Transformation Contest Survey – Win a Flip Video Camera!

female weight loss success storyI just want to let you know that I believe in you.

I believe in your ability to make incredible changes in your lifestyle, your health, your fitness, and your body in the next 12 weeks.

I know that you’ll be able to do more than just lose belly fat and inches…

I know that you are going to completely transform the old you into a new you…

I know that you will become someone with more confidence, a stronger self-image, someone with the power over food and control over cravings.

In fact, I know that inside of you is an inspirational role model that can motivate and inspire thousands of other people just like you to transform their lives and bodies as well.

You’ll discover that NOTHING can get in your way. robyn3

You might even lose a record amount of fat (over 34 pounds!) AND be able to quit smoking, like our last TT Transformation Contest winner, Robyn, was able to do in just 12 weeks.

You’ll discover NOTHING can stop YOU!

Transforming your body in the next 12 weeks could be the most important thing you do for the rest of your entire life!

And to prove it, all you need to do is take the first step…

…and that first step is to simply tell me:

What would transforming your body and lifestyle mean to you?

– Better health?

– Better relationships?

– More energy?

– Less fatigue, frustration, and even depression?

– More confidence?

– Even more “sexyness”?

I can’t wait to hear what transforming will do for you!

Just answer this question in the comments section below and you’ll be entered to win this “TT Transformation Inspiration Contest”.

— “What would transforming your body mean to you?” —

You have 3 days to enter your comments below…the contest ends Wednesday, April 29th at 11:59pm EST. fat loss book

There will be two grand prizes awarded, and each includes:

1) 1-Year Platinum TT Membership

2) Flip Video Camera (so that you can film your incredible fat loss journey during your 12 week Turbulence Training Transformation)

Prize #1 – This will go to the best beginner Transformation entry. Maybe you haven’t started your transformation yet. Maybe you aren’t even convinced that you will try. But deep inside of you, you know that you want to. I want to hear your story. So that’s category #1.

Prize #2 – This will go to the best Intermediate/Advanced Transformation entry. You’ve lost some weight already, or you’ve even done a Turbulence Training Transformation Contest before…and you want to share your story to inspire and motivate others to give it their all and transform today! I’ve heard so many powerful transformation stories in the last year, and I want to hear what the Transformation means to you.

All you have to do is tell me what Transforming Your Body will mean to you.

male transformation contest winner – Does it mean finally overcoming a fat loss plateau?

– Does it mean that you will win the war you’ve been fighting against your body fat and eating habits for 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more?

– Does it mean that you’ll have the chance to show to everyone who doubted you that YES, you CAN succeed?

– Does it represent another challenge in your life that you want to overcome?

– Does it represent a return to the “real you”, the fit, fun, and fabulous you that you have been neglecting for years while you worked too much, ate too much, and gave all your time and energy to others?

Whatever it means to you, please let us know. Just post your story in the comments section below.

Don’t be shy!

But hurry!

The contest ends Wednesday, April 29th, 11:59pm, EST, and I’ll announce the winners on Friday, May 1st.

I look forward to hearing your story.

I know it will be powerful and will inspire other folks just like you to transform their bodies and lives as well.

Be proud of what you can achieve,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS – The next Turbulence Training Transformation Contest starts on Monday, May 4th, 2009.

Click here for the rules of the 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest

  • Mark

    It’ll mean that I can, for the first time run around at the beach this summer without feeling self-conscious. During the past year, I’ve been hitting all time highs in my weight but during the past month, I’ve lost 10lbs after discovering your blog. I have another 10 to go, but I’ve definitely hit a plateau. Looking forward to some turbulent training so I can finally enjoy a summer at the beach!

  • I dont know if this falls under these categories, but it’s something that I’ve achieved through using TT workouts and eating right and Im still working towards my final goal, but heres my story on getting back in shape and transforming my life.

    Gaining It All Back

    We’ve all been there before. That point where you think to yourself, “Ok, I’m going to lose some weight and get back into shape.” I have caught myself thinking this for the last couple years, only to fall over and over again in attaining anything that I wanted. I was expecting fast results in the quickest time possible, but not willing to make some of the sacrifices that it takes to actually lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, and live an active lifestyle. I had it in my head what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there, and definitely wasn’t ready for the lifestyle changes that you have to adapt in order to reach a weight loss goal and in general, living healthier.

    About a year ago, I was once again thinking the same things I’ve thought so many times before. “Ok, I’m going to lose weight and maintain and live a healthier life.” Being one that had enjoyed numerous competitive sports growing up and enjoying anything that had some competitive side to it, I had actually found myself in a new spot that I hadn’t been before. I had a fire in me for gaining back what I had lost.

    When I thought about when I had played sports and was active, I remembered how I felt about
    myself. My enjoyment for life, my social life with friends and family, and my overall love for life in general. It was in thoughts like these and self realization, that I knew I had to make a change.
    I met a friend that was encouraging when I shared my thoughts and how I felt about things and she played a huge part in encouraging me along the way and keeping me accountable, and she actually deserves way more credit than I think she knows I give her for helping me reach goals I never thought I could reach. Both physically, mentally, and spiritually as well. I also got back into contact with an old friend whom I spoke briefly to about weight loss and he shared with me his successes and failures and was very open and encouraging as well. Darryl also shared with me what he had used to help him along his journey of weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. He introduced me to Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne. You should definitely check this out at: Turbulence Training

    I can honestly say that with this program, for me anyways, and the people around you to hold you accountable and encourage you along the way, you will be successful and your life will change.

    I started this program at 250 lbs. I was in shock. How did this happen was my first thought. I knew now though, that I had the dedication and the people around me to keep me on track and help me along the way when I needed some encouragement. Recipe for success.
    I remember first starting out doing the bodyweight exercises and barely being able to get through them. One set that is. Not the entire workout even! I knew I had to stick to it, as I had a goal in mind of getting back to where I once was. With little landmarks along the way, you can have success along the way of reaching small goals, on your way to your final goal.
    I have continued on the TT workouts and have acquired a taste for healthy eating as well. No more fryer fast foods that I had become so dependent on. I had a goal in mind that I was going to hit, and nothing is stopping me.

    Mind you, along the way there have been times when I’ve failed and missed days or ate things that weren’t a part of what I had planned. We all do. It’s the part of you that can acknowledge you failed, and instead of getting down on yourself, you can look yourself in the mirror, think to yourself, “Ok, I can brush that off and there’s a new day.” That’s the new part of me that I hadn’t had before. In previous failures I would get so down on myself that I wouldn’t pick myself up and keep on going. I would simply give up because that was the easy way out. You gotta be honest with yourself and be prepared to push yourself in areas and ways you never thought you could. It’s the pure enjoyment of knowing that you just did something, that before in your head, that thought would never come in as even being possible.

    I am still on my way to my goal, but have lost 30 pounds in the few months that I have been on the program, and have changed my body greatly. I’m not yet at my final goal, and I have failed myself many times along the way, but I have the proper mindset and people around me that encourage me and share in my successes and failures and that means everything to me. I am always ready to push myself in places I never have before. To reach higher and push harder. I have a goal that I will reach, and an image of myself that I will have.

    I am now the happiest I have been since I remember playing sports when I was a teenager. I wish I had have known what the human body is capable of when we put our minds to something. I now have that excitement about life back, the enjoyment of everyday waking up and being able to share it with friends and family that are around to support me on my journey. I have my social life back to where it used to be. I am happy and outgoing with my friends again, not someone that feels down on themselves all the time with little to no self confidence. I am a new me and continue to push for my final goal, as I know I will hit it. And when I do, I know it will be a feeling like none I have had before.

    I want to encourage everyone out there that has ever thought anything like this or just wants better for themselves. I encourage you to be realistic with yourself. Look yourself in the mirror, and as hard as it is, say what you don’t like about yourself. Know what you want to change and know why you want to change it. I did this and it was extremely hard, but I knew I had to face myself before I faced anyone else or any type of challenge that would require something from me that I didn’t even think I had in me.

    If you want to lose weight, YOU CAN DO IT! Trust me, if I have done it, anyone can. It will change your life, I guarantee it. I haven’t even reached my final goal yet, but I am a new person. I have gained something back that can’t ever be taken away. A love for myself again and a joy with life that I lost along the way due to simply not caring for myself in the way I should have. You will gain back everything you’ve wanted for yourself and more. Just realize what your capable of, know why you want to change, and be prepared to push yourself. And when you fail, because you will, know that its okay, and you can pick yourself up and keep pressing towards your goal. You have to know where you’ve been to get where your going. So be realistic and honest with yourself.

    I would highly recommend the programs set up in Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne, and have a good support group around you. Share your goals with everyone you can. I found this very helpful. I told everyone and anyone I could about my new plan to lose weight and change my lifestyle. This made it much more challenging and rewarding, as I had people always asking how its going along the way. Many of whom told me I wouldn’t do it, which really makes you want it so much more. So I thank all the people that tell me I cant do it, cause it helps that fire burn stronger. Don’t get discouraged. Stay positive, and work your tail off. Like I said, if I can do it, anyone can. Also, have some people around you that will encourage you and celebrate in successes and be there when you fail too. You need it. Friends are something that I have found played the biggest role in this other than myself.

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Darryl as well for suggesting the TT programs and the advice he has offered along the way. It truly has changed my life, and I can’t wait to hit my final goal. I encourage anyone that wants to lose weight to do it. You will be a whole new person in everyway when you start to become who you want to be. I hope this helps in some way, and I will continue on my path of a healthier life and losing weight, all while gaining back what I lost along the way: my life.

  • Vanessa

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”

    Transforming my body would mean….
    ….I would be experiencing life instead of watching it go by
    ….I would be confident to wear a swimsuit in public
    ….I would be comfortable being naked with my husband
    ….I would be proud of myself
    ….I would be fun, outgoing, happy & glowing
    ….I would be the real me!

  • Andrew Lowry

    It would mean that I can be the best martial artist that I can be. It would mean that I could kick butt of the young and fast 18 year olds in tournaments. It would mean that I could pump out 12 chin-ups with ease. I could run a 6 1/2 minute mile. I would be the strongest and best shape of my entire life. All of this as I turn 50. A half century old and stronger than many men half my age. That is transformative and very powerful.

  • Everyone generally focuses on the 1 of 6 dimensions of health, that being physical. They want to look their best -or- ‘have a ripped abs’.

    To me, transformation to me would be:

    Social – increased ability to interact with other individuals well
    Mental – better able to process information and act properly
    Emotional – ability to cope, adjust, and adapt to problems we face
    Spiritual – belief in some force or dynamic other than humans (God).
    Environmental – Internal and external factors.

    A balance in all dimensions, as well indeed physical, promotes total overall wellness. A more abundant life. Satisfaction through greater means then physical shape alone. Slow and steady wins the race, for a life time of health and wellness.

  • Raheel

    Transforming my body would mean….

    I will live a more healthier and happier life. Enjoy more exciting moments with my family and kids. Add a few more years to my life by being Transformed for it. Enjoy Turbulence Training till i drop dead!!!

  • gilbert

    It would mean – I would have enough energy to work at a steady pace during the day and then still enough energy to be active in the evenings. It would mean – I no longer have a donut belly. And, it would mean – I could get up early and enjoy the early morning feeling awake and alive.

  • Julie

    Transforming my body would mean extra confidence in myself because I’d know I was being true to me. It would also be nice to know that my husband, who already says I’m sexy just as I am, really has something sexy walking next to him when we got out. Plus the health effects go without saying.

  • what it would mean to me to transform my body:

    that I will not be addictaded to food any more
    or to the things that made me over weight in the first place. Eating family size bags of chips to myself and drinking 2 liter bottles of pop to my self.
    I want to be fit and healthy for my son. He is 10 months old and very active. I want to be able to keep up with him and play with him
    and to be healthy and live long to see him grow up. Also it would be nice to fit back into all my regular clothes and not wear my maternity clothes any more.
    to say that I have reached my goal weight and lost xx amount of weight to have people tell me that I inspire them to be healthier and to just feel good about myself and to be able to live in my own body and be proud of the way I look. I have always been over weight and unhealthy so this would mean the world to me. To be in the best shape of my 33 year old life.


  • Richard

    “What would transforming my body mean to me?”

    Simply; another half century of years and the good health to enjoy them!

