From Dumpster Diving to Multi-Millionaire

Each and every day your head is being filled with trash. It’s happening to all of us. To some more than others. Let me explain…

I was recently talking to a program director for a major news network and the conversation turned to how news networks make their money. It’s probably no surprise to you that they make their money by selling advertising. But their big problem is that they need lots of eyeballs to make the most money. So they figured out that “trash”, as he called it, sells the most. By trash he means “news” that’s scary, filled with gossip and fear. You know, gloom and doom news.

In fact he went on to say that years ago when they tested running feel good segments on the news, less people stuck around to watch. Crazy? Yes.

But, this does prove two things…

1. Society is twice as likely to act on pain (fear) then pleasure.
2. They are intentionality putting trash into your head because that makes them more money.

So while you can use the first fact above to make more money by changing your marketing, the second fact is pretty scary because that “trash” has an effection you.

It’s actually been scientifically proven that your thoughts can be influenced by what you watch. Therefore, anything that enters into your conscious and subconscious mind can impact your beliefs. Since your thoughts affect your decisions and actions, that clearly shows you must be careful about how much ‘trash’ you allow into your mind.

This upcoming holiday season will give us a chance to spend time with loved ones (and our global readership will surely have similar experiences over the next six weeks). However, often our loved ones don’t quite necessarily understand what we seek to accomplish in our lives and may even discourage our ambitions.

In most cases, our relatives mean well, and aren’t trying to be negative, because they believe they are protecting us. But there are also some relatives who are just plain toxic to our goals in life.

Frankly, you can’t change those you are related to, but when you get back into the office next week, take some time to analyze your professional relationships. Are your surrounding yourself with the right types of people?

Fortunately, I have something that helps me keep my thoughts clean and clear all the time. And you can use it too to protect your mindset.

If you feel that sometimes you’re stuck in a bad place and want to change your thought patterns to those of the super successful then consider these changes in how you think:

  • Eradicate the words “try” and “can’t” from your vocabulary
  • Cut out negative people and energy vampires from your life
  • Eliminate fear, greed, hate, and scarcity from your mindset
  • Surround yourself with positive people who you want to be like

Use the list above to shift your thought patterns to a success mindset.

But never forget this. The harsh truth is that YOU need to take responsibility for your failures, successes, and lack of action. That is the number one reason people never get what they want – No personal responsibility. And with that they don’t take action and 12 months go by and at best they’re in the same place in life that they were last year… only older.

Don’t let that happen to you. Change your mindset today and take out the trash.

[Ed. Note: Bedros Keuilian has coached hundreds of fitness entrepreneurs on how to not only survive in business but to completely dominate their marketplace. Through his live events, workshops, and educational products he’s helped thousands of fitness professionals realize their full business potential and in some cases become quite wealthy. These days, nothing makes Bedros happier than hearing a success story from a trainer who has used his techniques and strategies to take their business to the next level. Bedros also runs the fastest growing fitness franchise in America – Fit Body Bootcamp.]