An Antioxidant That Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

Wine lovers are probably already aware that red wine contains a powerful antioxidant: resveratrol. And Dr. Sears has written about the anti-aging effects of resveratrol in ETR. For instance, animal studies hint that it can help prevent weight gain and developing the symptoms of diabetes and obesity. But the health benefits of this antioxidant don’t end there.

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology gave male mice, on a daily basis, the equivalent of resveratrol found in a bottle of red wine. They discovered that the mice were significantly less likely to develop prostate cancer. And those mice that consumed resveratrol but still got cancer developed less serious tumors.

Red wine has about two to three milligrams of resveratrol per liter. (A liter is almost 34 ounces.) But even if you drink wine fairly regularly, taking resveratrol in supplement form is a good idea. Most resveratrol supplements on the market have about 10 mg per capsule. Taking one or two resveratrol supplements a week is fine if you are also consuming many other antioxidants every day. However, if you hardly take any antioxidant supplements, you can take the resveratrol more frequently. You can find resveratrol supplements in most health food stores.

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