  • Vince

    It is really simple it would been the chance you can rock it any way you want. It is about feeling good in your own skin and knowing that I am taking control for my life in a positive way that will benefit me and those around me because I will be better for them as much as I am for myself.

  • jay

    It would mean overcoming a long-time limiting body image and getting into the best shape of my life at an age when most people are becoming resigned to losing power instead of gaining it. It would also mean gaining knowledge that I’d like to share with others in the same position.

  • peter g

    transforming my body is a process i am in the middle of doing, i am in the process of lowering my body fat percentage , i want to get into the single digits, and hopefully around 3-5 percent. i have always wanted to be leaner but due to weight programs and dieting for basketball i have been unable to do so, but now that i no longer am playing basketball in college i am changing my eating habits, changing my weight routine, and running every day. i see ryan reynolds and want a body like that, something i can be proud of. i want to know that i am living life, not wasting it by playing xbox and smoking weed like my friends. i go out and take care of myself, and in the summer when i look great and have girls staring me down i will feel damn proud of the work i put in, and i will hopefully inspire my friends to stop being so lazy. that is what transforming body means to me

  • Natalie Bonas

    I would have a healthier body, more positive outlook on life and much much more energy!

  • preysingh

    it was wonderful, amazing experience

  • Em

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”

    Being able to be myself without thinking about how I look like…
    Walking (or even running?) on the beach without feeling self-concious…
    Being healthy and feeling it…
    Being able to do any physical activities without doubting my abilities…
    Feeling more confident to approach a potential lover…
    Being proud of myself and knowing that my body truly reflects my personality…
    Feeling strong and safe…
    Being able to travel by myself, without the need to worry about my physical boudaries, because it just wouldn’t have any…
    Teaching my kids how important it is to keep fit and healthy in showing then the example…
    Being inspired and having time to invest in other things than worrying about my shape…
    I guess it turns around confidence, pretty much. I just know I’d feel much better : )

  • It would mean that I would back away from the borderline Type 2 diabetes that threatens me and I could sleep without disturbing my wife with my snoring and I could get in the pool without feeling self conscious and I would probably get a better job. It’s a proven fact that overweight people are not treated fairly in the workplace.

  • April

    It means actually getting off my butt and getting my butt off! It means feeling better about myself, improving my intimate life with my C/L “hubby” and getting whatever dress I want for our wedding next summer. It means proving to myself that I CAN set a goal and complete it. Robyn is my inspiration …. I have said over and over again that I am going to do this – and this summer I want it to be my BIGGEST goal. Fulfilling this will help me to strive to better myself in many other aspects of my life too, I am sure. I am truly ready to take the next step and then continuing to step through every other door that opens after this.

  • Evan

    Well… As for what the transformation could do to me.. I say it could change how everyone who thought that my childhood chubbiness would never go away wrong. I want to prove everyone wrong but without motivation it can be hard. I know in the back of my mind that I can do it and that I need a change in my diet.
    I want to be able to take my shirt off with out being embarassed or be able to talk to someone without being shy because of my shape but to be confident in anything and everything I do.
    These opportunities don’t come around often and when one is in front of my face as it is now, I need to take control of my life.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my story-ish.

  • Usman A.

    Transforming my body would mean that I wouldn’t feel like utter crap every time I see a picture of myself. It would mean that I won’t feel nervous about approaching the girl I like because I would think that she’s looking at my double chin, instead of my face. Or when when she hugs me, I wouldn’t worry about whether she feels how fat I am, but be able to hug her back. It would mean that I can walk with my head held high, or wear a t-shirt, instead of layering up because I’m worried whether anyone notices my “man boobs”. It would mean that there is one less reason for me to be depressed. That even though I haven’t accomplished much, I’ve done something worthwhile. It would mean that I’m not a complete failure.

  • Talyn

    I am not overweight, but have never reached that point in my efforts that would allow me to feel fantastic in a swimsuit. Some might look at me and say I have nothing to complain about, but it is unfair to assume just because someone is “thin” they are happy with the way they look and feel. I am grateful to be in good shape and have good eating habits, but I have yet to take it to the next level. To be able to walk down the beach with confidence not wearing a sarong or wrap, would be a dream.
    I want to feel strong enough to do more than 5 pushups at a time (and not on my knees). Most importantly, I want to be an inspiration to everyone I encounter, and have them know that it is possible to be an everyday person, (and not a hollywood starlet) and look and feel AMAZING, without the trainers, chefs, and hours in the gym.

  • Carol

    Transforming my body would mean I could stop reading about exercise and nutrition and start putting it consistently into practice. My knowledge base far exceeds my action base. I could call myself fit, healthy, strong, someone who sets goals and achieves them in spite of all the trials and tribulations of life that try to come in sideways – those things we always use as excuses not to do something. It would mean I would be a role model to my children in terms of setting goals, sticking to them, and showing them what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.

  • Rosa Sabatino

    Hi Craig

    Transforming my body and lifestyle would mean the following to me;

    Firslty it will prove that l am capable of acheveing and succeeding in my goals, learning and believing that impossible is NOTHING!!!!

    looking at myself in the mirror – and seeing a toned, lean sculpted body staring back at me – knowing YES l did this YES l am in control of my body.

    Gain more confidence socially.

    Keep me on track with nutrition & excercise : nutrition + exercise+ positive outlook and determination = RESULTS.

  • TJ

    What would transforming my body mean to me? It would mean that the life I’ve dreamed I could live wouldn’t just be a dream anymore! It would mean that even though I’ve managed to lose almost 60 lbs since January 2008 that I would have finally broken a 9 month long plateau! I still have about 40 more lbs to go. It would mean that I finally lost all the weight gained over the last 15 yrs! It would spice up my marriage! Transforming my body would mean that I could finally begin a career doing what I feel so passionately about, which is helping others become healthier. I want to be a personal trainer. I told my family in January 2008 that I was making some changes in my life. I was committing to exercising and eating healthier and I did! And I’ve applied a lot of what I’ve learned to my entire household! We don’t keep junk in the house anymore! Transforming my body would mean that they would see that although my results didn’t come at a speedy pace, that I didn’t give up and I pushed through, but I did push and got the results I always knew I could achieve! I’ve been inspired by so many awesome people that have transformed their bodies and by transforming mine, I would be able to inspire someone else. Maybe that mother like me that thought she would just “settle” being fat? I’ve decided not to “settle” with where my body is now. I will push through and I will reach my goal of a leaner, stronger me. Transforming my body would mean I would be one step closer to helping children learn how to live healthy active lives. My mind is already there….the only choice my body has is to follow!

  • nj

    —What would transforming body mean to me?—

    It would mean that I would look as sexy and ripped 23 years old woman as my 40 years old husband…

    The thought that my husband might be embarrassed of me just kills me, which he of course denies. But I want to look in great shape so that me FIRST OF ALL and then him would be proud of me.

  • Transforming my body — in this case, stripping away the accretions of adipose tissue that mask what had once been a healthy, athletic physique, regaining what had once been superb levels of energy and endurance, and relieving my heart and other vital organs of the increasingly dangerous burdens they’re currently bearing — would mean I could give more love and attention to my wife and six children.

    My life expectancy would improve, my vitality in daily activities would increase, the zest and enthusiasm I display toward my family would grow, and every worthwhile undertaking I’m involved in would benefit dramatically.

    Until about three years ago, I was in exceptional condition for a man on the cusp of middle age. I was heavy, but owing to a very good program of calisthenics (focusing on high-rep workouts supplemented with hill sprints) my cardiovascular health was superior, as was my muscular endurance. This was all the more remarkable because I have a very sedentary job.

    Then my wife suffered a severe health setback that left her repeatedly hospitalized. This meant, in effect, that I became a single parent to a large family of young children. I was working full-time while being a full-time “mother” and father.

    A few months later I lost my job.

    Since that time I’ve been a freelance writer and editor trying to support my family with a radically reduced income and no health insurance. My wife is doing better, but I’m still working a wrap-around schedule.

    Since July 2006, my workouts have become scarce, my diet has deteriorated, my sleeping schedule has become chaotic, my stress levels have grown exponentially — and the results are quite visible in the dramatic, unhealthy weight that I’ve gained and my all but incurable chronic exhaustion. Even when I have the time to exercise, I generally don’t have the energy to do so.

    A few years ago, I regularly competed in Judo and wrestling competitions, even though I’m on the wrong side of 40. Now I’m seriously concerned that I may not make it to 50 unless some dramatic improvements are made. My wife depends on me as an in-home caretaker. If I weren’t here, she most likely couldn’t make it. On more than a few occasions she’s said that she couldn’t care for our children without me.

    There are scores of tangible benefits I would enjoy from transforming my body. I would fit into my nicer wardrobe once again; I could economize by buying some of the nicer clothes we find in consignment and thrift stores. But beyond matters of couture or considerations of vanity my chief motivation now is to regain the necessary health and strength to care for a family that simply can’t do without me.

  • Daniel Gatto

    It would mean to me reaching my goal. It would mean feeling good, feeling like I can do anything, like I am the man! It wouldn’t just be what it meant but what I would live day to day. Picking up computer boxes would be more easy and my coworkers would look on with envy. Woman would give me more attention and would see the brilliance of me being ahead of the curve in working out. It would mean more energy and better decisions. It would mean more confidence, more self respect, and a more enjoyable life. It would also mean being someone who others would now feel motivated to ask fitness advice or at least someone who would motivate people to get off their butts and workout!!!

  • D. Redman

    it would mean the world to me..i know i have it in me to change,but i keep hitting a wall and stopping, i need that extra extra push, i feel i have the perfect body that would be amazing if i could just get it together,,my will is off & on and i think my lifeless & loveless marrige has a lot to do with it.and kills my drive.(started again without weight will keep you posted…i won’t give up …i’m 6′ @285 gut, lovehandles & man boobs are biggest problem(i’m 46 can this change at this point in life , if i could only get to the 6 week make i feel i will be on my way)..pleaseeeeeee help me….

  • Roy Nicholson

    Transforming my body would would improve my health, improve my performance, enhance my appearance and allow me to live a more enjoyable and more productive life.

  • D. Redman

    Contined…ps…i’m going to give the 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest a shot,,,wish me luck….

  • Roy Nicholson

    Transforming my body would improve my health, improve my performance, enhance my appearance and allow me to live a more enjoyable and more productive life.

  • Jason

    Winning this prize would mean the world to me, literally. Over the last year, i have had a terrible streak of luck. Early last year, i had paid $70,000 up front to attend this trade school and they suddenly closed their doors, filed BK, took my money and ran, and i am left responsible to pay this back. I was fortunate enough to take out $25k more to finish what i started, graduated, got my first job, then as the economy continued to crash, i lost my job. At the same time i lost my long time girlfriend. Since then it has been impossible to find a job in my line of work and i have been unable to keep up with my bills. I since lost my car, lost my gym membership and am so broke i wont be able to pay rent next month. To top it all off, i took what little money i had to go down to San Diego for a job interview in late March. While there, i borrowed a family members car to get there and while i stayed at a friends house that night, the car was stolen along with all my stuff in it. I had to borrow money just to get back home. So thats that. As for the working out part, i have been following TT since middle of last year, but due to this mess, i have been unable to purchase the program. Everytime i came up on some money, it had to go to rent and bills just to keep a roof over my head so i have been scraping by on your free workouts you post every once in a while. In my line of work, body weight is very, very imortant. (Im a pilot in light aircraft so they are very weight sensative) When i started flying 2 years ago i weighed 230. With a change in diet and very moderate workout routines, i managed to get down to 200, but have been stuck there for the last year and a half. My ideal body weight for my overall health and confidence, as well as for optimal performance in my job is 180, so i need to drop another 20lbs. Winning this prize would give me a fresh start and something positive to work towards. I would be able to have all of your incredible workouts at my disposal to use at home since i no longer have accsess to a gym. Winning would give me the tools i need to get down to my goal weight and move forward in the right direction with my life. Plus not to mention it would give me a serious boost in confidence to get over the heart break of losing my g/f and to go out this summer and show the world who the real me is!! Craig, please take my story into consideration when reading through all these replies and know that if you give me the opportunity of a lifetime, you will see me transform from a down and out depressed guy, to a very fit and confident dude ready to take on the world with a vengance!! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this mess….

