I know it’s a lot to ask for one email, but I’m hoping you’ll let me do a little bragging AND offer you up a challenge – one that gives you the chance to win $250 of my money.

First, the bragging.

Possibly the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life is to have created my own version of the classic fitness “Before and After” fat loss transformation contests.

(These contests are ‘kind of’ like The Biggest LoserTM show you see on TV, but people use my workouts on their own.)

We just finished up our 10th contest, and it might be the best contest we’ve had yet.

I’m extremely proud of all of these folks, and I want to:

a) Show them off to you

b) Explain how you can use something similar in your business

c) Have our own “Before and After” contest here at Internet Independence (but don’t worry, it doesn’t involve exercise)

So FIRST, I’d love for you to drop by this website and vote for the winners of our 4 categories (Men and Women Over 40 & Men and Women Under 40).

The winners of each category get $1000, but we need YOU to vote for them and help choose the winners. (NOTE: If you read this after Friday, April 15th, you’ll likely get re-directed to our final results page.)

I guarantee that you’ll find their stories to be extremely powerful and inspirational.

SECOND, did you know that a transformation contest might be able to work for you in your business?

You might think it’s impossible, after all, you might not be in the fitness industry.

But when you think about it, you could easily find a way to have some type of transformation contest in the following industries:

– Home remodeling (perfect for real estate agents & interior decorators)

– Dating (yes, I’ve coached a guy on using contests in his dating business)

– Fashion (makeovers, obviously)

– Any health niche

– And even business building

Which brings me to my THIRD point, and our Internet Independence website business transformation contest.

Here’s what we’re going to do…

We’re going to have a “Website Business Before and After Transformation Contest”.

In this 6-week contest, I want YOU to show me how you’ve dramatically increased your sales, or your email list size, or the number of affiliates promoting your product.

It’s simple to document…just take “before photos” (screenshots) of your email or shopping cart accounts before this Friday, April 15th (the official START date), and then again on May 27th, the official END date, and then email in your photos along with a 300-word description outlining the action steps you followed.

I’ll choose two winners…hopefully one beginner and one advanced. Each of the two winners gets $250 of my money.

And hey, everyone can use an extra $250.

But if you don’t win, don’t be too upset, because chances are you’ll have taken more action in the next 6 weeks than you have in the last 6 months (thanks to the power of the deadline motivating you to take action).

So to sum up, here are the RULES:

1) Take before photos of your account (you can get free screencapture or screen recording video software online)

2) Take massive action in your website business over the next 6-weeks to get more traffic, more newsletter optins, and more customers

3) Take after photos of your account

4) Write up a 300 word (minimum) report on what you did to achieve your success

5) Reply to this email to submit your entry before the end of day on Friday, May 27th.

That’s it.

Sound fair enough?


I look forward to sending you a check. (If you win, obviously.)

Oh, and you want to know the dirty little secret about transformation contests?

A lot of people start, but only a few finish.

So if you’re an action taker who sees things through to the very end, you already have a great chance of winning.

Who knows, out of the 5823 people that read this email newsletter, we might only have 2 entries.

But hopefully we’ll get 25 or even a lot more. I know that this contest will inspire you to action as will the success stories that are generated over the next 6 weeks.

So I challenge YOU to show me what you’ve got.

I have $250 waiting for the winners,

Craig Ballantyne

“To get what you’ve never had, you’ve got to do what you’ve never done.”

“The fine print”:
No purchase necessary. As there’s nothing to purchase anyways. All winning entries will be required to answer a skill testing question. That skill testing question will be, “Do you want $250?”. By entering this contest you promise to “be cool”, share some tips and agree to let us use photo evidence of your progress. By not entering this contest, you agree that you have no right to complain about anything, ever. Oh, and you also agree that I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I may not have been clear about that yesterday.

But seriously…
Let’s have some fun. Let’s be cool. And let’s all see what we can accomplish in the next 6 weeks. I hope this lights a fire under your butt and gets you to take massive action.