Generic Programs, Generic Results

We’ve all seen the ads online and even on TV.

So called Internet gurus promoting “complete business in a box” systems.

They give you products to sell, built-out landing pages and websites, and plenty of sales copy templates. And you have dozens of niches to choose from, from dog training to selling the same system to others. (Isn’t it weird that you’re just starting out and you can already teach other people how to sell online?)

They claim that you’ll be in business within minutes.

Of course, a quick Internet search reveals thousands of people selling the exact same products as you, with the same exact websites. So you’ve bought generic products and generic sales copy that wasn’t very good to begin with and has never been tested.

At Early to Rise, we teach that having a lot of competition in your niche is a good thing… but this isn’t what we had in mind.

You might be able to start a business with one of those programs… but it would probably stay small. You’d be limited by the bad sales copy and the generic products. The only way to grow would be to use what they give you as a jumping off point to learn the online marketing business. But you’d have to develop your own products, get better copy, and do a lot of testing.

At Early to Rise, we start you from scratch. With programs like our Internet Money Club and Internet Power Coaching, you get our mentorship and advice built on years of experience.

But you do your own market research. You create your own products. You build your own SEO-friendly website and put together your own pay-per-click ad campaigns.

You get the idea. We teach you the skills and you do the work.

It may seem daunting at first, and no doubt we’ve not sold as many programs as the business-in-a-box guys.

But we want our customers to have ownership in their businesses. We want them to have sustainable ventures that can provide them with a steady income. And we know that when a person is truly invested in their work… they’re much more likely to succeed.