3 Transformation Tips & How to Avoid Bulking Up

transI spent over 3 hours yesterday working on the new TT Transformation program (coming next Friday to TT Members) and I thought I’d pull out 3 top transformation & mindset tips for you…

…but after I built up a list of over 31 tips I realized I had to stop and save a few of those for another day.

I’ll include dozens of them in the new program and put the rest up on the blog…but today I wanted to share with you a few mindset  tips and then a cool method to avoid bulking up that my friend John Alvino shared with me in an interview…
Transformation Tip #1 (I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday):

The best fat loss book in the world is useless without implementation. All the planning in the world is no good if you don’t follow through.

You MUST become a robotic ACTION TAKER.

You must do everything you can to just get it done. Even if you don’t feel like it, just get started…go through the warmup, chances are you’ll do the whole workout.

Same with your nutrition. You need to stop procrastinating and get up and prepare the food that will fuel your fat loss. There’s no easy way to do this. If you want the easy way, you’re at the wrong website.

Transformation Tip #2 – Get out of your comfort zoneimages4

People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zones, but if you want to accomplish anything, you must take ACTION and get out of your comfort zone.

The road to success requires planning, setting deadlines, and improving your habits by replacing your bad habits and thought patterns, one-by-one, over time, with good habits and thought patterns focused on fat loss.

But don’t worry – You CAN do it – all you need is social support, planning, and a proven program – like Turbulence Training.

Transformation Tip #3 – Lead by example

“Be loud and proud of the healthy changes you are making in your images5

There are many more folks secretly wishing someone will take charge and be a healthy role model for them. It might not happen overnight, but if you continue to lead by healthy example – without preaching or being condescending – you can build an entourage that will help YOU reach the next level as well.

Build your entourage of social support by leading by example.

Tip #4 – How to Avoid Bulking Up

Here’s a tip from my friend “New Jersey” John Alvino

“Weight training during a fat loss phase, even if it’s very intense and is perceived as relatively heavy, is really part of the protocol to just maintain muscle.

If you don’t do weights while dieting, I find that you can lose a ratio of one to one.

In other words, every two pounds you lose, one of those pounds is actually lean muscle. This will now slow your metabolism down and will prevent further fat loss from happening. It also makes you look terrible, whether you are a man or a woman.

But this whole “BULKING UP” issue is a question I get asked by women all the time.

I tell them, “If you’re afraid your thighs are going to get big, here is what we’re going to do…”

And I actually get a tape measure out before we start any of the resistance training. I measure their thighs.

If they’re concerned about their arms getting too big, we measure their arms too.

Then we have a measurement of everything, so if at any point that they feel panicked that they’re building muscle, I just get the tape measure out, and ten out of ten times, the tape measurement actually goes down.  This puts their mind at ease.”

That’s how to avoid bulking up.

=> Click here for more transformation tips from John Alvino

More hot transformation tips – and the workout! – next week.

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – Tip #5…

Persevere – The only thing between you and success is quitting. As long as you don’t quit, you will succeed!

  • Great calls on #1 and #2.

    #1 actually reminds me a bit of what I see when I read internet marketing literature, courses, and such. The most important thing is to pick a system, stick to it, and take MASSIVE ACTION.

    (And the massive action is usually the key ingredient.)

    #2 reminds me a bit of many of the things John Davies has discussed – particularly his quote on…how did it go…something like “What you do today will be a little easier tomorrow”…


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    you didnt actually say how to avoid bulking up…you just said women measure themselves and find they dont actually bulk up. than finished the post with: thats how you avoid bulking up.
    What about guys that do actually bulk up???
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  • Michael H

    thanks for all the tips! For some reason I don’t seem to have a problem with most of those because I know what I am getting when I workout or when I eat what is right. About that last tip… So what you are saying is that as long I use resistance training every week then I won’t have any problem about losing muscle especially lean muscle? What if I want to gain some more muscle because I am skinny, what do you recomend?

    • Craig Ballantyne


      Resistance training will help you avoid losing muscle. If you want to gain muscle, consume 300-500 calories immediately after training in addition to what you normally eat. If you need more, consume an extra 200-300 calories at breakfast.

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