100% Commission Solution

Since a lot of folks struggle to make sales and get affiliates, I’m going to give you a complete blueprint on how to overcome that today.

I call it, “The 100% Solution”.

Now originally I had only planned to share this with my Mastermind members and the readers of my print newsletter, but it’s such a good way to break through a website business plateau that I had to write about it today.

I used the 100% Solution in my business back in December of 2010 to get my best affiliates to promote my Turbulence Training products, even though this is generally a slow time of year and even though they had promoted quite a few other products in the last 6 weeks.

You know why it works so well?

Couple of reasons.

First, because it is completely different than any of the other promotions that they had participated in during the past 6 weeks.

And second, because it was so simple and such a no-brainer offer, it was guaranteed to be a hit when they sent it to their lists.

But I have to warn you…it’s take a cajones (pardon my Spanish) on your part to pull this off.

So just take a deep breath, be confident, and follow the steps outlined below.

The 100% Solution

1) Position Your Product

If you’re in a competitive market – and who isn’t – then your product and offer need to stand out. You need to be different.

So take a look at what everyone else is doing, and think about doing the OPPOSITE.

That’s what I did.

After a series of high-priced, 2-week long product launches, I turned the tables and had a short, low-price, no-brainer offer promotion on an amazing package.

It was completely different from what everyone else was doing (PLUS it was a LOT less work – one of the secret reasons I did my promo this way – Sssshhhhh).

2) Make a No-Brainer Offer Providing Extreme Value

My offer was 3 awesome workouts for $19.95.

Each of the products regularly sold for $29.95.

Now you don’t have to use $19.95.

For example, if you’re in a market where everything regularly sells for $497, you’d be fine by creating an extreme value offer of $97.

The bottom line is that you want to come up with an offer so shocking that people would think, “Wow, I’d be crazy not to jump all over this.”

In addition, my promotion had built-in recurring revenue, meaning that they would get more value in 30 days unless they canceled (and YES, it was EASY to cancel…we weren’t hiding anything, and I never recommend hiding anything – be upfront with everyone).

The recurring billing, upsells, and back-end sales MUST be in place to make the 100% Solution work for you (financially).

3) Give 100% Commission to Your Affiliates

Obviously, this is the most important part.

I promised my affiliates that if they sent out just TWO emails for this promo, then they would receive $19.95 commission (100%) for every front end sale.

How did this work?

They automatically received their regular Clickbank commission of 75% of for each sale, which comes out to $13.48.

At the end of the promo, I followed up and sent them the remainder of $6.47 per sale, giving them a FULL 100% commission on each sale.

For example, if an affiliate made 100 sales, then I sent them $647 via Paypal as the remainder of their 100% commission.

PLUS, they also made their regular 75% commission on every upsell, back-end sale, and recurring sale – but the 100% commission applied only to the original front end offer.

Essentially, I was willing to lose about $1.50 on each front end sale.

(I lost $1.50 because when I paid out $19.95 in commission for each front end sale, I lost the money on the Clickbank fees.)

But I didn’t look at it as losing $1.50. Instead, I was BUYING CUSTOMERS for $1.50.

And I’ll buy customers for $1.50 all day long, especially when I had 1-click upsells, back-end sales, and recurring billing in place.

Remember that each one of these customers was joining my membership site, and our members stay an average of 4.5 months – all thanks to the relationship I build with them in my emails and my member’s area.

When you add the recurring billing option in (and you ONLY do that if you can provide recurring VALUE, of course), it is a double bonus for affiliates.

The next month, they’ll get about 70% of the commissions as they did from the original promotion. And the month after that, about 50%. And the rebills will keep on coming in from a nice percentage of happy customers for a long, long time.

The 100% commissions recruited a lot of affiliates – and new affiliates – to promote this harder than they have ever promoted my Turbulence Training program.

It was perfect timing, the perfect contrarian offer (in price) to most launches, and it was an easy promo – just send two emails and I’ll send you 100% commissions.

Already two of my private coaching clients have incorporated the 100% affiliate commission bonus into their launch structures for 2011.

You should consider it too, particularly if you are struggling to get affiliate support for a proven offer.

Sound fair enough?


Take action,

Craig Ballantyne

“You don’t have a real strategy if it doesn’t pass these two tests: that what you’re planning to do really matters to your existing and potential customers: and seconds, it differentiates you from your competition.” – Verne Harnish