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10 Things Edwin Huertas Loves About Thanksgiving

1. It really starts to “feel” like the holidays when Thanksgiving comes around.

2. I start Christmas shopping for my kids, and it is exciting to see all the cool new stuff in the stores.

3. Being a Florida resident, I get to enjoy the PERFECT weather we get this time of year. A nice cool breeze that allows me to relax on my front porch without the usual heat.

4. Having a day off so I can sleep in late.

5. Watching the football specials on the tube.

6. Having my entire family come together to enjoy each other’s company for an entire day.

7. The smells coming out of the kitchen. Even better are the smiles on everyone’s faces when they see that big juicy turkey and stuffing (made from scratch, none of that Stove Top junk!) on the table.

8. After dinner, watching my kids run around in the yard without a care in the world.

9. Reflecting on events that happened throughout the year. It makes me realize that the end of one year is almost here, and a new one is on the way.

10. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all!

[Ed. Note: What is your #1 favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Let us know right here.]

edwin huertasEdwin Huertas has been developing and marketing Websites since 1994 as well as testing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) methodologies for many years. He has helped many medium- to large-sized companies around the globe by improving their Web marketing efforts.

Edwin’s background in programming has allowed him to approach Search Engine Optimization from a developer’s perspective. Studying search engines’ algorithms and patterns in order to develop successful SEO campaigns has helped him generate millions in revenue for his clients and employers.