ETR Can Help You…Now More Than Ever!

“Do you want my one-word secret of happiness? It’s growth — mental, financial, you name it.” – Harold S. Geneen

On Monday, ETR will have a new format. It was designed to give you better, faster, more useful advice to help you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

You’ll get everything you’ve been getting each day . . . and then some.

  • For Your Wealth:

You will learn more about how to get out of debt, get control of your finances, develop financially valuable skills, and begin building your wealth. We’ll show you how to turn your life around in 24 hours and get steadily richer — by increasing the income you already have . . . by adding a second, active source of income . . . by investing profitably in real estate and other financial markets . . . and by living like a billionaire without spending like one. Wealth can begin to make you happy — but as Ben Franklin, mentor emeritus of ETR, said, “The general foible of mankind is the pursuit of wealth to no end.” So we won’t stop there . . .

  • For Your Health:

You will find out more about why you don’t need to spend hours every day training and keeping to a strict diet to become healthy, fit, agile, and pain-free. You will see that you can have great health (and enjoy it) by following the ETR-designed health-and-fitness program for busy professionals. Building muscles by lifting weights just twice a week for 10 minutes each time . . . increasing your cardiovascular fitness threefold with just two additional 10-minute sessions . . . eating like a king (including pretty much all the meat, fish, nuts, and berries you want) without putting on a pound.

  • To Make You Wiser:

You will get more solid, practical advice on how to reach your personal growth goals by becoming a better speaker, writer, thinker, and listener. You’ll continue to build your vocabulary . . . increase your knowledge of the things that contribute to “living rich” (such as art, wine, music, and literature) . . . find out how to have better relationships with your friends and family . . . and learn how to impress your boss, satisfy your most discerning customers, charm new acquaintances, inspire loyalty, and achieve more tranquility and simplicity in your life.

All of this — and more — will be yours every morning in ETR. The new format makes reading ETR better . . . faster . . . easier. (Tell us how you like it on “Speak Out,” ETR’s online message board.

Remember, your time is a resource that you cannot replace. How you spend your time is the truest indicator of how you value your life. Spend the first few minutes of each day reading ETR, and it will make the rest of your day 100% more productive.

A better, brighter, fuller, and happier future is at your fingertips — and now ETR will be doing even more to help you make it happen