Goal Setting: How To Obtain A Growth Mindset

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Have you ever wanted something so badly but had no idea how to get there?

Or maybe you have a lifelong dream that seems to get stuck at the same point in the process every time you decide to go for it.

How you handle these scenarios and a thousand others like them says a lot about you…

Last week, you were introduced to my Goal Setting Worksheet that helped you get clear on your vision’s how and why. What you learned from answering those questions is where your mindset now resides – is it hopeful and excited about the possibilities, skeptical about your ability to change, or maybe even a mixture of both?

Today, it’s time to use that understanding to help you create step-by-step goals that will foster a growth mindset rather than one that is fixed.

In a growth mindset, you believe that your most basic abilities can be developed into skills that will help you achieve your life goals. A growth mindset fosters a love of learning and builds resilience to try again and again knowing that the word FAIL is merely an acronym for:





This type of mindset leads to great accomplishments with less stress along the way.

Once you’ve identified your vision using the Goal Setting Worksheet, you can begin to create smart, positively worded goals that will be your compass guiding your journey each step of the way. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Speak As If – Use phrases such as “I am” and “I will” when writing your goals.
  • Set a Timeframe – Test out this new habit with a reasonable chunk of time.

For example, I coach clients to focus on implementing a new skill four days at a time. It’s just long enough to begin feeling like the habit is status quo, while not so lofty as to become overwhelming. After four days, you can assess whether the task was attainable or too hard.

  • Break It Down – If the goal was too hard to complete for four consecutive days then you can be sure to encounter issues in the long run. But a growth mindset doesn’t get discouraged at this point. Rather, assess how you can break down this portion of the goal into even smaller steps. Your end goal is only attainable if you’re willing and able to follow through on the smaller, day-to-day steps that get you there.
  • Order of Operations – If you’re still struggling to follow through even after breaking it down, you may need to take a step back and conjure some curiosity around other areas of your life that need to shift first in order for your end goal to become attainable.

For example, if your goal is to work out first thing in the morning but you struggle day after day to get up with the earlier alarm you may need to first focus on getting to bed earlier. This alone might be a process of baby stepping your bedtime back by 15-minute intervals, four days at a time, until your new normal bedtime gives you enough sleep to finally have a fighting chance of waking up at 5:00 a.m.!

  • Tell Someone – Accountability is a powerful tool. Professing your goal out loud to someone who can offer you feedback, constructive criticism, and support creates a shift in your energy and the motivation to follow through builds. Having someone privy to your ambitions builds a sense of community so that when tough days arise you know you are not alone, there is a champion in your corner, ready to cheer you on. Likewise, celebrating your accomplishment with someone invested in your success is what keeps you striving for that next opportunity to grow.

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No matter how many “failed” attempts you’ve made, your dreams are worth achieving. Every time you try you learn. Begin to build the kind of mindset that spurs you on even in the toughest of times, knowing that each effort is fostering your growth, building your truth in wisdom, and shaping who you are destined to become.

In Love & Gratitude,

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