59% Of Millennials In The US Would Move To Another Country For A Job

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Business Insider

Despite the high number of foreigners who live and work in the United States, Americans themselves just aren’t all that interested in seeking out employment opportunities abroad.

Well, at least most aren’t.

new study from The Boston Consulting Group and The Network, which surveyed over 200,000 people from 189 countries, found that US workers are the least likely to move overseas for work. 

Only 35% of Americans say they would consider moving, compared to a worldwide average of 64%. Meanwhile, in places like France and Jamaica, over 90% of workers say they’d be willing to relocate.

However, there’s one demographic of Americans who are far more likely to seek job opportunities abroad: millennials. Approximately 59% of these young professionals say they’d move to a foreign country for work.

This is likely due to the post-recession difficulties millennials have encountered trying to find steady jobs at home. “Many educated young Americans now consider nontraditional starts to their careers, for instance, through temporary overseas assignments with nonprofits like Teach for All,” the study reports.

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For those US workers who would welcome the idea of working abroad, there’s a strong preference for European or English-speaking countries, with the UK and Canada taking two of the top three spots on the list.

Here are the top 10 foreign countries US workers say they would consider moving to for a job:

1. United Kingdom

2. Germany

3. Canada

4. Italy

5. France

6. Switzerland

7. Australia

8. Ireland

9. Spain

10. Sweden