  • Dee

    Transforming would mean freedom. For so long I’ve felt imprisoned by my own self destructive yo-yo. I lay awake nights condeming myself. My days are saturated with thoughts of food. My ever increasing weight is on the edge of my every thought. It is my stumbling block. It is my crutch. It is the horder of my self confidence. It is the anchor that pulls me under. Transforming would be salvation, breath…light. Transforming would give me life.

  • Ber

    Well….I could say a lot of reasons why I should win. I’ve always been the guy with zero self esteem, struggling with my identity and trying to fit in a tough world. Since I can remembered, I’ve been wasting my time like a truly couch potato, I did some activities like any other child but my laziness stopped me. Now that I’m in college, I’ve done everything I can to get a fabolous and fit look. I do a lot of cardio, crunches, abs I pay a lot and haven’t seen the results I’ve looking for. Having transformed my body would mean ALL to me, not wearing a shirt all day at the beach hiding my body, flirting with ay girl I want, improve my self esteem by a lot. I cant even imagine going to the beach or the pool and showing my amazing body!! That’d be the best!

    I believe its not a magic thing, it involves so many things, mainly its up to you. In order to achieve something you have to stay focused and resolutely make an effort, make a promise with yourself and to have a goal, that amazing body you’ve always wanted and you don’t know how to achieve it.

    I’m grateful to guys like you, Craig, that share all your knowledge with people from all around with a same goal: a great body, and the best, you believe in every guy or girl who asks you, because, I suppose, we all can make it, we all have abs, as you’ve said, we just need how to show them, burn all that fat.

    We live in a world were image plays a quite important role, and by having a body you are not ashamed to show, definitely reflects your perfectly comfortable with yourself. This will chance my live a lot and improve me a 100%, thanks in advance

  • Cyndi

    “What would Transforming Your Body mean to you?”

    It would mean the absolute world to me. I recently became a widow & just barely am able to get out of bed & perform the minimal requirements to live, much less put out any type of effort to get myself in shape. Also, I have struggled for more than 20 years with my weight, & my parents stay on me about what I eat, how much I eat & when I eat. If I were to win this contest, it would be a “bright” spot in my sad life right now. Thanks for the chance to win. – Cyndi, 44, Columbu, GA

  • Transforming my body would mean:
    The adoring stares of my friends and neighbors.
    Getting in and out of the car easily.
    It would mean not being afraid to ask for intimacy.
    It would mean having a 6 pack abdomen, and positive comments from my lovely wife.
    Being able to run for miles as I did as a teenager.
    Fitting in the clothes hanging in my closet for the past 5 years
    Playing basket ball with my kids and grand kids.
    Crawling and playing on the floor with the grand kids.
    It would mean having full energy and never getting pooped out halfway through the day.
    It would mean confidence and pride, and additional self esteem.
    No longer cowering with timidity, but taking leadership.
    Enjoying life with lifted spirits.
    Looking good and having an exciting lifestyle.
    Getting 3 times as much work done in a day.
    Full energy to contribute to community services.
    I would probably be out there proclaiming and demonstrating the benefits of a transformed body.
    Wow, I can already feel the energy soaring just planning this.
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity.


  • Chetan Bolar

    What would transforming my body and lifestyle mean to me?
    First and foremost – SELF REALIZATION!!!
    It will mean not only transforming my outer Self – but also my Inner Self – the physical strength/body transformation – will result in a GREAT NEW PERSON – with a inner strength of humbleness and humility – where, I shall reach the potential of what God actually made Mankind for! Ultimately we are all Spiritual bodies, living a Human Experience.
    It will prove – that 5 decades of body abuse can still be arrested and brought back – to our Ultimate Goal – the realization of Our Gift Of God!

  • Dusty O’Tyrrell

    I would be alive and well.
    Keep the camera. That’s not what I need.
    The Platinum Membership? Yes

  • amanda

    I have 3 kids, I am a full time student, I am a member of our national guard, and I also have a “civilian” job, all of these things require, no demand, time and energy from me. Transforming by body will mean a great many things to me. It will mean that the demands of my busy life won’t overwhelm me. That my children will still get to play with me rather than me watching them play while I sit and watch, too tired from carrying around extra weight.I will be a better role model for them to see a happy healthy adult. I know I will sleep better and feel more energized. I will be able to concentrate better on my studies allowing me to finish my nursing degree. I will look better in my uniform. When I finish my degree I plan to apply to become an officer and I want to be in excellent physical ability for that school.I also hope to attract an amazing man that I know I deserve to add to my family and either I don’t let people see how great I am because of my own insecurities, or because they can’t get past my weight issues. I am tired of feeling sloppy because I wear baggy clothes to hide my weight. I want to enjoy dressing up, I want to enjoy tank tops.
    Transforming my body will also allow me to successfully complete a half iron man which I have already registered for to take place on August 16th.
    Transforming my body means to me the golden opportunity to transform my life for the rest of my life.

  • Dewayne

    It would mean that I could reclaim some of my life back.

    In 2001 I came back home to Alabama to care for my elderly Mother who had a fall and was in the hospital. I was back for a week when I was hit head on by an 18-wheeler. I am lucky to be alive. I spent almost a year in hospitals and another year in a wheel-chair. The trucking company that the truck belonged to went bankrupt so I was financially devastated, left disabled and with over a million dollars in medical bills. The worst of it was that due to massive internal injuries I was left with diabetes. Three years with no activity left me with weight I cannot lose which worsens the diabetes.

    Losing weight would help with my diabetes and in turn make my day to day life more bearable through the ability to exercise more. I feel quite sure it would also help with my mental attitude and give me back some of my feeling of self worth.

    So the short answer is it would literally mean a much better life for me.


  • I have lost just on 35kgs (~80lbs) since September last year and that was phase 1 of me “transforming my body”. I am as fit as I have been for 15 years but now want to transform my body into being lean, strong and defined.

    Transforming my body would mean for that I can once again be entirely proud of the person I am. Part of the transforming myself also means that I can be the Father to my children that I should and want to be and can teach them by example the virtues of living a good and healthy life.

    And to be perfectly honest it would also give me a buzz to be looked at for not being the fat guy but the “cut” guy!

    But in all seriousness it would also mean that can truly have the life I would admire in someone else. And once I transform my body it will be the life I deserve!

  • Jo

    Hmmm…What would transforming my body mean to me?

    Health, confidence and beauty from the inside out.

    I believe that transforming my body is not just about the physical but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well. My physical is one piece of the puzzle. I find if I am not feeling great in my body then other areas of my life are affected drastically! I believe in the connection between mind and body and so transforming my body would also mean transforming all these other things!

    Transforming my body would be fantastic!

  • David

    “What would transforming your body mean to me?”

    One word: Life.

    Just had the doctor read me the riot act. Get fit or get dead.



  • Garry

    It would mean …
    you know … that feeling deep inside when you achieve something special … yes that one.
    You know … when you touch the tipping point and you know a new life is opening up … yes that one.
    You know that by achieving the transformation it is the difference that makes the difference to a fantastic journey

  • Transforming my body would mean nothing is impossible. I have conquered my biggest challenge; getting fit, feeling energized, trimmed & toned, looking better at 50 than I did at 20. I want to climb the highest peaks spreading the word out to everyone that if I can transform my body, so can everyone else. Everything is possible when you look good, feel great & have the confidence to tackle anything & everything. Don’t wait for a magic cure pill…..make the decision to transform your body with an awesome 30 min workout & the magic happens naturally!!

  • Kelza

    To me it would mean proving to myself once and for all that I can do it, I can take control of my life, my health, and my fitness. That the chance gain more confidence and more energy didn’t die with the last failed attempt. I know that deep down I can do it, I just need to prove it to myself

  • Peter C.

    Since exercise is a form of therapy and stress-relief for me, transforming my physique would be a bigtime boost to my self-esteem. I’ve been training for 19yrs now, and through trial and error I’ve figured out what works for my goals, and how to help others also achieve their goals. Staying in shape helps sell my abilities to help others get in shape as well.

  • Transforming my body is something that I’m having a hard time finding words to describe, but I’ll try. It will mean being able to start right now by not putting things off. In 12 weeks, being able to look back and see new habit patterns being built, new thoughts, new desires, new cravings… It’s an unbelievable thought. I’ve considered it for far too long. In 12 weeks, being able to say, “I started doing things different 12 weeks ago, and I will never go back to the old me…” sounds astounding. It will mean that right now I will make one decision for the better, continue making that one decision, and building onto that more decisions for the better. It will mean, as Bill Phillips has said, knowing what I have to give up in order to get to where I want to be. In the Scriptures, it looks like Luke 14:28-30: “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, “This man began to build and was not able to finish.”

  • Kevin Blakeley

    Transforming my body and lifestyle would not just change my life but would also affect my family. My son who just turned six received a heart transplant when he was 11 weeks old. Now that he is getting older, taking care of his body will be more and more important. While he has developed good eating habits, I don’t want to be a bad role model for him as he grows up.

    I have a desk job and do very little activity throughout the week, and over the years I have developed the spare tire that many 30 year old men develop. I have been following your blog for quite some time, but have never been able to establish a good routine for my workouts. It’s time for me to stop making excuses, and start making progress. I want to transform my life so that:

    -= I can be a role model for my family when it comes to diet and exercise
    -= I want to have enough confidence that I can go to the pool this summer and enjoy myself
    -= I want to strengthen more core to help with my back pain
    -= I want to eat better so that I have more energy

    Thanks for all your words of wisdom over the months, now it’s time for me to put it into action!

  • Transforming my body would mean a whole new lease on life, a chance to start over after years of caring for others and placing myself last on the list of priorities and basically just sort of letting myself go. I cared for both my parents prior to their passing, and now I am a full-time live-in caregiver once more. I’ve placed my life on hold for many years, and I’ve vowed that when my time on this assignment is through, it’s time for me to have a life that for years has been on hold. It would mean a renewed sense of accomplishment, or self worth, rejuvenation, almost like a rebirth … more energy, more stamina, a chance to be at the top of my game after years of fighting what has at times seemed an unending uphill battle … I’ve been blessed with good genes in the sense that at nearly 60 years of age, my face has nary a wrinkle and people say I look 10-15 years younger, but then there’s my body and the excess weight is not only aging me physically, but with no health insurance, I worry about my health and want to make sure I can live to see my grandchildren get married and have their own children …….. I need to bring down my blood pressure and cholesterol and insure that I can be as healthy as I can. I also want to be a good example for my daughter and my grandchildren and have them be proud to be seen with me. I want my body to match my face and my young-at-heart spirit.

  • David Repetowsky

    It takes a real storm in a person’s life to make me realize how much worrying/loss of confidence and more that I have done over the squalls. The storm is here….I am 80 pounds over weight and refuse to worry any more….now I am transforming myself to a body health level that eliminates all the “squalls”, the early and continuing fatigue, the pot belly, the double chin, and two wardrobes……it will indeed be a sunny day when I get my body back to the warrior level that it was 15 years ago.

  • Chasey

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”.
    To “transform”.The word ties in with my two daughter’s favorite action character’s “Transformers”!How wonderful it would be to transform my body as quickly as those figures do!However,in the real world,they are “robots”,I am “human”.I have allowed my body to transform from one that I was proud of,to one that I am currently not.I used to wear a bikini proudly at the beach just 12yrs ago.Now,I shudder to think of putting one on.I was 123lbs before becoming pregnant with my first daughter (in 1999 at 35yrs of age).I am now 145lbs.I have allowed myself to become non-active.Something I am not proud of either,especially because I have two young daughter’s.To transform my body,yes,to “look” better no doubt.But far moreso,to take my body from being in-active for the past 3yrs,(since the birth of my second child) and become ACTIVE again.To not continue to make excuses, NOT go for a walk,to NOT go to the park,to NOT go to a pool,to NOT go for a bike ride,etc.I am tired of making excuses.I am tired of feeling tired.I want to become STRONGER.Not only in body strength,but also in MOTIVATION!I want to be a shining example for my two young daughter’s,not a sorry excuse.I allowed myself to fall into a “rut”.But I am climbing OUT.I started changing my eating habits about two years ago.But even moreso in the past two weeks.More fruit/vegatables/nuts/green tea.Have taken bread/pasta out.Started Craig’s beginner bodyweight workout last week.Have also ordered a kettlebell workout dvd and kettlebell.I am SO enthusiatic about training with kettlebells!I’m currently looking for a ladies “Cruiser” bike.No more excuses that Mommy can’t go for a bike ride (with husband and daughter’s) just because she doesn’t have a bike!I have mainly focused on my children for the past 10yrs.(The loss of my first daughter’s twin sister in my 31st week of pregnancy and three early miscarriages thereafter,are what I now realize caused me to become not only a fiercly protective Mother,but as well,an in-active one).But now I realize,that I have to start focusing on myself,in a way to make myself BETTER in every way.Not only for my benefit,but for my husband and daughter’s benefit as well.How I feel about myself,has a direct influence on how I act/react/think and feel.Therefore,I want to transform not only my body,but transform my MIND (to be more motivated),my ATTITUDE (to be more positive) and my PHYSICAL STRENGTH (to be more ACTIVE!).
    This stay at home Mommy is walking away from the couch & computer chair and the EXCUSES,and now heading into a NEW WAY OF LIFE!Craig Ballantyne is who I can credit for causing the “spark” to be re-ignited within me.His simple yet effective exercises and nutritional information have me looking forward to waking up every morning!I look forward to physical training now,because I’m starting to feel the strength within me again!And I can only get stronger from here on in.This Canadian Mommy is thanking Craig Ballantyne and “Turbulance Training”,not just from me,but from my family.Because we are ALL going to benefit.EVERYDAY,IN EVERY WAY!

