Planning and Goal-Setting So You Can Work Less and Make More

When you’re busy taking care of business, it can easily take you for a ride. You know you’re on this ride when you become very reactive—constantly putting out fires and responding to whichever customer or product is screaming loudest for your attention. This is how...

How Ed Sheeran Used a 1970’s Military Strategy to Write 2017’s Top Song

Ed Sheeran is arguably the most popular singer alive. His song, “Shape of You,” has been viewed over three billion (yes, billion with a “b”) times on YouTube, and topped almost every year-end chart in 2017. It’s also the most streamed track on Spotify (nearly two...

What We Can Learn from 2017’s Fallen CEOs

Before the roller-coaster ride of 2017 even began, Leadership Guru Suzanne Bates postulated that there would be five primary reasons for top-dog hacks over the course of the year. Some of what Bates suggested has been cause for CEO cuts for decades—poor communication,...

The Quiet Power (and Possibility) of Reward

For many of my hard-working friends, wine is the reward for a day well done. In fact, for one, it's a inviolable ritual. At the end of every excruciating midweek slog, my buddy hauls home around 7pm (if he's lucky), drops his briefcase, slips into a hoodie, and pours...

3 Steps to Change Your Ways

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of the Morning Routine, but there’s more to your eventual success than routines. You have to push yourself to move from idea to action, and find accountability for every step you take. Here’s how.

The Secret to Life

Learn how supportive, inspiring friendship discovered through The Atlas 400 Club can vault you to new levels of success and happiness.

From Early to Rise Editor Craig Ballantyne ➤

026 – Caffeine, Alcohol, and Water: How much, When, Why, and Why not!

Yes, you CAN drink caffeine and alcohol and be a high-performer, but you have to know your limits, determine your daily dose, and use these scientifically proven principles for optimal performance. On today’s show you’ll also be shocked to know the calorie and caffeine content of your favorite liquid nutrition drinks. Find out all of this – and the right amount of water to drink each day – for high performance.

025 – 7 Secrets to Building a Brand & Mission in the New Economy

Meet the wizard behind one of the fastest growing franchise brands in America. He’s built a company mission that has attracted raving fans, incredible opportunity, and massive profits. His name is Bedros Keuilian, and his brand is Fit Body Boot Camp. And today you’ll discover his 7 simple secrets to creating a tribe of followers who love your mission and want to build your brand.

024 – 7 Habits of High Performers and Rich and Successful People

Imagine the perfect daily routine of a high performer. Everything meticulously planned and prepared and made simple and smooth for success. But also imagine getting an inside peek at the secrets that allow them to be insanely productive while still being able to recover and have high energy every day. These are the 7 super-habits of high performers that you can start using today.

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