This Is How You Build A Lasting Legacy

We spend a lot of time worrying about numbers, don't we? Revenue. Sales figures. Profits. Losses. Expenditures. Overhead. We've even derived a happiness quotient for the workplace—surveys that put a one-to-five number (often veiled in a better-worse scale) on...

Why Social Matters: Unpacking Social Media Trends with Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas (of hasn't been a go-to social media guru for very long. As he relates in our recent interview, Bullas' digital journey began just a decade ago—but his success grew exponentially. Now, 10 years into the exploration of social media, content...

How to Get the Right Small Business Loan in 2018

It's a great feeling, isn't it? You're finally ready to branch out on your own. You've been planning your new business launch for months—maybe years. What started as a simple idea and a couple-hours-a-week side hustle has blossomed into something that is almost...

7 Steps to Build Habits of Steel and Beat Procrastination

It was 5:49 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday. Sunrise at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, where I was staying with friends, was 7:18 a.m. I had just under 90 minutes to finish this article so that I could coordinate my daily meditation with morning’s first light....

5 Mantras for the Business Set

Running a business can be excruciatingly difficult—never mind the extra effort needed to grow profits and make an impact. That’s why, in all the chaos of the day-to-day, it’s worth revisiting these daily mantras. Remember these success stories and tell yourself you have it in you to find the same success.

How to Have the Perfect Morning

The secret to productive, priority-focused mornings is not a secret—in fact, the idea of a Morning Routine goes back generations. ETR Editor Craig Ballantyne unpacks this age-old wisdom, and how you can use it to win your days.

5 Pillars of Outstanding Leadership

Leading is not reserved for CEOs and heads of state. The virtues of leadership can benefit everyone in almost every facet of life. That’s why you need to start making the most of these 5 key behaviors of outstanding leaders.

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035 – Diet, Cardio, Crossfit, Time Management, and Girls

In this hilarious episode perfectly timed for the holidays and new year’s weight loss goals, Craig visits Joy & Claire of the GirlsGoneWOD Podcast. We talk about diet, exercise, cardio, jogging, Crossfit, and Craig’s germophobia. Doing the podcast in person made for an extra special show. We got along like old friends, shared some Seinfeld jokes and sassy banter, and I revealed a secret that will make you NEVER want to touch a cardio machine again. Get the truth about nutrition, fitness, and fat loss here.

034 – 10 Best Books of 2017

Dive into the 10 best books that I read in 2017, including biographies of Charlie Chaplin, Elon Musk, and other business icons. But don’t miss the powerful life lessons and success secrets from the underlying theme of True Bliss. You’ll be surprised at how this comes together from the words of Steve Jobs and a rock-and-roll manager. Don’t miss how to build your business and live the perfect life with these good reads.

033 – How Digital Nomads Build Productivity Habits of Steel, Travel the World, and Stay Madly in Love

Imagine for a moment you’re young and in love, carefree, and ready to travel the world and leave your dent in the universe, while also enjoying the finer things in life. Sounds perfect, right? But without proper planning and time management, it could be a life full of distractions, temptations, and obstacles. Today I want you to meet two Digital Nomads who get stuff done, live their dreams, and have a strong marriage thanks to communication secrets that have kept their relationship going strong for nearly 15 years.

032 – 10 Tips to Save Time & Make Your Life Matter

Hey, how much would an extra hour per day be worth to you? Just think about how you could use that for family time, catching up on sleep, taking care of your health, or just relaxing and doing what you love. Well listen, this isn’t just a fantasy… Today you’re going to hear about 10 ways to save time… most of them you’ve never heard of before, and 3 of them are pretty shocking, like my recommendations on morning routines, exercise time, and cooking… But keep an open mind and you’ll find time saving gold in today’s show. Alright, let’s stop wasting time and get right to it!

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