Jumpstarting Your New Life

Andrew Lock was a recent immigrant to the United States (he and his wife brought only two suitcases with them) when he went to his first Internet marketing conference.

He wasn’t an attendee. He was working at the back of the room as the AV guy. But out of the hundreds of people at the conference, Andrew may be the one who got the most out of it.

Today, Andrew has a thriving online business (www.helpmybusiness.com) and one of the most watched Web TV shows.

Buck Rizvi was “burning the candle at both ends,” in his words, as a salesman. Then he attended one of ETR’s earliest Info-Marketing Bootcamps. There, he was introduced to the Early to Rise/Agora Model of running an information-publishing business online. (Agora, Inc. is ETR’s parent company.) It gave him a look “behind the curtains” of how direct marketing should work on the Internet, and he learned how to implement a profitable online sales process from front to back. Since then, he’s gone on to make millions from his online ventures.

Brian Edmondson, director of ETR’s Internet Money Club and Internet Power Coaching programs, was a budding online entrepreneur who had tried and failed at several start-ups when he went to his first ETR Info-Marketing Bootcamp. It showed him what an information-publishing based online business could do — and how to do it. Soon after that, he was earning a living — and then some — from marketing online.

Do you see a pattern here? All of these “gurus” (I put that in quotes because they really are the go-to experts in their field but don’t like that label) jumpstarted their entrepreneurial journeys by attending a conference.

There’s something about events like this. You learn from several different experts several different techniques and strategies. And you know that you’re getting the very latest.

Early to Rise’s most recent Info-Marketing Bootcamp was last November here in Delray Beach. With the “push” marketing approach to info-publishing that we teach, you learn how to build a list of prospects and send sales messages to this audience of “primed” people. With the “pull” approach that e-commerce sites like Amazon use, you have to wait for prospects to find you. It may work for the big guys, but newbies are pretty much invisible.

Among the many advantages of our approach:

  • You can get started with a few hundred bucks.
  • You don’t need to have special any contacts, not to mention business experience or computer skills. (Okay, you do have to know how to check your e-mail, surf the Web, and stuff like that. But that’s about it.)
  • Your operating and delivery costs are minimal because your products are all digital.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about that, the ETR/Agora info-publishing business model, and how you can get started on your own online business… without coming to our next Bootcamp.