3 Tips for Turning Your Passion into a Profession

ThinkstockPhotos-452416665Finding the right career path can be a daunting task. Sadly, we often end up putting energy into a job that is impossible for us to love. We soon fall into a dull routine that leaves us feeling unfulfilled and miserable. The “perfect job” is easier to dream about than find because it’s difficult to pin down what you want to do before experiencing it.

We are often told that a joyful and satisfying career is possible when we pursue our passion. Not many people take this path because not everyone knows what they’re passionate about. Determining your passions is a great starting point to determine what your calling is (even when you are happy at your current job).

If you find yourself struggling to find the answer, these exercises can help you:

  1. Understand how past experience drives you

Reflecting on your past is a great way to identify what drives or discourages you. Some people are passionate about their job because they’ve been positively impacted by an experience, and want to share it with others. Fashion designers, chefs, and personal trainers often fall into this category. However, your passion can also be driven by a negative experience. For example, if your pet fell ill after staying at a poorly managed pet hotel, you could decide to open a better facility to prevent this happening to others.

  1. Identify significant events

In addition to the above, you should also try to identify events that are meaningful to you. These may be events that have shaped you as a person and cultivated your confidence, relationships, work ethic, and decision-making ability. Finding a job that is similar to or different from these events will be much easier once you know what they are.

  1. Stay true to yourself

As humans, we’re ever-changing. If you recently developed resentment toward a job you once loved, ask yourself this: is it the work that you dislike, or is it the environment? If it’s the latter, transfer your skills into a new environment. Finding your passion is sometimes about rediscovering what has always been there.

Once you’ve discovered your passion, waste no time getting to work on that “perfect job”. One of the most important steps toward your new career is to gain relevant skills in the field you’re passionate about. Take a course to become a yoga instructor if you’re thinking about opening a yoga studio to help steer you in the right direction.

Additionally, you’ll need to seize opportunities when they arise. Muslim women were once perceived as unfashionable until fashionable hijabi bloggers decided to share their attitude toward faith and fashion with the rest of the world. These hijabi fashionistas have since revolutionized not only the fashion industry but also perceptions of Muslim women around the world. They accomplished this by making the most of the opportunities that were available to them.

The last, but probably the most important step is to act. When you have the passion, skills and opportunity, it is time to take control of having your ideal career. There is no better time than NOW to attempt to fulfill your dream.

A passion-driven career is one that’s influenced by the story of your life; therefore, reflecting on your past allows you to identify what impacts you the most. While the emotional gratification will be personal to you, it is important to remember that your work will have an effect on others. This is true regardless of whether you’re sharing a positive experience or changing a negative one. Ultimately, balancing your passion with knowledge and skills will allow you to continue sharing your passion throughout your lifetime.

Written by Sarah Ghanem

About the Author: Sarah Ghanem is keen on trendy, yet modest Islamic clothing for women. Ever since she managed to turn her passion into a profession, she’s been a proud stylist and fashion consultant at Modanisa. Now she aims to inspire women from all over the world to discover what they truly love and make the most of it in their career.