What To Do To Achieve Your Dreams

My recent article on the “Most Dangerous Book” struck a nerve with many readers.

Here’s some uncensored feedback from 2 readers who got the message. It made a big impact.

“Today’s issue really hit me where it hurts. It opened my eyes that my dreams are not worth pursuing. You see, I’m a 23 yr old budding internet marketer and one of my dreams was to live the 4 hour work week and spend the rest of my week having fun. Now I know that I should focus on working on making my internet business more productive and automated not just to work a 4 hour work week but to spend my young and productive life to add as much value to the world as possible. Thank you for this article and I wish all of you good health and prosperity and please keep sending articles like this. You don’t know how much we appreciate the value that you are adding to our lives.” – Franky De Jesus


“Craig; I’ve been reading your stuff since this spring. This essay is the best thing you’ve written. It’s the first real calibrator I’ve seen from a young man to other young people, and it’s desperately needed. I’m almost 55 years old, and recovering from stage 4 cancer. These people who want to goof off all day never had to. When you can’t get out and do things, you want nothing more than to get out and, as you say, add value to the world. Keep kicking their butts. You should re-run this essay at least once per year. You really should.” – Pete Reed

So that brings me to what you should do if you really want to achieve your dreams. Let’s answer a few of your questions about it and get you sorted out.

Q: Hi Craig, I have been reading ETR for over 4 years and I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you. When Michael Masterson announced he was stepping down from ETR I was
initially very disappointed; however I can honestly say that since you have taken over I am getting even more out of the  daily newsletter than I did before.

Another reason I am writing to you is because I am struggling. I am a young guy (25) and as I mentioned before I have been consuming ETR and similar information for a number of years.

I’m in a weird space because I have a job that I think I’m good at, plays to my skill set and pays well but it just isn’t a “get-me-up-in-the-morning” type job. I love your American Dream newsletter and realized a while ago that creating an online business is something I need to do.

I am really interested in personal finance, the psychology of investing, how people can achieve happiness and as Michael Masterson puts it how to live a ‘rich life’. this is the kind of stuff I like reading and  learning about in my free time on a Saturday afternoon.

However I can’t seem to figure out how to use these interests to start something where I can add value. Sometimes I feel like I just need to keep learning and building my knowledge base before I actually share it – maybe cause I’m still young and feel like I’m not ready to be an expert.

I also don’t know anybody personally who has done this before (created a successful online business). I was hoping you could provide some guidance or at least point me in the right direction.

Again, I just wanted to say keep up the great work at ETR. You have been an amazing virtual-mentor over the last year and I thought it was about time I reached out and let you know that. Thanks again from the west coast. – Warren

Hi Warren, thank you so much for your kind words. Really nice of you.

Also, congratulations on being an action taker and seeking out ETR so early in life. It will reward you handsomely in the future.

The best place for you to get started is to simply get started. If you haven’t already, please download my free report at www.InternetIndependence.com. It shows you how to build an online business from scratch.

You should also follow Susan Fujii at www.Kungfufinance.com.

She was similar to you (in interests) and wanting to help people. So she just got started writing, and then adjusted course based on the feedback she received.

Only by getting started will you kg in the right direction.

Don’t hesitate. Fail forward. Take massive action. Learn from your experiences and improve everything as you go.

Q: I am suffering from information overload. I am in the beginning stages of setting up my internet business catering to hockey players. I will have a wordpress blog and ultimately I want a membership site with a store and my main product.

All along I want to produce great content through videos and interviews etc. Should I separate the 2 blog and member’s site?- Blake

Good news. It really doesn’t matter. Just take action and get it done. I’m not being facetious. All that really matters is that you get over your info overload and do it.

What you’ll find is that the majority of these similar types of decisions in business are irrelevant.

You’ll also discover that no ‘wrong’ decision is so detrimental that it could ever throw you off track too far.

Stick to your vision and act in congruence with it. Clearly and concisely articulate your big idea. Repeat it again and again to anyone that will listen. Stay focused on your mission. That’s all that really matters. The rest is details.

Q: Craig, When you have lots of new ideas constantly popping in your head, how do you manage what you are currently doing so you don’t get side tracked? How do you allow for the planning and implementation of the new ideas? Thanks. – Armando

I write them down and file them for later. Make sure you prioritize your activities so they are congruent with your long-term vision and goals. That makes all of this quite simple to manage.

Q: I am always coming up with new ideas and new marketing strategies for my business, but I get too distracted and have a tough time following through with these ideas. What’s a good way to prioritize and stay focused? Thanks – Scott

Create your vision using this video  – www.ANewAmericanDream.com

Then commit to it. That will allow you to say NO to things that don’t get you closer to your vision.

Among business insiders, Steve Jobs is almost as respected for what he did NOT do as for what he did. He said NO to a lot of opportunities in order to create a few amazing gems.

Commit to your plan and stay focused,

Craig Ballantyne

“Always give without remembering. Always receive without forgetting.” – William Barclay