We Want YOU to Join the Fast-Growing and Exciting Early to Rise Team!

Big news. We’re hiring!

This is your opportunity to make an immediate and significant impact at Early To Rise and on the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world.

We have several positions open, but to be honest, we know these jobs are going to be hard to fill because each one requires a Superstar.

Please take a look at these opportunities and if that Superstar is you, then follow the instructions within this note to apply.

1) Email Marketing Manager

We have over 300,000 readers waiting for our emails every day. If you’re technically savvy and love digging into numbers to find new opportunities for growth, then this position might be for you. The Email Marketing Manager makes sure we’re following best practices to deliver relevant and engaging content to our readers. You need to be familiar with email marketing platforms, segmenting, auto responders, and analyzing and interpreting email metrics.

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2) Email Marketing Coordinator

We deliver 30 different emails each week across our various newsletters. If you are process driven and pay meticulous attention to detail, you’re likely a great marketing coordinator. This is a great entry level position that doesn’t require previous experience. The only requirements are working at the awesome ETR office in sunny Denver and having a passion to get our message out to thousands of readers on time.

If you think this is a good fit, tell us why by writing a letter that also demonstrates your attention to detail. Send the letter to jobs@earlytorise.com.

3) Editorial Director

The future of the Internet is content. That’s how all of the big sites are growing these days, including the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, etc. At ETR, we’re looking for someone who can guide our content creation so that we can massively grow our audience. If you have a knack for figuring out why content goes viral and a insatiable curiosity for what makes content engaging, then this is a great opportunity for you to take charge of a rapidly growing subscriber base. The Editorial Director manages contributors, edits their content, identifies area for distribution, and demands excellence in delivering editorial to our readers.

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4) Assistant Editor

If you’re a writer in search for a growing audience for your work, you may have just found the opportunity of a lifetime. We’re looking for accomplished authors that can also edit copy quickly. Each day, you’ll edit content from our gurus in the health, wealth, and wellness categories, while also writing and publishing original content of your own. This is a fast paced job that requires strong organization and the ability to meet tight deadlines. It’s perfect for an experienced writer or editor who wants to take their career to the next level.

To apply: Write a letter to jobs@earlytorise.com describing your passions and submit two writing samples for review.

Thanks for your interest,

Craig Ballantyne
Editor, Early to Rise


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