  • Catherine

    What does transforming my body means to me? That’s a good question. Actually, I started writing about this before, before I read this. Transforming my body means, being able to walk up a flight of stairs or walk to my mailbox and back without huffing and puffing and when I get in my home not laying on the ground feeling like I am going to die. I want to feel healthy. Loosing weight and transforming my body, I would only do to be healthy. I don’t just want to loose weight to look skinny, no that’s not it. I want to be healthy, feel healthy, be able to have energy. I am on lots of meds for different reasons. And these past 2 years been going through hell. Because of the meds I gained 50 pounds, but gained weight before than. I want to transform my body from what I am now to amazing. To overcome the weight gain, to overcome my “illnesses”. I want to feel amazing and look amazing. I want to be like damn I made a change and the best change ever. Transforming my body is for me not for anyone else. All those people who thinks I couldn’t loose weight. Well, I am NOT doing it for them. I am doing it for me. To just have a good body and be able to do lots of things. Like exercises, I can’t do now. Lifting something tires me out, so to have a transformed body, to be able to be stronger and healthier I would be able to walk a mile without sitting down a million times. So, all that means basically, transforming my body means the whole world. I want to get out those words in my head that I can’t do it and their’s no way I can be what I want to be because I am in the worse shape ever. I just want to look healthy, be healthy, stay away from those diseases you get from obesity. I want to not be those million of obesity people in this world. I want to be able to go to the gym with my aunt and be able to walk or even RUN on the treadmill. Right now, I can’t even walk 10 minutes without falling apart. I guess that answers what a transformation would mean to me. I want to have confidence I have never had. I want to be like yeah I am healthy yeah I am beautiful INSIDE and OUT. I want to feel beautiful all around. I want to be healthy and push that depression away. I want to be depression free. I want to look at all the doctor’s who thought ECT electric shock therapy was my only answer and that NO I could have a transformation and get away from depression. Maybe I won’t have a mental illness anymore, maybe my life will be better. A transformation, means the world to me. It would be the best thing to EVER happen to me. So, I sat here and I just wrote whatever came to my mind. If I win this contest or not, I gave my all in this answer.

  • ajit

    well ! for me this would mean to be like how God created us to be – pure & powerful and not what we have gradually made us out to be over the evolution.

  • Brad Wicks

    Transforming my body would mean no more injuries due to being out of shape. It would mean getting back to my goal weight and regaining muscle I’ve lost through injury, laziness and poor diet. It would mean I could take my martial arts skills to the next level. My self confidence would be returned to where it was years ago – Cross Country running and Hockey three games a week. It would mean I could retake control of my life and regain my motivation. Most importantly, it would allow me to exceed in my job as a Police Officer and give me the strength and the confidence that will keep me coming home safe every night.

  • Nita

    Transforming my body means learning how to become my healthiest, improving my confidence, and adding years to my life by not succumbing to diseases that typically plague my ethnicity and family.

  • Transforming myself would mean:
    I would be happy, confident, wear smart clothes, feel sexy, my husband might see me in the nude for once, I would have heaps of energy to do things with my family and friends, I wouldn’t be depressed, I would live longer. The most important thing is that I would not have a heart attack by the time I’m 50!!! It would mean that I would be passing on the most important transformation of all – teaching my two children to eat healthy food, to exercise and to love it and their bodies – what more could I wish for!!!

    I could wish for clothes that are not sacks, looking 10 years younger than I am, being fit and oh so happy and able to achieve so much in my life. I would be able to tell other people how I did it and try and encourage them to do the same. The list goes on and on.

    A transformation would change my life and it would probably save it too!

  • Mark

    I have nine children. My eldest has just completed his third year of junior hockey as a goaltender. Some of the most enjoyable times have been playing beer league with him in the summer. (He plays out to relax after playing the season between the pipes.) I’ve been overweight most of my life, although twice since high school I have reached my optimal weight. I am now about 130lbs overweight. At 49 years old, this extra weight is making it harder and harder to participate in sports with my kids. Transforming my body would mean I could share the same joy with my baby (seven months) and younger children that I have with my eldest. In this world, family is everything. It’s tough to be a good family man if you’re not in shape.

  • Stacy Hermanson

    To win the platinum membership would be fantastic. As a single broke mother of 3, who has returned to college to change my career to become an RN and it would mean I can be an inspiration. An inspiration not only to my 2 teenage daughters and my 7 year old son about what is healthy and good for you, but also my patients and co-workers and friends. Working 12 hour shifts over-night with eating and sleeping skills all over the place, exercise has taken a back seat, but I want it to be up front, I want to have ENERGY to be a mom, worker, student, friend, daughter. I want to look amazing in shorts, a bikini – anything. It would boost my morale and help me get through the long days and nights of being a single parent who is working and going to school, trying to “keep it all together”

  • “What would transforming your body mean to you?”
    Hi Craig,
    Thank you for the opportunity given. I believe my answer would not really be the usual answer one would expect in a forum such as this. But here goes my answer:
    Craig, just look at the world around us, how humankind, clearly the most intelligent beings on this planet are doing a billion times more than any other life form alive, to destroy not only the planet but also all life forms in existence on earth today. In every country on earth man is destroying not only himself but also this planet without which we vanish into oblivion.

    Getting back to your question “What would transforming your body mean to you?” Both, all those who contribute to this rampant destruction as well as all those who are waging a losing battle to stop this mass slow but sure suicide have to work together using their brains to maximum efficiency. Therefore clearly and obviously we essentially have to take extreme care to ensure that our brains are maintained in extremely good shape. Is it not?

    But the purity and efficacy of our human brains have a direct and vital bearing on the absolute good health, vitality and maintenance of each and every organ, muscle and tissue in are bodies, whatever our ages maybe (by the way Craig, I am only a ‘crispy’ 65+, a bit of a nut according to my beloved wife. Which other 65+ will be doing plyometric burpees, elevated push ups, advanced push ups, try squat jumps and – horrors- play with a huge exercise ball in our hall?) Please forgive me wondering off. But I believe if every human being really and I mean really cares and transforms our own bodies to extreme effectiveness thereby supporting our brains to the maximum capacity possible, we will globally realise that mass suicide by destroying our planet is a no no answer. Will it not? Forgive me Craig, I am cutting this short. So my answer, a collecting transforming of our bodies physical and mental, mine as well as every man’s as well as woman’s will save not only each one of our lives, save this planet but it will also release the full potential God intended humankind to have. The next step would be the stars. So Craig keep up the great work, who knows you may be the next messiah:-) God be with you.

    PS. Craig all that is a lot of work, how about a beer when I am in the States next?

  • Sharron

    TRansforming my body would mean I could get back to work faster!! I am a Personal Trainer and this is the best website I have seen, Turbulence Training should be taught in schools and ever Trainer should join Turbulence Training. TT also gives me the motivation when I feel tired and unwell.

    I have gained so much weight over the past 8 months from 2 ovarian cancer stage 2 operations, and the following 6 cycles of chemotherapy. I am slowly training once again and I follow all TT’s exercises and advice, but I want my fit body back so I can train clients the TT way, run marathons again, and just be proud of myself for having a slim, fit, body AND fit into my jeans again.

    Every person who has competed in the competitions should be very proud of themselves, I know how hard the work is to get back into shape. Training the TT way is the best and most efficient way to get back into shape and to regain your healthy lifestyle.

  • darius sohei

    it’ll mean that i can feel confident and compassionate helping others overcome their own limitations. it’ll mean that my structure can support my aspirations. it’ll mean real strength and balance with every breath.

  • This would give me a new lease on life.

    For many years I have been battling a weight loss problem, albeit I hav been somehat more successful in the last few years.

    But, I ahve another issue that terrifies me and that is a family history of colon cancer. After a great deal of research I have read a lot about this and other forms of cancer and many studies have shown that especially with colon cancer they believe there is a link to a proper diet and being fit. My Grandmother died from this and now my sister is fighting for her life.

    My goal has always been to help others and I have a website that I am trying to build up here in Israel to do just that, help others. If I was to receive the tremendous gift I could devote my energies to it’s continued growth and helping others to achieve and sustain a happy healthy family environment.

    For more details you can contact me via my website:


  • Laura

    Transforming my body would mean that I would look like the person that I feel like on the inside. I know that I would have more energy, better health and more confidence to be ME!

  • Anna

    This would tranform my whole life completely!

    I have so many different dreams and aspirations, many ideas running through my head as to how i would like to be living but the lifestyle i lead now is only touching the base of this whole world i have envisioned in my head. I am satisfied with things i do in my life now but feel there are so many aspescts to myself and to life that i have not experienced and/or explored as yet and feel like i am ripping myself off to a life i could be happily living!
    Maybe what i have in mind is a bit too adventurous, to give an example, i would really love to be able to travel and to feel confident and sexy in my body. I even had the idea of going to New York where i would try and have my art work displayed, not that i have been working on anything at the moment as i feel is ol=nly a dream. I would even like to audition for an acting role in something even if it didnt broadcast, but to put myself through that feeling confidently is something i only dream, and thats where it stays, i dont have any acting backround but would love to experience all this.
    And thats just an example of a few things in life i would like to explore and express about myself but just let it sit in my mind.

    A transformation in my body image would not just be a transformation in that, as i know, confidence and inner stregth and will comes with all that too and it is those qualities that i desire to have, transforming my body in the process is a fantastic bonus in the process!

    I better not go on much longer, although there is so much more i could write about this. Thanks for your time 🙂

  • Yanisa Wud.

    It would mean that my body will be lean and my metabolism will be increase than ever with healthier than present. I’d tried FAST5 to lose my weight with cardio exercise before but the result is nothing. I can’t lose any weight, I tried it for 6 months. So I search the other ways to lose my weight cause my body fat up to 32% on my 143 pounds with 1.62 m. height. My posture is fully of stuck cellulite especially on lower body. I can’t wear my skirt, jean, swim suit for a long time ago. If I lose this fat out of my body with lean muscle, I’ll proud of myself with confident. And this will be inspire my mom to lose her belly fat too. I want to change my family, neighbors to be healthy and happy in life with the right exercise and dieting.
    At present I read a lot of get rid of fat. There’re lots of advise on dieting, exercising. But I don’t know what is the right way to do. When is the right time to exercise for leaning and toning muscle. I don’t have any expert to ask for. And I don’t have any budget to buy any supplement or ebook.

