What You Need to Know Today: July 29

Your Early to Rise daily briefing. Today, bigger than Windows 10, what is “habit creep,” why sex doesn’t sell and more.

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Bigger than Windows 10.

Me: Cortana, what’s the best no-equipment fat loss app?

Cortana: Easy, Daily Bodyweight Workouts.

Windows 10 was released today to over 190 countries, but even bigger than that is the release of ETR’s first Daily Bodyweight Workout app. “Seven years in the making, it was well worth the wait,” says Craig Ballantyne, editor of ETR, creator of Turbulence Training, and fitness expert for Men’s and Women’s Health magazines. Why should YOU download the app? Because workout pills are still years away (joke) and this app is like having a personal trainer at home.

+ If you need to know, here are the 10 best features of Windows 10, in GIFs.

Spreadsheet nerds will love this. If you use Google sheets, here’s a plugin you need. Whether you’re into data analysis, scientific research, or marketing Blockspring will make your life so much better. For example, this video shows you how to identify competitors in your niche in minutes using Google sheets.


Sex doesn’t actually sell, here’s why… Do you remember what company hired Kate Upton for their Super Bowl commercial this year? How about just what product she was selling? If your memory is a bit foggy, like mine, it’s because you were distracted. Big surprise. But this is a big problem if you’re the company paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising. Time Magazine explains why sex and one other advertising myth don’t sell.

The cost of becoming a millionaire. The Washington Post just published an article that says 4 out 5 people will be poor at some point in their life. If you want to be that 1 man or woman who beats the odds, here’s how much you need to save each day to become a millionaire by 65.

For the Hot Head on your team. Nike is solving a hot problem in sports. Fast Company has the full story on Nike’s Medieval Ice Helmet.

+ 33 marketing titans reveal their best content promotion techniques.


“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” If you ever played organized sports or you’ve coached, you’ll appreciate these 23 life lessons. Even if sports aren’t your thing, this is good advice.

What is “Habit Creep?” There is a common phenomenon in the world of personal finance called “lifestyle creep.” It describes our tendency to buy bigger, better, and nicer things as our income rises, says James Clear. Lifestyle creep is often regarded negatively but James explains the unsexy way you can leverage lifestyle creep to build long lasting healthy and productive habits in your life.

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