Demanding Owner Looking For “Live or Die By Results” CEO

This is unlike almost any “job ad” you’ve ever read. That’s because I’m not actually looking to fill a job. Instead, I’m looking to find a very specific type of person.

I’m the owner of a successful Internet publishing company. If you’re not exactly sure what Internet publishing or digital marketing is, you can stop reading right now. This opportunity is not for you.

Very few individuals have the unique combination of talents that I am looking for.

A CEO is focused on one thing: measurable results.

Internet publishing is a “live or die by results” type of industry. Everything we do or do not achieve is reflected in the numbers. If you’re producing results, you know it… and so does everyone else. If you’re not producing results, everyone knows that as well.

The CEO I will hire has both an expert marketing mind AND serious operations experience. That means you are able to lead marketing, operations, product and business development, editorial and customer experience.

I know the person who can do all of these things is rare, because I’ve spent a great deal of time over the years finding these individuals. To be clear: I am not looking to develop these talents, I am only interested if you already possess all of them.

As I said earlier, this is not about filling a job, but finding the right person. So let me give you a clear picture of the qualities I am looking for in the person that will fill this position, and the environment in which you’ll operate. If you are like most people, however, the next few paragraphs will probably be the last ones you read:

We are a growing team of 20+ winners. At our company, “winner” has a very specific definition, as I will explain.

First, you must be in Denver or be willing to relocate to Denver. There are no exceptions to this. Next, you must know digital marketing. You must be curious, intelligent and committed. You must come with management experience and project management experience. And finally, you must be a “winner.” Here is what a winner is not:

If you are a complainer, if you tend to blame others for your lot in life, if you think the world happens “to you,” if you are more focused from day-to-day on what you can get rather than what you can offer… you will not survive in our environment.

And finally, if “how much does this pay” is the first thought in your mind, this opportunity is not for you. I’m not looking for someone who just wants a paycheck. You will get a paycheck, but I’m only interested if you are more focused on creating serious results. When that happens, the money will take care of itself. Understand that this is an industry that is filled with money for people who have the skills I require.

The CEO I am looking for has a deep understanding of online direct marketing and email marketing. You will be on a constant search for two important things: editorial talent and marketing messages that contribute to profitable subscriber growth.

The secret to our success is high-quality editorial content that delivers on the promises made in our marketing. I am not afraid to reveal our secret in plain sight like this. My experience has shown me very few have what it takes to put that secret to use.

As the CEO, your primary responsibility will include driving revenue-producing projects and keeping your eye focused on the bottom line.

If all of the qualities outlined resonate with you and you think you’ve got what it takes to thrive in this position, here’s how to apply:

  1. Send a resume outlining your experience to
  2. Include a letter that makes me want to hire you. I am looking for a marketing mind here. Consider this “letter” you’ll write as your opportunity to show me that you have one.

If your application meets the criteria outlined above, you’ll receive specific directions to take a short online “assessment” that will determine whether or not it makes sense to move forward.