  • Scott Roddick

    Transforming my body will mean:
    That I can do a push up or plank without flabby skin hanging off my gut.
    That I will finally rid myself of any fat on my abdomen.
    That I will achieve the goal I set for myself last October.
    That I will be training smarter: working less but with higher intensity.
    That I can prove to my kids I can be as buff as Jason Statham.
    That I will be at the peak of health and performance during my 35 year old
    That I will have increased my lean body mass which will support my overall
    health for years to come.
    That I will stop searching for techniques to break through my plateau.
    That I will eat a maintenance caloric intake for a change.
    That I will enjoy cheat meals a bit more and not be such a diet nazi.
    That I will use the time spent tracking my intake doing something more enjoyable.
    That I will prove to myself that I can achieve any goal I set for myself. By and large, sticking to this goal of losing that last bit of flab (and I mean last bit…..currently at 9% BF) has been one of the hardest challenges I’ve had in recent years. And to think it is self imposed!
    That I will look in the mirror every day and be proud of what I have

  • Kavita

    -It would mean that I can look great in anything I wear and make the clothes look great instead of hiding behind tent and full sleeved clothes
    -It would mean that I care for myself and give myself the importance I need rather than putting other people before me
    -It would mean I can be active and and fun
    -It would mean an end to laziness and procrastination
    -It would mean being the best me ever 🙂

  • It’ll mean I can start buying clothes again. I refuse to buy new clothes at my present size, so I live in tights and t-shirts. It would mean I could get back into my 2 piece bathing suits that I have worn all my life, but would never dare put on now in public. I would feel lighter, more athletic, more in shape, and could show off my arms like Michelle Obama, not to mention my legs, too. My arms did look like that once. When I was 30 lbs less and not doing a durn thing different from what I’m doing right now. It’s just the extra wieight has totally hidden the muscle. It would make it so much easier to hold in my stomach and stand up straight and proud. A transformation would do the world for me. I am working on it, though.

  • kaura

    Being a caretaker of a big-for-his-age and strong, 11-year-old autistic boy, I need strength. My dear son is not violent, he’s gentle by nature, but he has meltdowns occasionally and I have to be strong enough to protect him and the environment when he loses control. Excercise also makes me sleep better and it’s the greatest stress and mood “medication” there is with no bad side effects! The thing is, I don’t have time to think about excercise and I cannot commit to any courses with set hours. I do some free weights at home and cycle everywhere, but this isn’t efficient enough. I think I need a program to be able to develop.

    I’m happy with my nourishment (over here in Finland it’s easy to get real food from the grocery stores) but I want more strength and stamina so as to be able to handle this demanding life with a full-time-job and a severely disabled kid. Of course it would be an added bonus if this 41-year-old lady started look lean and mean 😉 It would be excellent to use a sleeveless top in the summer and show off a pair of muscular arms. (Think of Linda Hamilton in Terminator II, wow!) More energy would also mean more quality time with the DH 🙂

    Thanks for this question! I hadn’t really written out the whys until now, I just had some vague thoughts about health etc. I feel much more motivated to go and find ways to enhance my workouts already.

  • orlando

    What would transforming my body would mean?
    lots of things came to my mind when i saw that question
    but at last i got the answer.
    It would mean the life to me.

    why? its easy.

    i would never be second when it comes to girls anymore.
    i would be pretty more confidence about my elf with the girl i like and with everybody .
    no one would ever call me choby again.
    i would finally prove people that i could overcome my genetics
    i wouldn’t be so nervous about taking off my shirt ever.
    it would mean that the years that i have been working out finally paid me with the body of my dreams
    i would mean not just being healty but FEEL healthy
    looking myself at the mirror and actually like what i see.

    So again why do i say that it means te life to me?
    Because i would be a NEW me, someone confident and proud for who he is.
    I would be HAPPY

    Thanks craig for reading this and for helping me and so many people with your workouts.

  • It would mean one simple word for me…Life. I have every major medical condition that is associated with being overweight. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and I have even been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Every doctor I have seen advised me my best medication would be a complete transformation of my current lifestyle. With this transformation I could achieve my ultimate goal and that is to just simply live. Enjoying a long lasting life surrounded with my family and friends is the only benefit that I would love to attain.

  • phil

    I’d be happy being fit, being healthy, and being able to wear a T-shirt. If I could just lose about 30lb I’d be happy.

  • For me, transforming my body means one word, FREEDOM.

    Freedom to wear everything I want and not focus only on dark colored dresses to hide the unsightly flabs. I love white and blue, all the colors really but my body type limits my color choices.

    Freedom from the self-concocted excuses I make – “I am just big boned” or “It’s difficult to be fit after kids” or “I’ve always been on the heavy side”.

    It means freedom from the unending scrutiny of my family members as to why I can’t lose weight even 5 years after my daughter’s birth. My other family members are all fit (they do sports a lot) so I am the ugly ducking of the pack.
    I am tired of being referred to as fat or pregnant by my friends even if I am not!

    I want the freedom from all these ugly comments.

    Needless to say, the freedom I am talking about also means the freedom to choose – whether to continue with my inactive lifestyle and crap eating habits and stay fat or to take action or to maintain a healthy and fit body that looks less horrifying. I choose the latter because if there’s one important thing I learned during the first weeks of doing TT, it is that no one can solve our weight problems for us.

    While social support and a good exercise program is great, we have to take/initiate action and be responsible for our own selves!

    I started to use Turbulence Training in my workouts and I have never seen such change in my body as now! The workouts are short, fun (I can’t believe the day will come that I’ll equate the words exercise and fun) and so very doable even with my 6 day work week. I have been in and out of the gym for the past 10 years and never happy with the results. I run on the treadmill and do weight training without rhyme and reason. I have hit the dreaded weight loss plateau and became depressed. “Will I never be able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again?”

    With Craig’s Turbulence Training, I am enjoying a week by week steady weight loss. I started TT at 168 lbs and after 8 weeks, 160 lbs. That is 8 lbs lost – something that wouldn’t have happened if I chose to live the pre-TT life.

    Now, to others 8 lbs in 8 weeks is not much but it’s the biggest loss I’ve had had in all my life so allow me to be happy and proud. I have still a lot to lose but with Turbulence Training I am positive that I can make it this time and I know I wouldn’t mundanely walk in that boring treadmill machine again, looking blankly ahead and thinking if I will be getting the results I want!

    Being in the TT program also requires a lot of discipline and lifestyle changes. It allows me to focus more on what I need to eat to sustain my health and not just make my taste buds happy. I said goodbye to temporary sugar rush. I look at my body and have seen changes that were never there before and finally, I can say, I am on the pathway to success, for the first time in ten long years.

    I have waited so long and I won’t trade this for any chocolate bar!

  • For the last few years, my life has been a bumpy ride. I’ve had many disappointment about not achieving some goals; not just about transforming my body but also about other aspects in my life. When discovering about the Turbulence Training program, a part of me felt relieved and was given new hopes to give myself another chance. Before the amazing discovery I was depress and I had very low self-esteem. But just after reading all that was sent to me in the Free program; I felt new, and ready to begin. So, if just reading about it makes me feel this good… I’m ready for the journey of transforming my body. Not because it will give me the body I’ve always dreamed of having, but also because I believe it will boost my self-esteem and give me the strenght to get back on my feet again. Afterall, when you are young, you should feel young, and when you get older, you should feel younger. Transforming my body will help me change my life, not just physically but also for everything of which I live for.

  • Angela

    The confidence to be seen and to start being apart of my life and living in it!
    Instead of being a spectator and watching it go by without me.

  • clare

    Transforming my body would mean the freedom to allow myself to be who I truly am, that hidden magnificence that has been hiding for far too long. It would give me the self esteem to achieve the things that, at the moment, I feel I’m incapable of doing and being,,,,,, to be confident, sexy,happy,energetic and greet each morning with hope for the future. It would truly transform me from the hidden Clare to the Clare out there!!

  • As you can see from my blog I am currently undergoing an attempt at transforming my life, albeit unsuccessfully at the moment. Changing my body shape for me would be huge. Thos times when you walk into a room and everyone looks and you get so self concious would disappear. The baggy shirts I buy to hide my man boobs in the summer would be no more. Playing with my 5 year old daughter and being out of breath after only a few minutes would be a distant memory.
    I have started to take small steps but would appreciate any help I can get. I think being overweight plays on yur mind so much. So much thought and effort goes into avoiding things. I would love to be able to start again, get myself back to the start, to my ideal body weight. then i can start again. I dont want the ideal body, just a skin i can be happy in. And the knock on effect is that if i am happy, then my wife is happy, and my daughter is happy, and there happiness means the world to me.

  • Nicola Griffiths


    Well, transforming my body, would mean an overall acceptance of myself. I suffer from a very low self esteem, and I believe that if you feel that way, and don’t love yourself, then nobody will. I’ve recently split with my husband, and being a single mother of three, I do feel run down, and need a change in my life, and I think a body transformation will enable me to conquer most of life’s problems.

  • Murray

    At age 56, I have been working quite hard these last two years, and although I have now obtained a muscluar body and good strength I just can seem to loose a few kilos of love handles which detract from me having the body I desire. Therefor for me a body transformation would mean that I could compete in Grand Masters Body Comp when I am 60 and blow every one away.

  • Leigh Ellen

    What would transforming my body mean to me…

    Well, getting ‘life’ back – more energy, more motivation, more of the old me! I was pushing my shopping trolley at the supermarket this morning with my two year old in it, feeling every one of my (almost) 42 years when another woman jogged past to get whatever she needed. I looked at the obvious energy she had, the smile on her face, her great figure and I couldn’t help but see the difference between us. So transforming my body is really about transforming my life – giving me the energy to keep up with three small children, the motivation to try new things and push out of my comfort zone, and the ability to take whatever life throws at me in my stride!

    I used to do martial arts – I’d love to have the strength and energy to do it again….and man would I love the body that goes with it! I came home to find an email from TT waiting for me. I subscribed a few months ago, and have always found a reason to procrastinate, but that just means I’m stuck in a hole with a body that does NOT make me happy and clothes don’t don’t fit me properly anymore. NOW is the time to start!

  • Marianna

    Transforming my body and lifestyle would mean the world for me. Literally, a new life! I could gain back my self-esteem totally crashed by an abusive relationship – from which I finally had the courage to leave. I could find myself again and show everyone that this is the brand new me, ready to conquer the world and turn a new leaf in my life! I would be the strong and brave woman that I know still lives inside me and just waits to be revealed.

  • Jane

    Transforming my body would mean :

    Being able to look in the mirror and like what I see
    Being able to complete a 12 hour shift without my knees aching
    Being able to run 5K and 10K races
    Looking, feeling and being strong physically and mentally
    Being able to continue to motivate others and have them see it works just by loooking at me
    Being able to prove to myself that I can do it
    Being able to wear a two piece on the beach and be proud
    A whole new wardrobe
    Knowing I would be healthy on the inside

  • Candice Verwey

    Transforming my body would mean i have finally reached a goal that i have dreamed of doing for a very long time! It would mean that i have become healthier than i have ever been, and maintaining my physique would slow the ageing process we all have to one day go through! It would change the way i feel about myself, more confident in the way i look, for people to go WOW…what have you been doing? It would mean i could feel proud of myself for achieving my lifelong goal of looking the best i possibly could and achieving optimal health, through and exercise plan and eating plan!
    I want that muscle definition, sculpted body…I WANT IT!!!
    It would mean i could finally enter a physique competition, which is something i have always wanted to do.

  • Eric

    I would feel more confident and outgoing, relaxed, more sociable and friendly; more proud of my appearance, age.

  • Candice Verwey

    I want to be the Extraordinary not just the ordinary!!

  • Transforming my body and lifestyle would mean everything to me – it would litteraly mean getting my life back.

    It would help me get my BMI from Obese to Normal.

    It would help me lower my current body fat percentage of 28.9%

    It would help me decrease my current waistline of 104.5 cm

    It would help me increase my current VO2MAX of 30.49 ml/kg/min

    It would help me lower my current LDL Cholesterol of 4.61 mmol/l

    It would help me increase my current HDL Cholesterol of 0.89 mmol/l

    It would help me reduce my current triglyceride level of 2.75 mmol/l

    All these numbers that I had recently measured was a real eye-opener for me.

    It’s one thing to look at your belly hanging out and then suck it in so it doesn’t look that bad.

    But what these numbers revealed to me was that my health is in a much worse state than my waistline suggests.

    BMI, body fat percentages, cholesterol, triglycerides and VO2MAX just doesn’t get any better from sucking in your tummy.

    Spending the past 15 years as a programmer/IT consultant have really turned my body from powerful and fit to pathetic and fat.

    Transforming my body would help me get rid of the pain/discomfort I have in my left shoulder/neck/upper back region.

    Once the pain is gone and that part of the body is stronger I will be able to start running again.

    I ran a lot when I was young with the longest distance being half-marathons in my early twentees. For the past 15 years I haven’t been running at all and every time I’ve tried started running again I’ve had to stop after a few days because of shoulder/neck/back pains.

    This time I will not make the mistake of starting running before my shoulder/neck/back is strong enough to take the “abuse” from running.

