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There’s never been a better time to get in on “this” opportunity. Some of us, unfortunately, are forced into it. We lose our jobs, our hours get cut back, or we can’t get a job in the first place. So we have to start our own business.

For others, it’s what we’ve wanted to do all along – be our own bosses and be in control of how much money we make.

No matter what position you are in, there’s never been a better time to start an online business. It’s dirt cheap to set up an e-commerce website (if you know who to hire), and it’s never been easier to reach people all over the world and sell your ideas to them.

If you want to learn how to do this, here’s the great news. My friend, TV star, and world-renowned expert, Bedros Keuilian, and I are having an Info Summit Workshop on November 7-8th in Orange County, California.

Over the weekend you’ll learn how to go from no-website to making lots of sales in just 30 days. You’ll get a complete 30-day Blueprint for setting up your site, creating your product, and most importantly, getting people to sell it for you. But that’s not all…

Here are 10 more awesome reasons why you must be there…

1) Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank is our celebrity guest expert. Kevin is worth $450 million and has been called the Inventor of the Infomercial, as well as being the creator of “As Seen on TV”. The man knows how to sell and will teach you a ton of tricks or two. Enough said.

2) Jason “The Renegade” Ferruggia will show you how to make money on the Internet on your own terms – without compromise. You will love him and his fascinating journey to success from overworked, underpaid business owner to world-renowned expert and online celebrity. Plus, he’ll share his secrets to getting hundreds of thousands of visitors to his blog each month.

3) Meet Other VIP Guests

#1 – DC – This young man has over 1 million Facebook fans and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars each month from his passion. Frankly, he has “no idea” about Internet Marketing but has been able to make money doing what he loves. You’ll learn how you can do this too.

#2 – Top Affiliates – The crew from Net Momentum, the most connected online affiliate network will be there and they will be looking for new affiliate partners to help you make more money. At my business, Early to Rise, we work with Net Momentum every day and love their work.

#3 – My friend and top Real Estate Investor, Jay Massey – Jay and his team will be in the audience learning how to take their offline expertise and deliver it online. Plus, Jay is a master at Podcasting and doing online video…I’ll try and get him on-stage to share his Web 2.0 secrets for getting FREE traffic.

Speaking of video, watch this short video about the event and tell all of your friends (that want to live the dream Internet Lifestyle) to come along with you. You can’t miss this weekend. It will be life changing, as all of our seminars turn out to be.

4) Leverage – You’re at the point now where just ONE piece of good advice can be turned into $1,000 or even $10,000. So why take the risk on missing out on a NEW secret of success that could pay for an extra special Christmas, an amazing vacation, or even a down payment on a new car? Don’t take that chance. Your butt must be in your seat at our event. Don’t miss a single secret or connection in the room.

5) The Dentist that Makes More Money Online than in His 7-Figure Office – You’ll hear from Dr. Mark Costes, the dentist who worked just 2-3 hours each night for 6 months until he was able to completely replace his full-time dentist’s income with the money he was making through his website. His success story even impressed my business partner, Matt Smith…and Matt is one of the most difficult-to-impress people I know.

Mark will show you how to find your big idea, how to focus on what matters, and what to do each night so that you start making money fast with your online business – no matter what industry you are in or how busy you are.

6) Meet 200 Other Awesome Attendees:

The crowd will be jam-packed with movers-and-shakers. There will be dozens of $100K Mastermind Members in the crowd, TV celebrities like Kevin Harrington, online celebrities like Jason Ferruggia, and online insiders like Pat Beith (another big time affiliate connector) and AJ Roberts (online
marketing guru that runs multiple 7-figure launches each year). You’ll also get a chance to meet the legendary, Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield and learn how he creates amazing emails and website copy.

But wait…not sure who these folks are? Here’s some great advice from Rick Kaselj, one of our guest speakers and one of my $100K Info Mastermind Members (he’s been doing coaching with me for over 5 years!)

“When I don’t recognize names of other attendees, I do “recon” so I know what they look like, their background and what they are doing. That way, when I am at the event, I can take action and leave an impression. Don’t waste your time going to events without a plan. Do your homework, prepare, go with a plan, execute the plan and reach your goals.” – Rick Kaselj

NOTE: We expect over 200 high-energy, success-oriented, positive attendees…so networking will be intense. Don’t miss out on meeting new JV partners and unknown affiliates that could make you big money.

7) Braigz CallEntyne <= Yes, my alter ego might be there. 99% certainty. 1% chance of flake-out. But aren’t those odds you’re willing to take to hear politically incorrect #truth from the legendary anti-guru Guru’s guru?

8) That mall across the street is amazing. Do some Christmas shopping while you are there, or treat yourself to a reward for all of the hard work you’ve done, or carry on from here to Hawaii for a post-summit vacation…PS – If you like sushi, you must eat at Hamamori’s sushi restaurant in the mall. If you don’t, go to Maestro’s for a BIG steak. I’ll probably do both.

9) Southern California is obviously a better place to be than almost any other place in the world in November. Stock up on your pre-winter Vitamin D stores with a trip to Cali. Or be like me and consider adding in a well-earned post summit holiday to Hawaii or Cabo after the workshop. You will have earned it after this weekend!

10) Bedros Keuilian – The Go-Givingest Go-Giver is going to go and give it all weekend just like he always does at his events. He’ll show you how to use Youtube, blogging, and email marketing to get tons of FREE traffic to your website and finally make your first sales online.

BONUS: I’ll be revealing the results of our October Clickbank Launch of 6MinutesToSkinny.com. We are working exclusively with Clickbank on a special promotion to get in front of their top affiliates…and I’ll be able to tell you all of the juicy post-launch details…until then, I’m sworn to secrecy on the behind-the-scenes details of this “Clickbank-Strikes-Back” launch.

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See you in November,

Craig Ballantyne

It’s our struggles that make us stronger. Make the most of them when you must. You are stronger than you think.

Get even stronger with Bedros and me at our Online Info Workshop.

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