Over the past few weeks, we’ve been running a secret test. (If you’re very observant, you may already know what I’m talking about.) You see, we wanted to find out what would happen with our new “addition”… without telling our readers about it.

Turns out, we’ve gotten a HUGE response. So we wanted to make sure you’re in on what we’ve been up to.

We’ve added a new way for you to get involved with the ETR community: a “comments” section on each page of our website.

This is your chance to get more of what YOU want out of ETR.

  • Let us know when you agree with an article we publish…
  • Give props to your favorite writer…
  • Add your own two cents to a topic…
  • Ask a question about a related issue…
  • Share your problems…
  • Even let us know when we’ve run something you couldn’t stand. (Though, of course, we’re hoping your criticism will be constructive!)

But more than that, this is your chance to enter into a conversation with other members of the ETR community. These are people who share your interests. Many of them may have valuable advice to give. And you can certainly help your fellow ETR readers by sharing your own ideas and experience.

The ETR team will be joining the conversation, too. But there’s no way the team can answer every request. That’s why we’re encouraging the participation of everyone in our like-minded community. So feel free to jump in with answers to other people’s questions – and to expand on the ideas they put forth.

The next time you have a thought or question about an article you read in ETR, click on over to our archives, pick the article you want to comment on, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and start typing away!

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.


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