    Once the running is in place I will be signing up for a 13.4 kilometer run in October that I used to run every year (and I want to beat my PR), then a half-marathon in November (beating my PR again) that I’ve also run before (a nice flat course along the shoreline) and finally I’ll be ready for my first full marathon in 2010.

    When I was young I used to get up early, run a few kilometers around a nearby lake, ride my bike to school, spend a few hours every afternoon delivering flowers by bike, play soccer with all the local kids, attend extra gym classes arranged on our school twice a week and be active one evening per week as a boy scout – and I was full of energy the whole time and never felt tired.

    And at the age of 40 I want to get to that level of activity and energy again.

    I want to get back some of the self-confidence that comes from knowing that you have a fit and healthy body.

    I want to ooze of mental and physical surplus.

    I don’t necessarily want to look fit and muscular, but I guess it’s a side effect of getting fit that I’ll just have to live with 😉

    I want to wake up before my alarmclock goes off and smile while I put on my running shoes before going for a refreshing and life-confirming morning run.

    But the most important thing is perhaps that I want to set a good example for my kids.

    I want to show them that there’s always a way to live better no matter how many bad decisions you’ve made in the past and how many bad habits you’ve gotten into.

    I want to run with my kids and beat them to the finish line to show them that fitness doesn’t automatically have to decline after you turn 25.

    P.S. I just realised that writing all this down is perhaps the most inspiring and motivating thing I’ve done in a long long time.

  • Lin

    It would mean the belly fat is gone, but more importantly it would mean a better chance at having the numbers (cholesterol, bp & glucose) under control so the medications can go! At this point (middle age) the health component is more important than the visual.

  • Kate

    It would mean that I would become physically, mentally and emotionally free…enabling me to live my best life and therefore giving my children the best chance ever at doing the same.

  • Sharon

    One word…..freedom.

  • To regain my body shape when i was 20 .and i believe that am healthy and have more energy and also am comfortable i in my clothes and am a good example for my children to follow me to have a good lifestyle .cause am the one who exercise in my house now they do exercise i can see i can change the world cause my daughter in law exercise too my grand children. amazing dont you see the trainer of my family.

  • Ajaya

    It would mean that I would be able to lead a better and meaningful life

  • kelly

    It’ll mean that i can stop doing more than 4 hours of cardio a day. It’ll mean that I can have confidence in myself, especially since i’ll be leaving for school in august. Ir’ll mean that i can wear a bikini with confidence. i can have my head up high. i went through na eating disorder my junior year in high school and it still haunst me. TT will help me over come my selfesteem and depression issues. Most of all it’ll give me the body i’ve always dreamed of.

  • “I’m 41 years old. It’s been too long. It’s time to find out who “me” really is. It’s been too long. It’s time to enjoy being “me”. It’s been too long. “It’s time to be “me” x

  • Jeremy

    It would mean many things to me. First it would mean better intimate relations with my wife. It would also mean a better self image for me. I have struggled with self esteem issues my whole life because I have always been shall we say large framed. I have been studying jujitsu since the age of 13 and started in the adult class. My first sensei was a strong man who taght his arts relying on upper body strength and not core strength. The sensei I am with now is half my body weight and manages to throw me around like a rag doll. That is because he throws from the core. Building a solid core using your systems would allow me to do this also which is important in my career. You see I am a correctional Officer and many times have to break up fights between two or more inmates. These imates tend to be quite well built since all they have to do all day is workout. The transformation you would help me obtain would mean so much to me on so many levels.

  • Shelly Newcombe

    It would mean that I would finally like myself after years of trying to “transform” myself, not just in body but in mind as well! It would mean that I would no longer get discouraged/angry when shopping for clothes, especially for a swimsuit! It would also mean to me that I could be more intimate with my husband, after all, if I do not like the way I look , why would he even though he says he loves me the way that I am. It would mean that I can finally be happy in every aspect of my life.

  • Dave

    Transforming my body would give me the confidence to be role model to my young daughter Tia on how to live a healthy, fun, active life.

  • Puneet

    Transforming my body would be like planting a “lush green jungle” on a junk yard coz’ that’s how i was treating my body before deciding to turn myself into a fitness freak….i’ve started the journey and am sure i’ll reach the final goal soon 🙂

  • Sallie Moore

    It would mean that at the age of 52 I will have finally achieved the dream to be in shape, to be healthy. As I approach my 53rd birthday I walk with a confidence that has been dormant, I can look in the mirror and like what I see. The years of struggling to lose weight and get in and remain in shape will not have been in vain. At my age I am in better shape than women half my age..I can do a split 🙂
    As an overweight teenager and young woman I was the butt of many people’s longer, the jokes have stopped. Yes, I did it!

  • Mojca

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”

    I would be girl of my dreams.

  • Dave

    I’d be happy that I could play soccer, ultimate disc, and pick up my kids without worrying about pulling a muscle or tweaking some body part. At nearly 50, I want to remain as active as I’ve been throughout most of my life, but I’m finding that I need to train hard to pull that off! I’d be very happy to remain active!

  • sathya prakash

    transforming my body would be like being immortal so that i can make all those other bodies of near and dear ones, which are dying due to the day to day use and abuse, to become immortal which is the beginning of true life and real revolution of the family and society which is an extension of the family.

  • Bob

    A body transformation would mean (for me): to gain muscle and definition (with visible abs) while maintaining health and a hassle-free eating style (not eating 6 meals per day with X amount of protein every 2-3 hours, but not indulging pizza either)

  • John

    It would mean
    …… having more energy for a full life – especially keeping up with young grandsons!
    …… reducing % body fat
    …… keeping on top of controlling blood pressure
    …… being more confident stripping off at the beach/swimming pool
    …… seeing a better balance of power and strength across the body

  • Jeff

    T errific shape
    R ejuvinated attitude
    A lways smiling
    N ot embarrassed to take my shirt off
    S ex more often
    F reedom
    O nce and for all, something that works
    R epeat number 2
    M y marriage

  • Ashir

    For me it is Better health, more energy and above all good shape

  • Kathleen Engel

    Transforming my body would mean I have control over the aging process! Most people my age–53 (almost 54)–think it’s “too late,” and that they can’t do anything about the changes occurring to their bodies. For women especially, who feel that the hormonal devastation that happens with menopause makes losing weight or shaping up impossible, hope seems slim. We get the “message” that a thickened waistline, saggy triceps and overall loss of firmness–coupled with low energy and a relentless malaise–is just part of this “time of life.” I know it doesn’t have to be that way!

  • My mom took me to my first Weight Watchers meeting when I was 11 years old. Looking back at pictures, I realize I wasn’t really all that overweight…but mom had issues with her weight all her life (and still does) and I know just didn’t want me to have the same body issues she had. Unfortunately, all I learned was to become more self-conscious and forced my self-esteem lower and lower when I couldn’t maintain any weight loss. My weight has fluctuated as high as 235 and as low as 158 over the past 7 years. In high school I remember being 135 and thinking I was so fat and unattractive. Being able to lose the extra weight I have now is more to me than a lower size or number on the scale. It would be reclaiming my life…letting go of my life-long struggle with the image in the mirror, the merry-go-round in my mind about my weight… getting fit would mean freedom for me in so many ways.

  • it would mean i could finally start eating right and not have to outtrain my diet. recently i have suffered a foot injury so i can no longer run which was my fat loss go to and i also 46 tt will help me to get in shapeand stay there with the motivation of the results. it will also shorten my workout time so i can focus on the really important things in life(family, freinds,etc), and i will know i will never be bored because there is always a new challenge.

  • Rowan

    Hey Craig,

    Transforming my body means:

    Having the confidence to give seminars in front of people
    Being able to play competitive sport again
    Having energy and not always feeling tired and drained
    Being healthy, and not always catching every flu that goes around
    Lasting longer with my partner
    Being able to wear a singlet in public

    Thanks for all your tips- I have been using them and love the results!

  • carl

    it would be good to look down and see my feet , then i could look up and see the world,
    it would be good to run to people instead of running and hideing from view,
    it would be good to see my reflection and not just the sombra,
    buy clothes that make up feel they way you look not look the way you feel ,
    one life i need to start living !!!!

  • Josh Thurman

    One word:


  • I’m 61! I also have a dream job for my age…I’m a personal trainer!
    I’ve been following you for the last year in newsletters and on youtube.
    I started TT two weeks ago because my dream is to have a beautiful toned body….abs, arms the whole thing! It’s something I’ve never let myself do… I have two of my clients working right along with me.
    We’re excited to see the results! Think this 61 year old body can get there? Thanks Craig!

  • Rita Jurgess

    I’d be in much better health and probably a whole lot more energy, less fatigued. All of which I’ve been trying to do for the last 17 years. I have done personal trainers at ballys that only ended me up in the doctors due to hurting my knees because of his constant pushing me to run after my knee injury etc. Had to start doing things by walking alot and some exercises at home but I’d lose some pounds but no inches…then after a while I’d give up and stop and be a couch potato until the next weigh in.
    We do eat non-fat foods, mostly chicken, and fish for meats and lots of veggies. Still even with that sort of healthy type of eating I am still struggling. I am currently at 202 pounds…I’m told I’m over 70 pounds over weight, and if I don’t do something soon I’ll be in big trouble. My hubby needs to lose 50 pounds.

    Please help us to get rid of this stuff!

    Rita Jurgess
    ritakj 7 @ att . net (yes I spaced them out on purpuse…lol

  • Jamie

    I’ve spent the last year struggling with major health issues . . . back and forth to doctor appts, tests, prcedures, and in and out of the hospital three times. I lost all my hair, my self-confidence, days at work, and even some of my friends. Furthermore, people seem to forget to see the PESON behind the illness. Transforming my body would mean reclaiming myself . . . and my life.

  • Tammy

    Well, since you asked… We just buried my 66 yr old father. Who although always a little on the heavy belly side never seemed to be unhealthy. Infact had just within the last year or so lost weight and gotten into better shape himself! He never the less had a heart attack which killed him last Monday afternoon. So in my own “transformation” I would be hoping to extend my own life and ensure I will be here for my own kids for many many more years to come.
    Tammy Cooper

  • Ben

    It dosent take a paragraph to answer the question, only one word.
    What it would mean?–Everything!!

  • Jonathan

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”

    Transforming my body has given me more energy 10-fold. It has given me more confidence as well. And thanks to Turbulence Training I have done it in a reasonable amount of time without hurting my school work, in and out of the gym 3-4 days a week in less than an hour. Being the fact this is my graduating semester from Mississippi State University, the time problem was a must fix. I couldn’t afford to be in the gym for 2 hours 5 days a week without interfering with my senior design classes. The nutrition advice and workouts from TT have helped me become a more healthy individual in all aspects of life. This was supposed to be my hardest semester of college, but I have done better than any semester in the past. I know that using TT has not only helped me physically, but mentally I am sharper than ever before. My efficiency has carried over from the gym to my school work! So transforming my body has helped me mentally and physically while improving my overall health, well being and confidence. Wish me luck as I walk the stage this coming week. Thank you Craig for helping me get there.

  • Sarah

    What would transforming my body mean to me?
    It would mean being more healthy and fit. It would mean being able to not only wear a bikini to the beach to lie out in the sun in but be able to walk the beach with my husband and not be embarrassed. It would mean being able to wear the clothes that I want to and not have to worry about if an outfit makes me look fat or if I’m bulging out in an area I don’t want to. But most of all it would mean being confidant about myself..knowing that I didn’t quit even when I hit lengthy plateaus in my weight loss …and if I can keep going and not give up, eventually I will lose the rest of the weight and be in the best shape of my life…and I’ll be able to keep up with my kids and my grandkids…grow old with my husband without feeling old : )….and gain the confidance that if I can achieve my weight loss goals, I can apply the same dedication and hard work to achieving all my life goals and win!

