Delicious Stevia Drink

We all know that soda even diet soda is a terrible choice when you’re thirsty. Fruit juice can have health benefits, but it’s usually high in fructose. And the majority of flavored drinks on the market have a lot of added sugar. So, how do you ingest more fluids if you find it difficult to drink enough water?

Try stevia drinks. My fluid intake increased dramatically since I started adding lime-flavored stevia drink packets to a quart of water. I love the taste, so I can easily drink an additional quart of water a day. Plus, it is calorie-free. I have served this drink to my friends and guests and almost everyone likes it.

Add a packet to a quart of water, then refrigerate it or add ice. Kids are likely to enjoy it so much that it will reduce their dependence on sodas and sugared beverages. If you substitute this calorie-free drink for sugared sodas, you may actually consume a few hundred less calories a day.

This stevia drink is available in some health food stores, and you can find a reliable source at

[Ed. Note: Ray Sahelian, M.D., the author of Mind Boosters, is internationally recognized as a moderate voice in the evaluation of natural supplements. Visit Dr. Sahelian’s website at, and read more of his articles at ETR’s free natural health e-letter.]