I’m emailing you from the counter of my home kitchen, and I couldn’t wait to share this with you.

You see, I’m literally just done filming the first few video episodes of my brand new online cooking classes. The video crew is not even done packing, but I’m excited because I have grand news for you: Let me show you EXACTLY how to turn 3 “forbidden” foods (Pasta, potatoes, and rice) into foods you can eat.

I have previously shown you the way to cook pasta, so that you can still enjoy it without gaining weight.

But now there’s more… I must share this little-known secret that scientists call “retrogradation.”

Pasta, potatoes, and rice (usually out of reach) can actually become acceptable if you cook them the way I recommend, and if you do the following trick:

  1. Either chill the pasta, potatoes, and rice (to eat as a salad for instance), or
  2. Chill them, then reheat them (as leftovers for instance).

I know it sounds too good to be true, but the fact is, starch molecules naturally contained in pasta, potatoes, and rice change structure when those foods cool down, or cool down and then get reheated. Their glycemic indexes decreases so much that in moderation, they become acceptable for weight loss.

I recommend you follow those directions and indulge once in a while in eating pasta, potatoes, and rice. For instance, make a salad with the fat-burning dressing in my book Eat More, Burn More (Page 89), and add vegetables to pack fiber.

This is just one of the many chef tips I have. I can’t wait to tell you more in my brand new online cooking classes.

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