  • Magda

    Being 20years younger, in health, fitness, feeling &the way I look- at 53!!
    so it means turning back the clock on aging.
    Magda P

  • Jules

    What transformation means to me…
    Actually, my transformation occurred a few years ago when I stopped being able to trust my body- I developed a sudden uncontrollable shaking that would leave me unable to stand, rendering me a “marionette in palsied hands” as I said in a blog in October,2006, feeling like a “useless, broken thing twitching like a crushed insect…” I dropped things, fell asleep suddenly, had horribly vivid dreams-

    I was tested for everything, MRIs looking for tumors, hemorrages, lesions… I went from a very active lifestyle to sitting at home…endlessly awaiting answers. I was put on various medications in an attempt to control my symptoms and finally told to see a shrink- who subsequently told me my problem was physical. We continued this cycle for two years, until I just quit. Everything. I hadn’t been out in over two years, not socially. I had gained over 100 lbs.
    Finally, in December 2008, I stumbled across a message board full of people who not only understood my symptoms, but could give me a name for the condition: narcolepsy and cataplexy. After some research, that answered every symptom I’d been complaining of.

    Since then, I’ve been in the process of taking my life back- I’m in the process of starting my own business that allows me to work around my limitations. I’ve begun interacting with old friends again and am ready to start dating again (my significant other decided he couldn’t handle things and moved on ages ago.) But I need to drop this excess weight, nearly a whole extra person, first. I don’t like what I see in the mirror or the looks I get from family and friends, a combination of pity and disgust. Like me, I’m sure they remember that it wasn’t all that long ago when I was a size six- fit and active. I don’t like being the “fat girl.”

    We’ll call this my “re-transformation.” I’ve weighed myself and taken all of the pertinent measurements. I’m ready to begin. In my closet are clothes I haven’t been able to wear in three years- it’ll be like a whole new wardrobe for me. There’s one dress in particular- a simple jersey dress in knock-out blue- that hangs on the back of my closet door, just waiting to fit again. I can’t wait to feel like myself, renewed and ready to re-join the world- like a butterfly breaking free of her cocoon after a long, long nap.

  • Alex

    Transforming my body would mean….

    As a sales man and owner of my own health magazine transforming my body its part of my job. It is very important to be fit and healthy to motivate others to believe in a better and healthy life. I am 42 years old and I want to feel right. It also increase self confidence, energy and help to complete a good balance between body and spirit. I will continue until I eliminate my tummy forever. I know my wife will love that.

  • Scott

    Transforming my body would give me the opportunity to be there for my two daughters as they grow older and go out into this crazy world we live in. It would mean my wife and I would live for a long time in the company of each other. These arre the two most important things to me. However, it would also mean I could be a more outgoing and confident man.

  • Jenny

    “What would transforming my body mean to me?”

    Well, unlike majority of people reading Turbulence Training, I am not working out to lose weight or look better … in all honesty, you’d probably think I’m crazy to even participate in this contest or that I even read Turbulence Training because I’m not over weight and I certainly have a very healthy diet as I study nutrition.
    But why am I here? Because I believe that if people would normally wake up every day to the physical aches and pains that I do, and tried to lead a normal life with a smile on their face in spite of it ….. they would probably be on antidepressants.
    But I have fought the idea of that, I don’t even take asprin.
    I am just a petite person, and even though I have always been active and “fit” in other people’s eyes, somehow I have never managed to tone myself enough … and I just don’t have the core strength to keep me away from pain or injury.
    What would transforming my body mean to me?…. a day with no pain.!!! Now , that’s the day I live for..
    I believe this training can transform bodies not only into beauty but also into strong and healthy vehicles to enjoy the rest of our lives.
    … I only started the training a few days ago… but I have faith….

  • Meis

    Transforming my body would be one of the most important moment in my life , when I would be able to make more friends and be happier after so much sadness in my life as Iam experiencing now. Thanks for giving me an oppurtunity here to lose my fat and gain the body I have even not dreamt before.


  • ellen wilson

    4 and a half years ago, i was in my prime, fit and cycling long distances, preparing for a marathon,,, then life happened. A surgical mistake resulting in coma… its been a long road.. but i knew that if i could lift my hand again, i could lift a weight, if i could get my leg to move i could walk.. currently i am at about 75% mobility on one side, 40% on the other.. i look “normal” boy did i find out what that word means!… i know now that being healthy and fit.. before circumstances change.. can mean the difference between living and just existing.. 🙂
    i am so happy i have got this far…only my emotional side … the confidence has been lost.. i think transforming myself into the best i can be, with help this time… will give me back the vibrance and confidence i want to reach out to others… and give back what i was given.
    Looking at myself in the mirror i still see half the woman i was at age 48… i would like to see the strong woman i know is inside me staring back with a smile on her face reaching out with her whole self to share.

  • Mike Rix

    It would turn my life on its head (in the best possible way!). I think transforming my body would boost my confidence in all walks of life, giving me a new lease on life, allowing me to strengthen both my working and personal relationships, and to focus my mind on achieving greater levels of mental and spiritual success.

  • Paula

    Transforming my body would mean self confidence and freedom to be me without hiding behind fear. It would mean being able to have fun with life rather than feel like I have to put everything down just to make myself feel better. It would mean allowing myself to provide a healthier nutritional bases for my me and my family. Transforming my body would allow me to be HAPPY!!

  • Debra Driver

    Transforming my body would mean that, for the first time in along time, I would feel as though as though I could go to the clothing racks and pick something out and take it home, and know that it would fit! No more of this trying on clothes and feeling depressed because nothing seems to fit right anymore….:(. It also means that I would be here for a long time, have more energy to play with my Grandchildren, and Great-Grandchildren to come. I would also have more time to enjoy life with my husband after retirement. And, if I could transform MY body, we would work together to help my husband get into shape, too. We enjoy our walks together, and this would give us both the incentive to work out together more….:) Basically, I want to be here with my family as long as the good Lord will let me.

  • Daniel

    It’ll mean a whole new beginning and a completely different way of looking at the reflection in the mirror.

  • Will

    I would live and experience life in a whole other way… enabling me to enjoy it alot more easier…and just for pointers…go out out to the beach without a worry

  • Jennifer C

    It would mean that this summer I can go out on our boat and take off my swimsuit cover and actually get in the water and have some fun. I will no longer feel fat and frumpy amongst my thinner friends and I will feel so much better. I have lost some weight before, but of course I let it all come back, but this time I am determined to lose it for good!

  • I am now in to my fifties (51), and the yellowing of my birth certificate is felt daily in my bones. For me, a transformation would mean that my everyday life and tasks would become transparent, second nature, not a reminder of age. That means: tying my shoes would not require labored breathing; riding my bike would be a joy and challenge; realizing and believing that workouts are a success waiting to happen and a testimony that what God created can be used, and used well! I was athletic in the spring of my youth, and I want to be fit and healthy as summer wanes and my autumn approaches.

  • Judy

    Transforming my body would prove that a 63 year old woman could still be strong and fit, attractive and sexy, and a role model in a culture that idolizes youth. Right now I am at the “pretty good” stage, having incorporated some of the techniques of strength and interval training, but to go all the way and lose 10 or 15 pounds and buff up the muscle definition is a real dream I am hoping will come true.

  • Donna

    I am 46 years old and looking to become a mother of two in the next year or two. Of course I am not the one going to be pregnant, but I will be a mom none the less. Transforming my body would mean that when I reach 50 years old, I will be able to keep up with my children! I will have energy, be strong and bursting with life. I will be available to others and give them all of myself. My life will be about living fully. I would be proud to be a living example of health and vitality for myself and my family!

  • Carrie

    It would mean the world to me! I am a single mother of two little girls and It kills me not to beable to get out and play with them in the yard cause im affraid of either embarassing them or that I wont beable to catch my breath while playing with them. I am changing my life one day at a time I have had multiple c sections and I am dead set on losing this weight so my girls will be proud or having me as their mom. A new happy healthier me is what im looking forward to. My oldest asks me mommy why are you so fat and my step mom isnt and it kills me but my youngest says mommy your find the way you are I love you! So heres to me being a better healthier mom and I cant wait to lose all this extra weight. Again it will mean the world to me cause my girls will be proud of me and not be embarassed of me!

  • Lisa

    What would this transformation mean to me? Well, being almost 39 I know soon (actually it has already started to happen) that if I don’t get this weight off it will be harder than it has been so far. This will mean more energy for my 4 children and my husband. I will enjoy going to the pool. I will be proud of myself for being able to do this for myself and knowing it will benefit me for the rest of my life. I know that God has this great body waiting for me and I want to be able to use it for His glory and and that this body is not His doings but my short falls and selfishness. I will be able to hold my head high and know that on the inside it will be showing on the outside how this transformation will also help the joy I can show for my life and to be with my family. I have gone up and down for awhile and now just stayed here for quite awhile. Very frustrating. I also want to show my 12 year old daughter that you don’t have to live your life in a large body. thank you for this opportunity to share. Lisa

  • Peggy

    Transforming my body would mean having a tremendous sense of accomplishment–something I haven’t felt in a very long time. It would mean that I am at my optimum health and full of energy and vitality. It would mean my self confidence would be through the roof! Transforming my body would truly transform my entire life.

  • Christopher

    I am sitting at 300lbs today and just took my daily 8 mg for high blood pressure. Last week my 10 year old nephew who means the world to me , turned to his mother and asked if Uncle Chris was going to be OK. What do you mean OK she asked. Is he going to live? Or have a heart attack? You ask what it means to me? It means life. Not just how I feel or how I look in a mirror but life itself.

  • Amy

    I can tell you that currently in my life I am at my highest weight. I am at 328 pounds. I was not even at this weight whern I was pregnant. Why would I let my bod get so out of hand? Two reasons really. One I was eating because I was lonely. I do not have a big social network to go out and have fun with just my son and my husband both who also happen to be overweight. So we would eat together but not do much else.
    Second was the stress of my job, It was overwhelming I was working day shift and night shift and on call 24 hours a day. This made things even more stressful I needed to gain balance. I have changed job and I have changed some things at home to cause balance so,
    Nowe I need to get the physical and mental balance og taking care of me as a person and that includes my physicial being.
    My goal since i have done several 5k races is to move up to a to 10k or a sprint triathalon. I do not know how to ride a bike yet but I have one. I can walk 5k and I can swim with the best of them( I grew up near or in water my entire childhood and have great joy when I swim)
    What I need is a strong plan on how to acheive the goal because I am so goal oriented. My timeline to be down to a healthy weight is by mine and my daughter’s graduation next June.
    Do you think you can help me. Transform not just my body but help me be a role model for my son and husband to get their life and body together.

  • Bev

    Hey Craig,
    TMB would give me the time to fully focus to the really important things in life – Peace, Love, Family & Friends.

  • Shari

    I am a 30 year old mom to 4 kids. I want to show people that you can still be fit even if you are a mom. I have been working out and eating better for 5 years now, but i still have about 10-15 lbs to lose. I would love to be able to wear that swimsuit when Im at the pool with my kids and not feel awkward. I would love to be able to get in my closet and love everything I have to wear. I would love to inspire people to meet there goals and not just give into the “well im a mom so i guess this is just how it is gonna be”
    And Like Vanessa I would be comfortable naked in front of my husband… 🙂

  • Tim

    It would mean I can win at something. It would lower my blood pressure, wear clothes again, add years to my life. I would like to be able to run again, I really need the extra energy to get things done. Winning would give me a new attitude about life, ability to succeed, I really want to be a winner in life again. Thanks for the chance

  • Ed

    Tranforming my body will leave me with empowerement and a feeling of superiority, but not in the egocentric arrogant way. Instead, by knowing that I can overcome obstacles and hinderances would transcend all the adversity that I experienced before. That feeling would be priceless and beyond compare. I would stand a few inches taller in the world with my chin held high, not being worried that other people would me looking my way in disgust (especially hot women). On the flip side, having individuals look at me or not noticing me would be great and a bonus for being healthy and happy.

  • It means that I will finally be the me I know I’m meant to be … healthy, fit, and 100+ pounds lighter than I am at this moment in time. I will be able to live life on my terms, be self-confident enough to step into the dating pool again, and to do it knowing that I am in the best shape — physically, mentally, and emotionally that I have been in my life.

  • jalewis

    better health..loosing 40 lbs of fat..
    looking better in my clothes..
    and giving me some self confidence.

  • Ali

    Your body is a wepon shape it and see the advantages. Its just unexplainable. Shape it to belive it.

