The Great Cardio Myth is Now Available

In his new book, The Great Cardio Myth, Craig Ballantyne and co-author Chelsea Ratcliff explain to you in detail why everything you’ve been told about exercise is wrong.

For decades we’ve been told that cardio exercise is the silver bullet against weight gain and obesity and a panacea against heart disease. We’ve been told that hours spent jogging, cycling, and in aerobics classes will repay us with years of healthy (and fit!) longevity. We believed it.

Yet today, we are heavier and more out of shape than ever — and likely suffering from overuse injuries incurred from years of prolonged cardio exercise. New research is showing that long cardio and endurance workouts do not get us slimmer or stronger. They do not promote longevity or protect against heart disease. In fact, they may do the opposite by putting excessive strain on our heart, joints, and muscles and slowing our metabolism.
The Great Cardio Myth will show you how to get the same or better fitness results in one-fifth the time of a typical cardio session and de-bunk unproductive exercise habits.

In this breakthrough new book you’ll learn how to:
– Lose weight (and keep it off) in just a few short workouts per week.
– Keep your metabolism active for hours after a workout.
– Strengthen and protect your heart, joints, and muscles.
– Burn through belly fat and other stubborn areas quickly.

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