Mexico’s Legendary Silver Belt

Yesterday, I told you about an exciting silver investment detailed in Andrew Gordon’s new special report. Andrew says this company’s stock price could gain as much as 760% this year.

It has to do with where the company owns land. It has 177,000 acres in the Silver Belt — the best silver mining region in the world. (This area consistently produces millions of ounces a year.)

Once they find a modest amount of silver, the share price will rocket higher.

And the company is off to a good start. They have already found 579,000 tons of silver.

Recent drilling results hint at the windfall to come. And the locations of these expected silver veins couldn’t be better: Many will be accessible with existing mine infrastructure.

This has every indication of being a major discovery… We are just waiting to see how big it will get.

And it’s not just quantity we’re looking at but quality.

579,000 tons of low-grade silver is nice.

But 579,000 tons of high-grade silver is much more valuable.

And recent samples have been eye-popping.

A few small samples indicated over 1,000 grams of pure silver per ton of silver ore, with the vast majority showing 818 grams of pure silver per ton.

These numbers put this company on a higher level than other silver companies.

Right now, the company is mining silver ore that yields an average of 909 grams of pure silver per ton.

Let’s compare that to what others are pulling out of the ground…

Ojuela, the second-highest-quality silver deposit, is producing 475 grams of silver per ton. Other silver deposits are producing between 125 and 310 grams of pure silver per ton.

Simply put, this company’s discovery is, by far, the highest-grade silver deposit in the Silver Belt.

There are three critical factors to evaluate when looking at a silver mining company: the size and quality of its silver deposits, and the cost of getting its silver out of the ground. For this company, as we’ve already seen, two are rock solid. Indications are the size will be huge and the quality will be high.

So let’s take a look at its production costs…

In 2009, the average cost to produce an ounce of silver in Mexico was $5.23.

Yet this company did it for only $3.31.

All else being equal, this company made $2.00 more per ounce of silver in 2009 than the other miners in the area.

That added over 3 million more dollars to the company’s top line.

This company has nailed it on all three fronts: size, quality, and cost.

And now you know why Andrew is so excited about it. It owns land in the most prolific silver-mining area in the world. And it is pulling very-high-quality silver out of the ground at a lower cost than its rivals.

All it is going to take for the investing world to catch on to this company is its first “modest” find. And if you follow the mining sector, you know that could be any day.

That is why Andrew is getting his special report on this company into the hands of our Liberty Street Investor members as soon as he can. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the name of the company here. It just wouldn’t be fair to our members.

But you can join the Liberty Street Investor — and get the name of this company — for only $49. If this one pick takes off like Andrew expects it to, it could easily pay for your annual membership many times over.