personal problems. Maybe you kept procrastinating… or are a little lazy. It happens. What should you do?

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