ETR Can Change Your Life If You Let It

“Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it.” – Gordon R. Dickson

During the three years that I’ve been spooning out daily advice in ETR, it has become obvious that most of those who read it will never make any good use of it.

And that’s a shame. Because it has helped more than a few people improve their lives:

  • LB and her husband lost a combined total of more than 60 pounds following our recommended diet. They both look incredible. And feel great about themselves too.
  • PH earned an extra $80,000 (and earned even more than that the following year) by following the advice in Message #103.
  • JF followed our patented “chicken entrepreneur’s guide to starting your own business” and now has a $125,000-a-year second stream of income.
  • SA used a combination of two ETR marketing secrets to create a $36,000-a-month extra line of income. (And that’s on top of the high six-figure income he’d secured using ETR’s start-your-own business system.)
  • SP has followed ETR’s advice to make himself consistently more valuable to his business. Not only has his job become secure for life, his salary has gone up from $14,000 to more than a quarter of a million dollars.
  • KS used one of our suggested networking strategies to sell herself as a freelance copywriter — and has now quit her job to freelance full time.
  • PP used advice given in Message #396 to bring his part-time real-estate-investing business to more than $100,000 last year.

Practically every day, someone writes to tell us how some suggestion we made changed his life . . . how income grew, job satisfaction increased, health improved, productivity doubled, profits boomed, stress was reduced, etc.

I am 100% positive that ETR can improve your life. Not because anything that we say is especially brilliant, but because everything we tell you has been proven to work. Our recommendations may not work for all people at all times, but they have all worked for either me or for someone I know. And if something has worked for someone else, it can work for you too.

Look at it this way: Let’s say you decide that starting tomorrow you will get up an hour earlier and that you’ll devote that extra hour to transforming something you love into a financially and personally rewarding new life. As an example, let’s say that you love pets, as DF does. If, starting tomorrow, DF set up her own Internet weekly newsletter that focused on pets and, using ETR’s many pieces on good writing, made her pet newsletter the very best pet newsletter in the world. Let’s say that she did this in her spare time one weekends and that, over the next couple of years, she used every secret ETR teaches and all the courses ETR sells to increase the circulation of this service from a handful of people to more than 100,000. Let’s say that when she reached 100,000 loyal readers who trusted her advice and believed in her ideas she began to sell them only the very best pet products – publications, vitamins, grooming products, etc. And let’s say that she got – as an advertising fee, half of the sales revenues. What chance would there be that she would fail?

You are right. Practically zero chance of failure. And consider this…all during this period of time she would be continuing on in her current job, earning great raises and enjoying herself (again using ETR reports and suggestions). How easy would that be?

Two or three years will pass by very quickly. The only difference is this – if DF does what I’m suggesting she do, she will end up being financially independent when that day arrives. She’ll be making more than $100,000 a year working probably four hours a day, doing her writing from home and spending the rest of her time speaking at seminars, if she likes, or tending to her garden or visiting her nieces and nephews.

DF will do that. I am 100% sure of that. Because she is on the ETR staff and I can prod her and push her to spend a few hours each week pursuing her dream.

You are not part of the ETR staff so I can’t personally push you. But if you need pushing, we have a coaching service that can do that for you. So you too – just like DF – can radically change your life. You can soon be doing just what you want to do, making great money at it, working the hours you want to work, from the location you choose, having fun all the way and not risking anything.

You can do that…so if you aren’t doing it, why not? What’s stopping you from making $100,000 a year? (Or a million dollars a year, for that matter?) What’s stopping you from becoming a doctor? What’s stopping you from getting your book published or your play produced or your art hung in a gallery?

Not ETR.

We are here in your e-mail inbox, waiting for you every morning. Full of good cheer and useful advice, armed with loads of experience and useful insights and great resources. There is nothing we would rather see happen, nothing at all, than to see you succeed.

ETR’s purpose is to get our readers to succeed in life. And every time someone achieves something important and lets us know about it, it makes the effort of doing all the research and interviewing and thinking . . . it makes it all very worthwhile.

ETR is ready to help you. We can give you the ideas. We can show you how it’s done. We can put you in touch with great resources and show you how to build a personal network that will do most of your work for you.

If you are not taking full advantage of ETR you may be doing something wrong. Something you’re doing (or not doing) is hampering your efforts, slowing you down, throwing up obstacles, and draining your energy. We are all subject to challenges in our lives: negative forces, people who doubt or resist us, friends who abandon us, lovers who betray us. And it is just too easy to want to give up and stay in your shell.

And you can do that. But so long as you read ETR, you will be reminded of what is possible for you. You will read about other people who have reversed the directions of their lives, who have gotten out of debt and on the road to wealth building, who have ended unproductive habits and begun to learn and grow, who have confronted the shortcomings in their characters and developed productive behaviors that have transformed their lives.

ETR is there for you every morning to push you toward success in all the major areas of your life:

  • For Your Wealth: I can show you how to get out of debt, get control of your finances, develop financially valuable skills, and begin building your wealth. I can show you how to turn your life around in 24 hours and steadily get richer — by increasing the income you already have . . . by adding a second, active source of income . . . by investing profitably in real estate and other financial markets . . . and by living like a billionaire without spending like one.
  • For Your Health: You don’t need to spend hours every day training and keeping to a strict diet to become healthy, fit, agile, and pain-free. You can have great health (and enjoy it) by following the ETR-designed health-and-fitness program for busy professionals. Build muscle by lifting weights just twice a week for 10 minutes each time. Increase your cardiovascular fitness threefold with just two additional 10-minute sessions. Eat like a king — including pretty much all the meat, fish, nuts, and berries you want (cheese too!) — without putting on a pound.
  • For Your Wisdom: I’ll help you achieve your personal-growth goals by advising you on how to become a better speaker, writer, thinker, and listener. You’ll build your vocabulary; increase your knowledge of good living (art, wine, etc.); find out how to have better relationships with your friends and family; and learn how to impress your boss, satisfy your most discerning customers, charm new acquaintances, develop loyalty among your employees and friends, and come to more tranquility and simplicity in your life. You can do all this and more simply by doing some of what I tell you to do. Not everything. Just what makes sense for you.

The greatest tragedy is lost potential. Why waste yours? A better, brighter, fuller, and happier future is at your fingertips. Just go for it!