ETR Insider Report: How Far Can a Little Goal Get You?

To get ahead – as an employee or as a business owner – means having a direct effect on the growth of your company. You can make an impact – as a CEO, a middle manager, or a junior employee – just by taking one simple step: Setting a goal for yourself.

As Michael Masterson pointed out in a recent ETR team meeting, something almost magical occurs when you do that…

“A funny thing happens,” Michael said. “The very act of setting a goal for yourself flips a switch in your head… and you do everything you can to reach it.”

Case in point: One of ETR’s marketing objectives is to add more and more readers to our e-mail list. The target for 2008? 400,000 people.

During the team meeting, our marketing team proudly announced that ETR’s list is 412,000 strong. And it’s only October!

Last year, 400,000 readers would have seemed impossible. Nonetheless, that’s the “brass ring” our marketing team has been reaching for. Now our marketers are working toward a new goal: 450,000 subscribers by 2009.

Having specific objectives to work toward is one of the easiest ways to excel in your job… and help your company advance. So if you aren’t setting goals for yourself at work, start now. A good place to begin is by asking yourself, “What can I do to help the company make more money?”