images10So I promised you two transformation winners…and I’m giving you four. But first, I want to thank all 327 of you who entered the transformation motivation contest and told me how much transforming your body would mean to you. You are amazing for sharing!

I wish I could send everyone a Flip Video Camera and be there to personally guide you in your fat loss journey. That would be so cool to work with you everyday, one on one, and see you make those changes, get more energy, boost your confidence and watch you shrink right in front of my eyes.

It was incredibly difficult to pick only 4 winners (there’s no way I could have chosen only 2), and here are the remaining 3 contest winners and their entries (First Transformation Motivation Winner here).

The stories you are about to read are inspirational, motivational, and extremely passionate. weight loss workouts

Each of our winners represents not just one story, but the stories of dozens of other TT readers who I heard from.

And not only do I know that the 3 readers below will certainly change their bodies and their lives, but I know it is a certain fact that if you get social support and join the 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest that you will…

  • Lose stubborn, ugly belly fat
  • Get fit and improve your health for your family
  • Regain your FREEDOM
  • Dramatically increase your CONFIDENCE
  • And have the sexy body that you and your partner desire.

And as a few of you said, “Transforming means everything to me.” And I know you’ll have everything you want when you finally transform.

I look forward to hearing about your success. Please keep me updated on your progress.

#1 – Amy Wants to Be a Fit & Healthy Transformation Role Model for Her Husband and Son

“I can tell you that currently in my life I am at my highest weight. I am at 328 pounds. I was not even at this weight whern I was pregnant.

Why would I let my bod get so out of hand?

Two reasons really.

One I was eating because I was lonely.

I do not have a big social network to go out and have fun with just my son and my husband both who also happen to be overweight. So we would eat together but not do much else.

Second was the stress of my job, It was overwhelming I was working day shift and night shift and on call 24 hours a day. This made things even more stressful I needed to gain balance.

I have changed job and I have changed some things at home to cause balance so, Now I need to get the physical and mental balance of taking care of me as a person and that includes my physicial being.

My goal since i have done several 5k races is to move up to a to 10k or a sprint triathalon. I do not know how to ride a bike yet but I have one.

I can walk 5k and I can swim with the best of them( I grew up near or in water my entire childhood and have great joy when I swim)

What I need is a strong plan on how to acheive the goal because I am so goal oriented. My timeline to be down to a healthy weight is by mine and my daughter’s graduation next June.

Do you think you can help me. Transform not just my body but help me be a role model for my son and husband to get their life and body together.”


#2 – Janene Wants to Lose Fat, Transform, and Be Able to Live a Fuller Life with Her Family

“Transforming my body would be a dream come true.

It would enable me to be an active participant in my life instead of me watching my life from the sidelines as it passes me by.

This scenario played out this weekend when we (my husband, me & my almost 3 yr old daughter) went to a local fair with our neighbor and their kids. I watched from the sidelines as my “skinny” neighbor rode on the rides with my daughter.

I felt embarrassed and ashamed and wondered what my response would have been had my daughter asked me why I wasn’t riding the rides with her.

I know that at her age this is only the start of “fun times” that I am going to miss out on unless I get a grip, get healthy & lose weight.

I write this email with a lump in my throat & tears in my eyes. I want to stop thinking & obsessing about losing weight & start making it a reality.

As I read through other entries, I can soooo relate to what others are saying. And I know that we are all hoping to be picked as your contest winner.

If I am the one you decide to help, I just want you to know that I would dedicate myself 100% “to be in it to win it” & I would not let you down.

I know that with your help and expertise I will be a success story.”
Janene Currie


#3 – Greg Will Transform His Body for a Better Life, More Energy, and More Life with His Family

“Transforming my body for me means a better life.

It means no more pain in the knees and back. Not having to tell my kids that I can’t do karate with them, take them on a bike ride, go hiking, and all the things they love to do, and most importantly not having to see the disappointment in their eyes.

Not having to watch as their grandparents take them to do these things because I physically cannot for anything but a short time.

It also means setting myself as a role model for my youngest son who I see slipping into the same snacking routine that I have.

It means being able to sleep again.

It means actually using the weight set I bought because I am tired of being like this.

It means being able to not worry about the 250lb weight limit on things I want to do.

It means being able to enjoy my motorcycle again, something that I loved that is now too painful to do for long periods of time.

It means not having to shop in the big and tall section ever again. Being able to have a large variety of clothes to choose from.

It means getting back to the person I once was, getting back my engergy, my self esteem.

It means no longer looking in the mirror and that image alone making me grouchy and ruining my entire day.”
Greg Hoover


Powerful stories.

But it will be even MORE amazing to hear about their success after they transform their bodies and lives.

And I look forward to hearing about your transformation as well.

Please let me know how I can help you transform.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – The 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest starts Monday, May 5th…Click here for details.

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