Body Transformation Contest Winner: Catherine GordonWe’re back with the winner of the 2nd TT Transformation Contest, Catherine Gordon. We learned in part 4 one of the keys to Catherine’s success was having a solid support circle around her.

It may seem pretty insignificant, but you’ll understand just how important that social support is the next time someone either pressures you to have a bite of  cake or makes you feel badly  for eating a healthy salad at lunch.

Okay, so we know losing weight is not just about how you handle the good days, but it’s also about how you manage the bad days.  In today’s interview excerpt with fat loss inspiration, Catherine Gordon, you’ll find out exactly how she fought through her plateaus to enjoy her best body yet!


Craig: Now, there’s one other thing that you said, one really good line. You said you will have bad days and you mentioned that you have had bad days even when you won the contest.

Catherine: Yes.

Craig: Robin mentioned that as well. Even when she lost 34 pounds in 12 weeks there were days when you get a little off track. I think that’s a big message for people to understand that everyone gets off track and even the winners don’t go 84 days in a row without making a mistake or rewarding themselves.

Catherine: Absolutely.

Craig: The thing that you followed up with is that you have a BELIEF IN YOURSELF. If you believe in yourself  then you get back on track and then realize that there’s eight weeks left, six weeks left, four weeks left, and you can still do amazing things in whatever time is left.

It’s really such a small part of the equation of 84 days if you have one bad meal or even one bad day.

Catherine: That’s very, very true, Craig. I actually remember it was early on in the first contest,  it was around the time of my husband’s birthday there was this huge amazing chocolate cake in the house and oh dear, I think I ate chocolate cake three nights in a row.

Three nights in a row is kind of hard to come back from, but I did. You want to know what the secret was for me?

Craig: I’d love to know.

Catherine: Well, if you look at the three contests that I did, the first contest I won, the second contest I stayed with it, but I really didn’t get past the plateau, and then third contest I got down below that plateau to 123 lbs

The big difference between the first, the second and the third contest was in both the first contest and and the third, honestly, I NEVER missed a workout. I don’t want to frighten people off and say never miss a workout. That’s not what I’m saying…

…You probably can miss a workout and still win. I think that’s one of the things that even when I wasn’t eating right I always did the workouts.

I think one of the mistakes that I see people make sometimes, and I don’t know if you’ll agree with this, is that they’re trying to hit every workout so hard. Now, I understand and I agree with the philosophy of continuous improvement with every workout where you’re trying to improve making it a little bit better.

But, what has worked for me is that on days that I wasn’t feeling as strong, I gave myself permission not to work so hard.

I think the biggest piece of advice I would give people going into the contests is that on the days that you really don’t feel that you’ve got as much to give, don’t give as much, dial it back. Drop the weights way down if you need to.

There may be days when you’re doing squats or something, normally holding  two 20 pound barbells, I’d drop down to 10 or even five lbs. I think that’s one of the mistakes I see more of the guys doing than the girls. Sometimes I think they’re trying to push every workout too hard.

If you would just say to yourself, “Self, if I haven’t got as much today I’m just going to really take it a lot easier and then came back stronger in two days,” when you pick up the next workout.

Craig: That’s a really good tip there and I totally agree…

…I think that people will have a much longer shelf life in terms of them being in this contest and them extending their results and making these changes stick over the course of their life if they take into account that some days they’re going to be a little off on nutrition, some days they’re going to be a little off in training and to dial it back.

That’s a REALLY good point.

Catherine: Then come on strong later. I think another thing that has been very effective for me is to improve, and of course the reason I did so well is that I did improve. I’m looking at my biceps right now and I’m like, “Wow! Look at that.” and triceps and everything.

So, in order to improve you do have to FIND YOUR EDGE, but I’ve always felt that when you find that edge you don’t push it, you don’t break through it, you play with it. That means when you get into that pushup position and you’re doing those really good pushups and then you kind of play with it. You’re like, “Can I get one more perfect pushup out of this?”

You don’t say, “I’ve got to do 20 more.” It’s a sense that you play with that edge and keep moving it, but you don’t have to push it too hard.  For example, doing intervals on the treadmill, I’m constantly going, “Let’s see if I can push it up a little bit higher.” If it’s a problem it’s like, “Oops, no. That was too much.” Because it keeps it fun.

Craig: Sure.

Catherine: The only workouts during these challenges that weren’t fun for me were ones when I stayed up a little bit too late and overindulged the night before. Those are the only ones I didn’t enjoy, but the rest of them I pretty much have enjoyed every Turbulence Training workout that I’ve done.

Craig: That’s so good to hear.

Catherine: Music is really important for that too.Turbulence Training for Fat Loss


So, just to recap…If you want to ensure you keep progressing, be sure to dial it back when you’re not feeling at your best. But when you’re ready to push your body to the limits, find your edge and push it gently.

Transformation winner Catherine Gordon figured out what works for her body while harnessing the power of self-discipline. Jump to part 6 to learn great measurement tips.

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We’re back with the winner of the 2nd TT Transformation Contest, Catherine Gordon. We learned in part 4 that a valuable component to a successful transformation is having a good social support in place. This is something that cannot be overstated.
Being successful is not just how you handle the good days, it’s how you manage the bad days too.
In today’s interview excerpt with fat loss inspiration, Catherine Gordon, she shares with us how she handles the bad days as well as overcoming challenging plateaus.

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