Transformation Contest Winner: Catherine GordonYesterday, TT Transformation Contest winner, Catherine Gordon emphasized the importance of breaking plateaus in your training. So if you missed it, then head back to read up on How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Transformation.

Today, Catherine continues to share with us the keys to her success.  As the winner of the 2nd TT Transformation Contest, Catherine knows it isn’t about short-term changes. As you read on you’ll see that your continued long term success is about committing to a lifestyle that focuses on both healthy eating and  training.


Craig: When you switched over to Turbulence Training it was also I guess you would say a 180 from the way you were exercising before?

Catherine: Yes, it was. I remember being annoyed with you at the elliptical machine. I was literally annoyed at the idea that I was going to have to get on a treadmill or run up a hill. I’m not kidding.

Then I finally got over my stubbornness, and I said, “All right, I’ll get back on the treadmill.” What I realized is that if you’re not constantly in this low level of discomfort for an hour on the treadmill, if you’re doing intervals the treadmill is fun, it’s not horrible. If you’re doing intervals hills can be fun.

However, I really loved that elliptical machine, and that is why I was annoyed with you. I was reading posts from you saying, “This really isn’t the most effective.” I’m like, “Oh, stop it.” So, I think sometimes there are areas where you have to GIVE UP your stubbornness and that’s one thing that I would love to say to the beginners.

If you want to find the key to your success maybe look at your faults.  There could be a success in the things you are resisting. This might be a pretty good thing to leave people with.

Craig: Absolutely.

Catherine: Look into the stuff that you don’t want to do and try it.

Craig: Yes, the mindset stuff is so important. Is there anything that we haven’t covered? We covered the visualization, the goal setting, how important that stuff is, how important it is to do some self-reflection, how to prepare yourself for your success and not let sabotage come in.

Wow, you’ve done a really good job. You’ve got a different way of looking at the mindset stuff than even I have, I hadn’t even thought of a couple of those things. Is there anything we’re missing out here?

The program can be written as good as can be and the diet can be, you can even prepare all the food and do all the shopping, but if you don’t have the mindset things aren’t going to be as great as they have been for some of our winners. So, anything else you want to add there?

Catherine: You’ve done those funny videos where you can’t out train your bad diet, but I think that the key is in the exercise.  I know a lot of people would argue with me about this let me tell you why it’s in the workouts.

The workouts, that you’re doing in the workout spills over into your life. Exercise cuts depression, we know that. There’s a study that came out that said exercise is as good as the drugs, maybe even better. So, what’s happening is if you do the workouts it will spill over into the rest of your life.

In other words, by doing the workouts you’re going to be able to stick to your nutrition better, because you’re going to pump up your endorphins, your hormonal balance is going to be better, so even though you can’t out train a bad diet, you’re training allows you to STICK to a good diet.

Why is it that the people who don’t regain the weight are usually the people who keep exercising?

This is why. So, although I think it’s wonderful of you and very humble of you to say, “It’s really 80 % nutrition.” Certainly there are many programs that succeed that are based on nutrition, I’m thinking of the ones that celebrities are doing, those are nutrition based programs.

If you look at who is succeeding five and ten years down the road it’s the exercises. I don’t know if that’s the only thing we haven’t covered, but ultimately you find a diet that works, but it’s got to satisfy you and you’ve got to be able to stick to it. I believe with the right kind of workouts, like interval training, really getting the body going. This helps you stick to the nutrition.

Craig: Yes. Like you said, it’s a domino effect of the benefits and everything from that and also what we talked about earlier before, having some of that playful activity come back into your lifestyle. So, those are some of the most important things to help.

One of my last questions was going to be how do people make these changes stick in their life beyond a 12 week transformation program, and being consistent with the exercises is obviously one of the big ones then.

Catherine: You’ve got to find a way to MAKE IT FUN; you’ve got to FIND A WAY TO LOVE IT

You really do. I practically love doing these workouts.

The other thing is I love the “in between activities.” I’m doing yoga three times a week, whenever I can, and I love doing that. That’s the thing; you’ve got to find the love. It’s that, what is it, Nike? Do you have the love? That’s it.

If you can find a way to love it, start out with finding a way to like it, then it’s yours and you’ll own it and you’ll keep doing it. But, I do think that is the key to keeping it in your life and keeping fitness in your life.

Then the other thing that you’ve got to connect it to, I think I wrote this to Robin when she won, I think I wrote to her, “That is a fabulous body. Now, what are you going to do with it?” I think she went out and she bought a belly dancing costume.

It’s funny, but the thing is if you can find a way to CONNECT fitness to the purpose of your life somehow then that’s when you’re really going to own it and that’s when it’s going to be yours for the rest of your life. So, once again, it’s connecting what you’re doing here in the contest to the way you want to live the rest of your life.

It’s wonderful. It’s wonderful what it does for your relationships, it’s wonderful what it does for your relationship with yourself, and it’s changed my life. I’m doing so many things this year I’m like, “Oh my goodness, is that me? Am I really going to do that?” Its like, “Yes, I am.” It’s being willing to let it change your life.

Craig: Yes. You’re such a great representation of everything that you mentioned there and everything that we’ve been trying to help people achieve. Going back to what I said before about I love seeing people doing things that they may have given up for 10 years, because they thought they were too busy, too tired, too whatever to do them. I really like that.


Okay, we’ll be back again tomorrow with part 9 where Catherine’s shares with us some activity on her day’s off that she really love to do.

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