Healthy Banana Bread Recipe!

In cooking and baking, bananas and plantains are so versatile.

Nutritionally, they are always filling without being problematic if you’re trying to lose some stubborn fat. Potassium, manganese, copper, and more are all vital minerals found in bananas.

healthy banana breadThey also provide carbs, which are useful for energy, especially in the morning when your tank must be full to start the day. Bananas also make a great pre- or post-workout snack.

Eating bananas day in and day out gets old though. Making banana pancakes (on Sunday morning, as the Jack Johnson song goes) is a great alternative, and so is making banana bread.

Just 8 minutes. That’s how long it will take to make this Easy Banana Bread recipe (page 23 of Eat More, Burn More).

And it’s great. Not only is banana bread delicious, moist, and filling, but my recipe is also resolutely fat-burning.

No white flour, no white sugar, no butter… and lots of bananas.

For those reasons, this banana bread recipe burns fat and fills you up at the same time. It makes an easy breakfast (grab a slice and go), or a great snack.

Did I mention it’s also gluten free?

Many of my readers have Celiac disease, are allergic to gluten, or choose to exclude gluten from their diet. That’s OK! The only flour in this recipe is coconut flour.

You see, the natural fiber content of bananas really helps your fat-burning efforts. But talking about fiber, there is a lot of fiber in coconut flour. That’s a great thing because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar (which leads to weight gain).

Coconut flour is now available in most supermarkets, in the health foods section. It’s pricier than regular white flour, but the investment is worth it.Never Diet Never Sacrifice

One of the advantages for instance, is that my 5 children love this bread so if you have kids, you kind of owe it to yourself to try it.

You can grab my recipe below and try it (remember, 8 minutes is all it takes!). Here are a few variations:

First, you can make it in a loaf pan, but can also use an old-fashioned skillet. That would actually bake the bread very well (Cast-iron is a great heat conductor), and gives it an authentic, rustic look and feel.

You can also use muffin cups. Make sure that you spray the inside so that they remove easily once fully baked.

And of course, make sure you adapt the baking time; muffins bake faster because they’re smaller than a loaf.

An easy test is to insert a small paring knife in the very inside of the banana bread once it’s cooked. If it comes out clean (a little moisture is ok), then the bread is cooked. Make sure you rest it a bit so that it finishes cooking with carryover cooking, and to make it easier to cut and serve.

Here are other variations. You can add toasted pecans or walnuts, and even chocolate pieces, as long as the chocolate you use contains more than 72% cocoa. Only then it is fat-burning.healthy recipe

But that’s not it. Other twists include adding a tablespoon of almond butter to the dough. Or load it up with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, maybe to create a Fall or Winter mood.
If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can experiment with a cup of shredded zucchini or carrots. You won’t really taste a major difference (Zucchini and banana? Yuk!), but you would increase your fiber intake even more, which is great if you’re watching your figure.

Really, I insist. Every family should have a banana bread on the counter at any time. It’s great for every member of your family, including kids. It provides good nutrition, energy, and of course… it’s delicious!

To your success,


Gui Alinat

Gui Alinat is a Tampa, Fla.-based American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef, published food writer, and the owner of Artisan Boutique Catering. He is the author of "The Chef's Repertoire," and "Eat More, Burn More." Born, raised and classically trained as a chef on the Mediterranean coast of France, he traveled extensively, working in restaurants around the world. Chef Gui promotes an active lifestyle, sound nutrition, and believes that fresh and tasty food is resolutely compatible with fat loss and bodybuilding alike. He lives in Florida with his wife Carissa and their five children.