What You Need to Know Today: April 21

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Bypass the cloud and instantly share files between all your devices. Instashare is a better AirDrop for your mobile and desktop. Once you have the app downloaded you simply drag’n’drop any file to share it. Since files are transferred only between your devices – no copies are made in the cloud – this makes it a lot more secure. The app works on iOS, Mac, Android and Windows.


How to tap the untapped market that is Gen Y women. Despite being financially strong, independent, and wielding more power than ever in terms of purchase decisions, Millennial women are not being targeted by brands and marketers effectively, says Forbes. As women take on new roles in spaces traditionally controlled by men, brands need to break the mold and portray women in these new roles. For instance, paper towel ads often show mothers with children; however, a woman who spills coffee on her dress rushing on her morning commute or in a boardroom meeting also needs paper towels, doesn’t she? (Forbes)

Why your passport is more important than a college degree. The formula is simple: Go to college, find a job, settle down, then one day retire. It worked for our parents why isn’t it working for us now? Elite Daily contributor Gloria Atanmo explains why being a student of the world offers you more opportunity and a better chance at success than any degree will. “A degree will help get your foot in the door; A passport will help keep you in the room.”

Personal Development

A Chess Face is better than a Poker Face. Maurice Ashley is a chess grandmaster and author of the book Chess for Success. In Ashley’s book he compares chess to business and offers some quality advice, “With a poker face, people know you’re bluffing. We call it having a chess face—we’re not trying to bluff because everything’s on the table.” This way, competitors won’t gain an edge based on your expressions. “Stay cool if you’re winning; stay cool if you’re losing.” Read 4 more lessons from Ashley here.

The biggest lie you tell yourself. “The idea that there are more good and qualified people who want to find jobs than there are appropriate jobs for them is a myth (perpetuated by academia). The opposite is true. There are plenty of good jobs, but most people who apply for them are unqualified to fill them,” says Mark Ford. The good news is you have the power to change this.

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