What You Need to Know Today: March 16

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Embarrassing emails. A friend of mine just started teaching an online course for high school kids. The first question I asked my friend was, “How long are the emails you receive?” “Long,” replied my friend, “Like essays.” It’s no surprise 15-year-old kids are typing their whole life story to ask the teacher if they can get an extension on a paper. The sad news is most kids don’t grow out of this bad behavior. Here’s an extreme example. Clearly, this millennial hasn’t experienced the life-changing magic of shorter emails.

7 reasons you should reserve a hotel by day. Drop this stat at your next lunch meeting: the time period after others check out and prior to check-in — the intra-day segment — at hotels is a $19 billion global market. One startup looking to cash-in on this untapped intra-day market is HotelsByDay, a service that lets you book a hotel room for the day. Why would you want to book a hotel room for the day if you’re not Don Draper? Here are 7 compelling reasons.


Advice to aspiring billionaires. Grant Cardone: “If you’re hustlin’ and the cash register ain’t ringing —” “It means you’re poorly hustling,” says Gary Vaynerchuk. In case you haven’t heard, Gary Vee just published a new book. Gary’s been making the rounds this week promoting his new book and dropping some quality advice for young entrepreneurs. Two interviews I recommend listening to: this one with Grant Cardone (Gary Vee explains why a 27 y.o. making $5 million/year and thinking he’s going to be a billionaire by 30 is bad news — 12:30 mark) and this interview with James Altucher (James’ first question leaves Gary beating around the bush — interesting contrast in interview styles).

Refusing the ‘offer you can’t refuse.’ Unless Don Corleone has a gun pointed at your head, making you an offer you can’t refuse, you should politely decline whatever offer the Godfather or any other powerful figure is making you. Let me explain, that 10% raise your boss is offering you, don’t take it. The unlimited vacation you’re being promised, tell her 4-weeks is plenty. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to refuse every offer that comes your way. But just make sure the offer is really in your best interest. In the 1940s, then Congressman Lyndon Johnson made a young go-getter named John Hicks an offer he couldn’t refuse. While most people Hicks age, or older, would have pounced on the offer, Hicks knew better. Full story.


Text a therapist. “Around one in five adults in the U.S. personally experience mental illness in a given year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Of them, a mere 41% of them received mental health treatment in the past year.  There are a number of barriers preventing Americans from getting help — among them, cost, insurance coverage and lingering social stigma,” says Mic. But this could change soon, there’s a new service called Talkspace aiming to eliminate those barriers. Read more.


Monetizing your kiss

From Vox

For people who pay more attention to the screens above the court than the game below, the kiss cam is a highlight. It shows up at basketball, baseball, and hockey games, and it’s a key part of arena entertainment. This video shows how it all actually works — from the minutiae of the selection process to the business model that keeps the kiss cam running.

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