More About My Special Theory of Wealth


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m publishing my latest book, tentatively titled The Special Theory of Wealth, in installments as I write it. But only subscribers to the Liberty Street League, ETR’s premium wealth-building newsletter, get access.

In this month’s issue, LSL members learned that almost every decision you make — no matter how big or small — is an opportunity to build wealth. And I showed them how to seize those opportunities.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the essay:

My Special Theory of Wealth is based on the observation that our lives our filled with all sorts of events and situations that we can turn into wealth-building opportunities.

Put differently, you have three choices:

1. You can be oblivious, blind to the possibilities.

2. You can be aware of the things that happen in your life but do nothing to take advantage of them.

3. You can be conscious of the potential value of every situation you find yourself in and invest in them.

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