“Mastermind” Style Conference

The first time we mentioned the “mastermind” style conference we are planning for 2011 was back in November, at our Info-Marketing Bootcamp.

We didn’t reveal many details. But what we did say — that this is going to be unlike any conference we’ve ever hosted before — was enough to convince 20 Bootcamp attendees to put down $500 to reserve a spot.

How is it going to be unlike our previous events?

Well, some things will be the same. Michael Masterson will be there. And, as always, our expert presenters not only know how to teach Internet marketing, they all run their own successful online businesses. And they’ll be sharing the cutting-edge tricks and strategies they actually use.

But at our new mastermind conference, we’ll be dedicating a big part of the schedule — a whole day, in fact — to connecting attendees directly with our expert presenters, one on one.

It won’t be with questions shouted from the audience to the stage. Or random meetings during a networking event. This will be a formal session where you get personalized attention.

Are you having trouble deciding on a niche for your new online business? One of our experts will help you research and pick a lucrative niche to get into — and come up with products to meet the needs of your prospective customers.

Do you have a website… but you can’t seem to build your e-mail subscriber list — not to mention monetize your list? One of our experts will troubleshoot your marketing approach and give you specific suggestions to get you back on track.

These sessions will be fluid and dynamic. No matter what you need help with, our coaches will reach into their decades of experience and find solutions to your problems. In some cases, that might mean applying a little tough love. Let’s say you can’t figure out why your business isn’t working… and it turns out it’s because you’re in a dead-end market. They’ll give you the cold, hard facts — and then get you into a market that can sustain your business.

Whether you’re just starting out… or have an established business that is stalled… you’ll leave this conference with a step-by-step plan for taking your venture to the next level.

Plus, we’re going to make it easier than ever for you to connect with your fellow attendees. (Think profitable joint ventures and business partnerships.)

I’ll be telling you lots more about this mastermind event in future issues of The Insider.

So keep an eye out for updates as we invite speakers, nail down the format, and pick a location.