Your Beginner "Take Action" Plan

Yesterday I finally finished up a task that has been on my to-do list for weeks. You see, I had to film a new section of my new fitness certification program, and I was procrastinating.

So how did I finally overcome the inertia to get it done?

By booking a hotel conference room, laying down a non-refundable deposit, and scheduling a videographer to be there.

By doing that, I forced myself to do the necessary preparation, and nailed it. The filming went great.

Everyone struggles with getting some tasks done. Even me. Heck, especially me. So you’re not alone.

Now I want to carry on with an action plan for you. This is EXACTLY what I’d do if I was a beginner/intermediate…someone who was just getting started.

As long as you have an email list of 250 or more, you can use this action plan to put money in the bank.


Here we go…

Step #1 – Set aside 20-30 minutes to plan out your next 12 months.

Step #2 – List every special event (your birthday, your kid’s birthdays, anniversary of when you launched your product or website, etc.

Heck, you can even make-up or hi-jack a holiday, like I did with Ballantyne’s Day yesterday.

Step #3 – Plan out a product promotion around each one of those events

Step #4 – Go through every month of the year and look for ways to connect regular holidays to potential promos

Step #5 – In addition to planning your own promotions, make room for affiliate product promotions using this rule:

After you promote your own product, look for a complimentary affiliate product to promote within 14 days.

For example, if you sold a fitness workout product in your own promotions, schedule an affiliate nutrition product promotion within two weeks.

Step #6 – After those two promotions, focus your energy on traffic getting strategies (SEO, Facebook Ads, Video marketing, etc.) and build your list.

Step #7 – Every time you DOUBLE your list size, promote your main product again (adding new bonuses each time to build your product library, if possible)

Step #8 – Do another complimentary affiliate product promotion.

NOTE: It goes without saying, of course, that every one of your products and the affiliate products that you promote is TOP QUALITY. You never promote something just for the sake of promoting. You ONLY provide your clients with products that will HELP.

Step #9 – Return to traffic generation and list building. And keep going through the “Traffic-Promo-Affiliate” cycle.


This plan is plain and simple, but it works.

Plus, this method of planning allows you to see the potential for “concrete” sales goals being achieved, and will give you optimism during times of tough sledding.

Bonus Steps: List every single source of traffic that you can work on, as well as every affiliate you should be trying to get, and finally, every affiliate product that you can promote.

Take 30 minutes today to do this exercise and you’ll find a way to boost your income by 10-20% per month!

I do this all the time and it works really, really, really well.

So simple, yet so effective.

Get it done,

Craig Ballantyne

“Men of action are favored by the goddess of good luck.” – Richest Man in Babylon