How to Make More in the Next 10 Years Than You Made in the Last 20

How rich did investors get from the last 20 years of computer advances?

The fortunes that have piled up almost boggle the mind. Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Cisco, and IBM — the list of fortune-making computer firms goes on and on.

More recently, Google, eBay, and Amazon have returned great gains.

And to think — in the late 1980s, many folks thought home computers were a passing fad.

From our cars to our phones to our doctors’ offices to our jobs — computers are a part of everyday life.

Now what if computers had exponentially more memory? What if they were much faster? What if they could solve problems and do computations at multiples of today’s speeds?

This is just one more reason why you want to check your e-mail later today. That’s when I’m making a shocking announcement about my two-year research project that could have an enormous impact on your wealth.

Here’s part of what I’ll have to say in today’s e-mail…

I’ve spent hours upon hours in recent months talking with “nanotechnology” experts. Nanotech is manufacturing that uses atoms and molecules like a carpenter would use a hammer and nails.

Nanotech is making stronger, faster, smarter computers a reality. Even as I write to you.

The breakthroughs just in the past few years leave all the tech progress of the previous three decades in the dust.

The next Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Cisco, IBM… they’re already here.

In my other message today — I’ll show you my research into this new wave of computer innovation. I’ll also show you exactly how to start profiting.

It’s fast, easy — and could give you a huge leg up on the competition once the mass media story breaks on some amazing new technologies.

Take breakthroughs like graphene (a lightweight and durable material 100 times stronger than steel) and carbon nanotubes. Radically faster computer chips, better medical imaging, and sharper TV sets are just the start when it comes to this new technology. And many say the coming boom could be more lucrative than the rise of plastics.

The future is amazing. The future’s also profitable RIGHT NOW.

But the story runs deeper… to energy solutions, like “smart grids,” which use existing power grids to transmit perfectly clean energy. And the amazing tech firms making computers faster, smarter, and more reliable that I wrote about today.

In just a bit — you get all the details on my latest research.

Taken as a whole, this is the biggest story I’ve ever worked on. And I don’t mean to brag, but I was consulting in Silicon Valley before it was a buzzword for big ideas.

So I’ve been around the block. I don’t do idle predictions or entertain rumors. I find an idea — I research it — I get the scoop — and I deliver the scoop to you.

For example — did you know one man’s pond scum is another man’s potential energy solution? That’s right. Exxon recently gave Dr. Craig Venter’s start-up $300 million to work on algae fuels. Good move?

Venter is the man who broke wide open the human genome in 2000. He’s also behind the news releases you may have seen in recent months about the formation of “synthetic life.” That lab-created “life” could very well be the fuel of the future.

Here’s my point: Sludge. Algae. Pond scum. Or a bundle of wires and a silicon chip.

Or a tiny cell in your body that works for you, not against you.

The future is here. It’s profitable and breathtaking. The future is open to you.

[Ed. Note: Patrick Cox, an editor with Agora Financial, has lived deep inside the world of transformative technologies for over 25 years. And, after two years of exhaustive research, he is ready to release his latest findings that will help investors cash in on tomorrow’s technology — today.]