10 Things Jason Holland Loves About Thanksgiving

1. Watching B- and C-level pop stars doing a terrible job of lip syncing from tacky-fantastic parade floats in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Bonus points if they are “playing” an unplugged electric guitar.

2. Another thing about the Thanksgiving parade, which happens only when the weather is extremely cold in New York… watching the “girls” in skimpy costumes shiver while I bask in the mild Florida winter.

3. Pretending to like football so I can fit in with my extended family… and then dropping the facade halfway through and playing video games with the kids instead.

4. No plain old pumpkin pie in my house. My wife and I love coming up with new twists on the old favorite. Last year it was a pumpkin trifle, the year before it was pumpkin maple walnut cheesecake, and this year we’re going to try pumpkin gingersnap tiramisu.

5. Taking a nap after dinner… and I don’t blame the tryptophan. I just always eat too much!

6. Trying to convince my wife not to go shopping the next day. She’s not one for standing in line at Best Buy at 2:00 a.m., but I really can’t see the point of facing the crowds at any time on Black Friday.

7. Heading to the movie theater in the evening. My brother-in-law is a theater manager – so we get in free!

8. Sometimes we just skip the big meal and use the time off to take a short vacation. Let me tell you, turkey (or jerk chicken, as the case may be) tastes just as good on the beach in Jamaica.

9. The dark meat. Most people seem to prefer white… so more for me – including leftovers.

10. Putting together a perfect music mix for dinner. I usually throw together some old school jazz, 70’s soul, acoustic rock, and world music.

[Ed. Note: What is your #1 favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Let us know right here.]

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