A Billionaire’s “No Brainer” System for Knowing When to Buy Stocks

Most of the stocks in my core investment portfolio – my Legacy Portfolio – are dividend-paying stocks. And since I don’t rely on cash from those dividends for current income, my practice is to reinvest it. The common way this is done is automatically through a...

How One Mastermind Member Went from Near Bankruptcy to $500,000 in Annual Revenue [Case Study]

"Craig... You'll never believe what just happened".  My client Adrian Delorey, founder of 180DegreeFitness, sounded like he'd just purchased winning lottery tickets.  "What's up?" I responded.  "You remember that one month surfing trip I told you about?"  "Sure". ...

Struggling to Achieve Your Goals? This Box Could Explain Why

Think back to your biggest goals and dreams of the last 12 months. Did you accomplish them? Did you come close but fall a little short? Or did you really not get much of a start at all? Listen, we all have books we want to write, businesses we want to start, skills we...

8 Simple Tips to Transform Your Business’s Finances

As a small business owner, one of the greatest challenges that you will face is learning to weave through the complex and ever evolving landscape of your company's finances.  From tax planning and optimization to payroll to employee benefits, there are a myriad of...

Don’t have enough time for family? Make some.

Busy, working parents seldom have the time they want to spend with their family. The good news is, it’s more important that the time they DO spend is quality. Here are a few ideas for making the most of those minutes at home.

074 – The Perfect Week Formula

If you think about home at work and work at home… this is the solution. Today you’re going to learn the ULTIMATE secrets to creating the perfect life… You will have more clarity and focus than ever before! Build in the BIG ROCKS and make more time for what matters so that you increase your income and impact while having more work-life balance.

073 – Internet Hack to Turn Your Business into a Cash Machine

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, if you use the internet, you’ll be able to use today’s secrets to turn the internet into an ATM spitting out cash. Bedros Keuilian and I reveal the hidden profit centers in your business that can only be accessed when you follow our step by step suggestions. We’ll teach you to dominate every corner of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube—from direct messaging to Instagram stories and more.

072 – How Hollywood Actor, Matthew Del Negro, Turned a 180 on His Life

It’s not often we get the chance to interview Hollywood celebs on ETR radio, which is why this episode is particularly special. Once a lacrosse playing English major, actor Matthew Del Negro experienced something of a renaissance before graduating from college. That unexpected transformation, a complete 180 as he puts it, was what ultimately led to his current career in film and TV acting.

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