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Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is the Editor of Early to Rise. He took over after Michael Masterson in 2011 and is doing a good job carrying on the legacy that is Early to Rise.

He’s also a Strength & Conditioning coach in Toronto, author of Turbulence Training, a contributing author to Men’s Health magazine, and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines. Craig’s fat loss, muscle-building website features his best-selling Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program and offers access to all of Craig’s Turbulence Training workouts and video clips (for men, women, mass-building, athletes, and bodyweight-only workouts).
Craig also has an advanced research background, completing a Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Craig continues to study the latest training, supplementation, and nutrition research that will help improve client’s health and wellness as well as their physical and mental performance.



My Diet & 5-Exercise Bodyweight Circuit Workout (print this out)‏


The Internet lit up on Friday when I told you I was going to eat some white foods for lunch. TT readers were left wondering, “Wait, how could Craig the Kitchen Clutz make ANYTHING?” Well Read More >>


2-Exercise “Sexy” Body Workouts


I got locked in my bedroom this morning (looooooong story!), and had to spend an hour there with basically nothing to do (because ol’ Bally the Dog was outside)…so I did a 2-exercise bodyweight challenge. Read More >>


10 Big Ideas


Every morning after writing for an hour, I do something called my Big Thinking exercise. That’s where I come up with 10 Big Ideas. This exercise was suggested to me from my friend, James Altucher. Read More >>


How to cure your broken metabolism


Dang dog! I hate it when he does this. But he tricked us into giving him two lunches on Saturday. Here’s what happened… I was doing a late morning workout in the garage and it Read More >>


Act Now with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank


I’m actually reading TWO books right now. Both are great, although there are not a lot of practical business applications from Taleb’s Antifragile. If you liked Black Swan and Fooled By Randomness, then you’ll want Read More >>


10 Minute Workout Challenges


On Saturday morning I set a new personal record by doing 105 pullups in a workout (in sets of 5-10 and supersetted with squats and pushups). I also did a 10-minute burpee challenge (see below). Read More >>


How To Start Website As Cheaply As Possible


Back in 2001, when I sold my first product, the transaction was completed by through Paypal. I didn’t have a website. I only had an email list of friends and personal training clients, as well Read More >>


5 Ways to Profit From Passion


Relentless. That describes all of my millionaire friends, from Bedros Keuilian to Isabel De Los Rios to Joel Marion to Porter Stansberry. And do you know what drives them to be relentless? Their undying passion. Read More >>


Why You Must Be Specific in Your Marketing


One of my earliest mentors, Yanik Silver, once gave me a list of his 11 Hot Buttons For Selling. I’m sharing a couple of these with you today, but I review one of them every Read More >>


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