Craig’s 10 Motivators to 10x Your Success

Among Zig Ziglar’s famous quotes was this gem: “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing—that's why we recommend it daily.” He’s right, but here’s where people go wrong. Most folks think motivation is found in pretty posts on...

How to Make Billions with a Free Product

In 2016, Facebook (FB) earned over $10 billion, while seemingly giving away their product. FB’s sales averaged almost 50% growth over the last 5+ years. The current stock price tops $150/share—the market values the company in excess of $425 billion. That’s pretty...

4 Types of Content That Will Electrify Your Personal Brand

So I guess that social media thing is more than just a fad, huh? The 2018 Global Digital Report found that nearly 3.2 billion people are using social media around the world—a 13% increase from the year before. Access to information via these channels is so pervasive...

Why You Need to Destroy Your Business So That It Grows

Everyone knows investment icon Warren Buffett. Fewer people, however, are familiar with the equally impressive Charlie Munger, Buffet’s business partner of almost 60 years. A spry 94, Munger has spent much of his life working with Buffett on building up the $500...

Why You Need to Destroy Your Business So That It Grows

Everybody knows Warren Buffett, but few know his ingenious partner Charlie Munger—the mastermind of “creative destruction.” If you want to take your business to the next level, follow these tips from Charlie on how to “destroy” your business for future growth opportunities.

The 4 Most Important Reasons to Take a Vacation This Year

Vacations have slowly gone out of vogue in America. More time is spent working and less time is spent relaxing. It’s so bad, we’ve forgotten HOW to relax. That’s why this article tackles the three main reasons vacations aren’t a luxury—they’re a necessity.

4 Habits for Managing High-Stress Deadlines

A Morning Routine is all well and good when demands on your time are moderate. But what about those stretches when life is crazy? Fortunately, there’s a way to make the right productivity habits second-nature so your Morning Routine never suffers.

053 – The Money Show: Investing, Taxes, and Insurance

Money. Money. Money. Here’s how to get more of it and keep it. Best-selling author Garrett Gunderson, the CEO of Wealth Factory reveals The Truth About Investing with an advisor… and what to do instead, how to save money on your taxes, what everyone needs to know about getting the lowest interest rate on a loan, and so much more.

052 – Why a Giving-First Business Philosophy Creates More Value

Bob Burg is a pretty well-known name in business circles. He’s the co-creator of the “Go-
Giver Movement,” grounded in four celebrated “Go-Giver” books (which have sold upwards
of 1 million copies). On this episode of ETR Radio, Editor Jeff Steen takes the mic again to interview Bob about the “Go-Giver” journey—why it started, how it has helped those in the business world, and what the next book might be.

051 – Success Q&A Coaching Call on Pursuing Your Passion and Achieving Your Dreams

This is a brand new QnA Coaching Call where I answer YOUR questions on Pursuing Your Passion and Achieving Your Dreams! You’re going to learn:
– How to Use the Perfect Day Formula to Break Out of any Slump or Plateau
– The 5 Things You Must Look For When Hiring the PERFECT Coach for You
– How to Find & Follow Your Passion in Life
– 3 Reasons Why People Want to Get Coaching from Me
And a BIG update on our new workshop & mastermind programs coming to a city near you.

050 – Make More Impact, Income, and Influence

Want to hear about my $100,000 investing mistake? My thoughts on Koby Bryant? My favorite Warren Buffett quote? My best tips for networking as an Introvert? My guide for greater productivity? How to have more impact, income, and influence? And my thoughts on millennials, mindset, money, and more? Listen to this EPIC conversation with Jason Capital, America’s Honest Dating Coach.

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