Do not let self-limiting beliefs stop you from success

I spent the weekend out in the country at my parent’s house celebrating my Mom’s birthday.

I can’t thank her enough for all the support and opportunity she has given me. She taught me the value of hard work at an early age, and it’s paid off over and over again in my life.

However, to be brutally honest with you…

My mom didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in the fact that I went off to school to get a Kinesiology degree in 1994.

Her only experience with a “Kinesiology graduate” was a young man who was then applying for a spot in the factory where my mom was a receptionist.

She was worried the same was going to happen to me…that I’d spend $40K and 4 years getting a useless degree and then wind up working in the factory where I had spent my summers working to pay for that schooling.

But I never, ever, not for a single second, EVER-EVER had any doubts about my success. There were ZERO self-limiting beliefs in my mind.

When I started University (we don’t call it “college” here in Canada), I had full intentions of becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the NHL. (I know, weird huh?)

But in 1998 I discovered a website call that posted fitness articles. I thought, “I can do that”, and started writing in ’99. Eventually selling my first manuals through Paypal in 2002…and the rest is history (I’ll tell you more about my online beginnings in future emails).

But again, there was never doubt that I would succeed.

That said, there’s nothing exceptional about me. I’m average height, average intelligence, average physical ability, and even far-BELOW-average in decision-making (seriously, I’ve made some extremely stupid decisions in my life).

I suppose, if anything, I’m exceptional in my ability to persevere. That’s it. Nothing else.

You are likely smarter and better looking than I am, or at least you can make better decisions.

The question is, will you have the same “never quit attitude”?

Because that is what REALLY sets the success stories apart from the folks who struggle.

Here’s more proof…last week at the Dan Kennedy seminar I attended, one of the attendees was frustrated.

Like me, this other attendee had a business helping people get started with a website business.

But this guy was worried that the people who bought his products would not succeed (a worry that all of us have – no one likes to have someone fail).

So grumpy ol’ Kennedy said, “Well, what makes you so exceptional?”

He wasn’t joking, although everyone laughed.

“Seriously,” Kennedy continued. “YOU were able to succeed online, and I know you. There’s nothing exceptional about you.”

Again, more laughter from the crowd, and fortunately, a light-bulb went on in the guys head.

He realized that Kennedy was right, and there was nothing exceptional about him. So he said, “You’re right Dan,” and then he listed the 3 key factors of his success, which were:

a) Get good at selling

b) Never stop learning

c) Became an action taker

There was nothing about being a genius in there. It all came down to believing that he could do it, and taking action on proven steps to success (like the ones I give you here in the daily email).

The BIG LESSON is this:

The only thing exceptional about successful people is their ability to do the work.

None of us are super-geniuses. We`re not rocket surgeons.

Most people who make good money with a website business are just average guys and gals who commit to doing the work, consistently, and who believe in themselves.

Listen, when you get started, there are always going to be what Seth Godin calls, “The Dips”.

That’s where you struggle, and that’s were some people do – and should – give up.

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes people should give up, because what they are offering isn’t right, or its not their passion.

But with a good idea and passion, you’ll get through that dip.

As long as you believe in yourself.

Never let self-limiting beliefs get in the way of success,

Craig Ballantyne