ETR Insider Report: Make Way for “The Wealth Advantage”

When I recommended Six Flags in The Skeptical Advisor e-letter about seven months ago, nobody at ETR had a clue that it was the first test of a new investing technique I had been fine-tuning for over two years. Even as the stock climbed over 60 percent within four months, it was considered a very good but typical “value” pick.

But it wasn’t an ordinary “value” pick. I was testing out a new way to identify and evaluate a company’s growth potential. I did it again with another stock selection for The Skeptical Advisor, and this time the stock rose 20 percent in three months.

It was time to fill Michael Masterson in. He listened as I told him that some companies that nosedived to historical lows have massive “invisible” assets. The same assets that once made these companies fly high could be deployed yet again – with the right management team and growth strategy – to revive seemingly moribund stocks.

“We need to figure out how to get these stocks in front of our readers,” Michael said.

And we have. We’re now offering a new elite service to give folks all the information they need to invest in companies like these. It’s called The Wealth Advantage.

I have my first pick already lined up – and it’s no ordinary “value” company. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind telling you that most investors would sneer at it. But I know something they don’t. I’ve done some digging. And the assets this company has are unbelievable … even if nobody is noticing them except me.

If you’re even slightly curious about this company, you can learn all the details in the first issue of The Wealth Advantage.