Make Your Promises Honestly

Building a solid reputation (in business or personally) requires diligent and consistent action. It can blow up in an instant. No matter your past accomplishments, one unfortunate incident can ruin it all.

And it doesn’t take a major incident to call your integrity into question. Breaking a promise — small or large — is dishonorable in its own way.

Get in the habit of keeping promises. Don’t make promises just to please people or avoid discussing an issue. And certainly don’t make a promise you know you will break. Be honest with yourself and others before you commit to anything.

Broken promises result in missed opportunities, resentment, and anxiety. Furthermore, broken promises can lead to damaged friendships and loss of business.

Most people don’t mind the occasional broken promise. As long as it comes with a reasonable explanation or heartfelt apology. However, the most successful people I know value the commitments they make. They keep their promises faithfully. It is a matter of honor.

We are all busy. And with time being so limited, nothing is more important than quickly building solid relationships with your coworkers, partners, friends, family, customers, and vendors. Broken promises will destroy your credibility with them. And that will stop your success in its tracks.

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