3 Food Mistakes that AGE You (Watch out!)

If you want to look and feel YOUNGER than your age, then this will be the most important article you read this year.


Because there are certain foods that actually ACCELERATE aging in your body. That means these foods make you look and feel older than your actual age.

Bad news right?

But it gets worse.

These foods are surprisingly common and often masquerade as “health” foods.

So please watch out…

Food #1

White Wine

This is a sneaky one.

How does white wine age you? It does serious damage to your teeth. White wine is very acidic and will damage your teeth enamel which makes your teeth more likely to permanently STAIN.

White wine makes your teeth old and yellow.

So watch out for that.

Food #2

Sugar (and artificial sweeteners)

Not only does sugar force your body to pile on extra fat – it also speeds up aging too.

Here’s why…

When you eat sugar, you body starts a process called glycation.

Glycation means the sugar molecules combine with proteins. This sugar + protein combo then damages your skin’s collagen.

And collagen keeps your skin young and firm. So you definitely want to protect it.

Now, I should also mention that it’s not enough just to avoid these foods if you want to look and feel younger. Avoiding these foods just stops the damage.

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Now here’s the 3rd food you should avoid…

Food #3

Cold Cuts, Lunch Meat and other Processed Meats

These staples of brown-bag lunches are bad news if you want to look and feel younger. They have sulfites and other preservatives so they last longer on the shelf or in the deli.


Those preservatives cause mega-inflammation in your body, which accelerates aging in your body.

I recommend you cut down on your deli meats and look for options that are sulfite and preservative-free.

Now that you know the 3 foods you must avoid, what should you do next if you want to look and feel YOUNGER than your age?

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