I Told You So

I got an e-mail a week ago that caught me off guard.

Admittedly, when I first read it I thought it was rather brash.

“I told you so” was the subject line.

It was from our options expert, Ted Peroulakis. Now if you know Ted like I do, you know he is generally a calm individual.

But the winning streak he was on got him a little excited, to say the least. He wanted to make sure I spread the word about his success.

He had correctly guessed that the bull market in silver would continue. Not only did the price of silver keep climbing, it hit new record highs along the way.

His readers made over a 100% gain on his silver recommendation in a little less than 20 days on the first half of the trade, pocketing $223 for every $100 invested.

The second half of the trade, 10 days later, was even better.

Ted e-mailed his readers, telling them to grab a gain of at least 300%. Most of them got $310 for every $100 invested.

All told, Ted’s readers could have made $533 for every $200 invested. That’s an overall 166% gain in less than a month!

Ted also determined that the growing demand for Internet service in China would mean big things for the Chinese version of Google, called Baidu. So Ted told his readers to spend $360 on an option contract that would go up in value as the value of Baidu’s stock went up.

11 days later, his readers made 100% on the Baidu option.

That’s the great thing about Ted’s service: He does all the heavy lifting for you. He reads the annual reports, poring over balance sheets and every nuance of the company. Then he studies their stock charts. Only when everything looks good does he recommend a company.

When he sees one he likes, he sends his readers an e-mail specifying the action for them to take.

All they need to do is call their broker and repeat the instructions Ted gave them. Or simply go online and punch a few buttons in their brokerage account.

Then they just wait for the e-mail from Ted that tells them when to sell.

He sent this one on October 13:

“Intel Beat Earnings Estimates as Expected… Sell Your Calls!”

That e-mail made his readers at least 57% in one week.

Ted constantly gets glowing e-mails from his readers.

“Ray,” for example, who bought Ted’s silver calls, wrote: “I received a net total of $1,035.08 and paid a net total of $334.95, a net profit of 209%.”

“Alan” bought Ted’s Intel calls, and did even better than Ted: “Here is an update on my purchase of INTC calls,” he wrote. “A nice profit of 80% in 1 week. Thank you for the timely and specific advice. Keep up the good work.”

If you are looking for a quick (and fun) way to earn a few extra bucks every month without spending hours studying annual reports, reviewing hundreds of stock charts, or reading The Wall Street Journal, you should subscribe to Ted’s service, Options Power Trader.

[Ed. Note: You can learn more about making quick “bundles of cash” with the Options Power Trader research service run by Wall Street veteran Ted Peroulakis. His readers recently took a 102% gain in only 1 day when Ted identified a great opportunity in NetFlix!]