A Billionaire’s “No Brainer” System for Knowing When to Buy Stocks

Most of the stocks in my core investment portfolio – my Legacy Portfolio – are dividend-paying stocks. And since I don’t rely on cash from those dividends for current income, my practice is to reinvest it. The common way this is done is automatically through a...

How One Mastermind Member Went from Near Bankruptcy to $500,000 in Annual Revenue [Case Study]

"Craig... You'll never believe what just happened".  My client Adrian Delorey, founder of 180DegreeFitness, sounded like he'd just purchased winning lottery tickets.  "What's up?" I responded.  "You remember that one month surfing trip I told you about?"  "Sure". ...

Struggling to Achieve Your Goals? This Box Could Explain Why

Think back to your biggest goals and dreams of the last 12 months. Did you accomplish them? Did you come close but fall a little short? Or did you really not get much of a start at all? Listen, we all have books we want to write, businesses we want to start, skills we...

8 Simple Tips to Transform Your Business’s Finances

As a small business owner, one of the greatest challenges that you will face is learning to weave through the complex and ever evolving landscape of your company's finances.  From tax planning and optimization to payroll to employee benefits, there are a myriad of...

3 Techniques to Master Daily Gratitude

You can’t control what happens in the world around you, but you can control how you respond. Use these 3 gratitude techniques to turn a world of negativity into a life of possibility, promise, and positivity.

The 4 Most Important Reasons to Take a Vacation This Year

Vacations have slowly gone out of vogue in America. More time is spent working and less time is spent relaxing. It’s so bad, we’ve forgotten HOW to relax. That’s why this article tackles the three main reasons vacations aren’t a luxury—they’re a necessity.

078 – 7 Life Lessons from Bally the Dog

This is the podcast I said I would never record… but I had to share these 7 success life lessons from my old dog, Bally, who recently passed on to doggy heaven. You’ll laugh and cry at his motivational and inspirational secrets, and you’ll hear about Unstoppable, the book I wrote in his memory, about how to get through hell, overcome anxiety, and dominate in business and in life.

077 – Grow Your Business Faster

Do the work. Earn the rewards. If you want to make more money, grow your business faster, and have better work-life balance, then you’re going to love this show. My man, Downtown Troy Brown, the Guvna from Southeast London, England, interrogates me about three steps to , your income, impact, and influence.

076 – How One Inspiring Entrepreneur Used the Power of Healing to Inspire Others

Too often it goes without saying that entrepreneurship is about more than money—it’s about making an impact and inspiring positive change. Sam Robson is doing just that, and on this episode of ETR Radio, he shares his incredible story of how overcoming physical debility gave him the strength, wisdom, and insight he needed to launch his own exploding career (and a life of unequalled impact).

075 – What I Wish I Knew Sooner, and Quotes You Need to Know

Which quotes should entrepreneurs live by? In this episode, Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne extract the wisdom out of their favorite quotes, both for business and for life. Watch or listen now to discover why your business’s problems might come down to your habits, and why taking small action alleviates anxiety every time. Get your notepads out—this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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