  • SolaGrace

    I’ve already lost some significant weight… I dropped 50+ lbs but have some more to go. When I started I could not run even one block. Today, I can and do run 5k’s on a regular basis for training. I couldn’t do even one pushup. Going upstairs was tiring, and spending 4 hours on my feet was hard and painful. I’ve since reached the point where I’m no longer classified as obese by BMI. But, I am still classed as overweight. Still, even this partial transformation has meant greater energy, and more confidence. That confidence carries over into all aspects of my life. I’m more assertive, and more willing to take a stand. It’s made me more successful at work.
    I’m anxious for the rest of the transformation because that will allow me to become stronger, healthier and still more inspirational. I want to leave a legacy of health and fitness to my children. I’ve not done that til now. I’ve only got a few years left with them before they head to college, and I want them to take that legacy with them as they go into their own lives. Knowing that their own health is worth the investment of time and sweat is my goal. Finishing the transformation is the best way to do that. And looking hot for my husband… just a really cool fringe benefit!

  • Kim

    I can’t write anything poignant or eloquent, but transforming my body would mean that I could look in the mirror and not choke up because I disgust myself so very much. I could allow my husband to touch me any time, because “disgusting” as relates to my body would be removed from my vocabulary. I would not place my hands on my belly as I drift off to sleep and think how disgraceful I was, and how disgusted God must be with me.

    I think I see a pattern there.

    I’m don’t want to be a freak any more. I don’t want to be an inhuman blob any more. I don’t want to be embarrassed to go out in short sleeves or shorts. I live in Texas, and it’s getting to be summer! Other people wear shorts and short sleeves; I should be able to as well. If I transformed my body, I’d have the confidence to do that.

    I’d have the confidence to leave the house and go to the grocery store. To go to church alone, without my husband. To join the choir.

    Instead, I sit alone.

  • wendy

    It would mean that when I turn 40 in December, I can be confident. I am planning on going to Hawaii and I want to wear a swimsuit and shorts and feel comfortable.

  • Leatte

    Transforming my body is what I want to do sooooo badly! I am a 49 year old mother of 3 and would love to show my children who are almost grown and on their own that losing weight and being fit is not only possible but fun. My son is coming home from college for the summer and my plan is to help him to lose some weight and gain some confidence. He is a big boy and has so little self confidence but is so talented and smart. Please help us to do this together! I joined a gym about 5 months ago and have been going 5-6 times a week. No weight loss yet so I am probably not doing something correctly. The last two weeks I made a decision to improve my diet and start eating as clean as I could. So far…that is going well. I want to feel good again, to feel sexy, lean and healthy and then to show my children that it can be done…one TT workout at a time! Thanks Craig and keep up the great work!

  • Michael

    It’s not about looking good at the beach for me. I am close to forty with the second little girl on the way. My first little girl is now 6 and that just about killed me. I need to be fit and trim to handle this next bundle of joy.

  • Bo

    Transforming my body would mean a full life in all aspects and a longer life to be able to take care of my loved ones.

  • Becky

    It would mean physical well being, emotional well being, and of course, a tight, lean body! It would also mean having the knowledge that I’ve never had before on how to eat healthy and take care of myself for life. Having the abs I’ve never had before! Hearing compliments you’ve never heard before. It would be the most invagorating feeling along with new confidence!

  • Jorge

    It would mean living longer so I can spend more time with my 10 year old son. We have a lot of catching up to do.

  • Magda Dias

    What fat loss will mean to me: I am 50 years old and weak muscles are running in my family. I went to my doctor with the same signs and he recommend strength training. It will mean a new beginning at the age of 50. Not only a healthy and young body but also a young and healthy mind, and who nows maybe a better romance life.

  • Dylan Parkes

    Transforming my body means beating a lifetime’s worth of genes, past, and depression and standing on the other side with all my dreams at my feet. I have wanted to be an actor since I was 5 year old, and although you can be successful as a husky or larger male actor, the road is far less trod. I spent my teenage years on the lighter side thanks to puberty and sports but as I got older it got harder and no matter where I turned I failed. My mother has been battling weight since she was a child and seemed to pass it all to me and prospect of battling this my whole life was daunting. At 17, I was diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin disorder that is cause by an immune system deficiency. Some of the really exciting side illnesses attributed to it are obesity, asthma, arthritis, and a staggering leap in the chance for heart disease. At 23, I have started to work on the transformation process for my health and my life and its been a get on the horse, fall off it, get back on it again experience. Transforming my body would mean knowing that I have a healthy enough heart to be able to play with my future kids or be that athletic dad I always thought about being. It means being a better role model for them, and for myself, it means knowing that I have provided my craft, my art with the best tool possible: An fit, able, healthy body.

  • Julie

    Confidence, finally. It would change my outlook on life from the inside out and the way I see myself.

  • Transforming my body would mean I can have more confidence. No more feeling the need to hide my figure. I would feel beautiful again.
    Most importantly I want to set a good example to my kids, and encourage my husband to get fit as well.

  • Migdalia

    Transforming my body would mean a boost in my self-esteem, sundays at the beach again (which I love), more energy to work, and feeling great when my relatives and friends notice it and finally recognize me as the woman I used to be 6 years ago before my two beautiful babies. I would be able to look in the mirror again and feel proud. This body is not mine!!!! I don’t recognized it anymore!!! It would mean the world to me!!!

  • It would mean… well… a lot.

    Transforming my body would mean I’d be able to inspire others. It means that I’d finally have something to show for the work that I’ve been doing. It would mean getting healthier. It would mean showing those around me that I’m serious about this change in my life.

    I’m stuck right now. I’ve been working out daily for almost three months, and I’m stuck. The weight is not coming off, and I’ve got a lot to come off. I’ve got around 45% body fat at the moment, 100 pounds to lose, and the scale is just stuck. Oh, sure, I’m gaining strength, and I know that because I’m on a progressive training schedule and it is getting easier to do. I can do more of the exercises for longer. I can walk for longer. Moving doesn’t hurt anymore. But I’m still stuck. Inches are not coming off. I’m not losing pounds. I’m not losing fat. I’m stuck. In fact, some days, I’m gaining weight. I know that’s the muscle gain, but darn it all, I want to get rid of the fat too!

    My dream is to lose all this weight in a year. I know it can be done, but I can’t afford all the great programs that would help me do it. So I’m making do with what I can. Walking, biking, Wii Fit, and aerobics. And it’s left me stuck.

    I want to lose that weight not just for myself, but to inspire others. To show them how important it is to get healthy, and to show them that if me, the girl who could have cared less about exercise and weight and diet and health can do a complete 180, change her life, and lose all that weight, then they can too. But I’m stuck.

    A total transformation would get me unstuck. And that’s what I need right now, to get unstuck!

  • Brittany

    Since high school I have struggled with my weight. I can’t say I’ve ever been considered “fat,” because I always played sports to keep me in decent shape, but I have never been as toned and lean as I know I can be. After having two back surgeries in college because of herniated discs, getting back in shape was very difficult. I am now finally able to work out like I used to, and I have set an ideal weight that I want to reach. Reaching this ideal weight will give me confidence like I’ve never had before. I’m always so self-conscious when I meet new people, or when my family goes to the lake and I know I’ll have to wear a bathing suit. I have finally set my goal that I WILL reach my goal weight, and look great in a bathing suit this year. I know that not only will I feel great about myself and feel like I’ve reached a goal I’ve had in my life for quite some time, but I will also prevent future back pain because my body won’t be carrying unnecessary weight!

  • Jenny

    Hi Craig,
    I am a 37yo mom of 3. My oldest is 7 and I have a 6yo and 4yo. I put on 70lbs. with my 1st pregnancy and when my baby was 6months old I got pregnant again so I never lost the weight in between. I actually got down to my pre-preg wt. between my last 2 kids with dieting and exercise but was “skinny fat”. I gained and lost 50lbs with my last child. I have always struggled to maintain my weight, have had an eating disorder, yo yo dieted most of my life until 2 yrs ago I started eating low carb, whole foods. I have stayed in the same weight range since then, I have consistently since then done heavy weights to try to strip fat and build muscle. For whatever reason I can’t get rid of the fat on my lower body. I don’t want to necesarilly lose weight but I want to change my body compostition. With years of struggle and huge ups and downs, it would mean so much to me to transform. Especially since we had to quit our gym membership due to financial difficulty 4 months ago. Now I am having a hard time getting the intensity up without the aid of my heavy weights. I think to be able to finally accomplish my goals of lowering my body fat and becoming an athlete again would make me feel 10 years younger, it would help me to be a better mom and wife with energy to do my best for them.

  • it would mean the world to me and the next one

  • Craig,
    Transforming my body is an affirmation to the “I Can” principle. It is so easy to go through the day and to be less positive. I am learning, some days better than others, that my body is a reflection of not only my outward looks but how I feel. I do not believe in the scale but I do believe in being the best I can be and I am beginning to see my collarbone. The transformation process helps me be more positive and I am able to lead by example that a little effort will produce results. My family sees the change, my friends see the change and I see the change. In this era of Change, this change for Total Body Transfomration is Good.

  • magdalene

    It will mean a lot in my life like being able to express myself freely,
    having time for other programmes without thinking about spending time looking for solutions on how I can lose both belly fat and body fat
    having confidence in myself anytime, anywhere and everyday
    always walk with my head up, with smiles all over my face and being able to do anything at all with lots of vigor.
    In fact I will be the most happy’s lady in the world and won’t stop thanking you ever in my entire life for making me that happier with an incredible look and much more guaranteeing me with freedom.

  • Beansprout

    I’d be most grateful to have a beautiful, sculpted, ultralean, hardbody…to truly transform. I constantly struggle with my demons that say I’ll never be good enough. In the end, I think this is what transformation would be like for me:

    > Imagine…
    > Looking in the mirror.
    > Thinking “I am beautiful.”
    > Realizing you could let go of the self-doubt, the self-criticism.
    > Knowing your very existence is a miracle. There is only one of you.
    > Holding your own gaze with confidence, acceptance, and love.
    > Wiping away the fog from your eyes.
    > Seeing yourself.
    > Imagine…

  • Martin

    It would mean I could walk into a nightclub or social situation with a lot more confidence and be able to put my best self forward, It would mean not having to feel second best and not having to feel inferior to folk who can seemingly eat what they want and never gain anounce.. It would be the beginning of an exciting new world where possibilities exist that never used to and It would mean that when the opportunity came and that someone special showed up, you would not have to think ‘why didnt I become the best I can be.. why did I sell my self short’ , In a word ift would give me the life I have always wanted.

  • Oops! Typo…Transformation is Good. Monday morning, I can only do so much. Get out and enjoy and train.

  • Brad

    It would mean no longer being the fat guy. Being able to look in a mirror and feel great about what was staring back at me rather than seeing mounds of flab standing where a person used to be. It would mean getting closer to the man I feel I’m supposed to be and give me the power and confidence to help others become the people they are suppose to be. It would also mean being able to take of my shirt at the beach… a fairly simple task, yet one I haven’t been comfortable enough to do in over 15 years.

  • Cheryl

    A transformation for me is not only about looking good and increased self-confidence but also a strong healthy body that will keep going with me for years to come.

  • I’m a 58 year old who had a 32″ waist in college and up to few months was moving past a 38″. The thing that bugged me the most about my spare tire was not being able to tie my shoes or pick-up something without having my breathing compromised. I’m unemployed and cannot afford a gym nor at this time your program — but have been following your program via your daily emails (THANKS) and have lost 12 pounds. The weight lost is not huge by itself, however my spare tire is almost gone and I can see muscles that I haven’t see in 20 plus years – plus feel much stronger and look healthy.

    People have been asking if I lost weight and why I look so much better, so I tell them about your five minute work-outs and send them to your site.

    Thanks again!


  • Mandy

    I’m currently in the process of changing my body, I’m 17 years old and trying to find what’s right for me. I’ve always been stuck with fat loss and I find it impossible to shed the pounds, to find what works with my body and what doesn’t. It’s a matter of trial and error but with such frustration theres always a doubt of wanting to give up.
    For me personally, if I could transform my body I would finally be happy with myself, when you diet and exercise it slowly starts to become a part of you, – searching online, resources, information, money on shopping for food, etc it really does begin to consume you, it has with me!

    I dedicate myself to believing I can achieve something my life is centered around, I wake up thinking about it and fall asleep with the same thoughts – perhaps of what I can achieve tomorrow, or if my diet is in check? It isn’t a worrying obsession just an adapted lifestyle, one of which I do love but does take some tolerating when times get hard.

    It would mean so much, I would finally have the self-confidence I’ve needed to feel comfortable when my boyfriend puts his arms around me, to where a tight summers shirt with a new flat stomache, to not have to make excuses of ‘why i cant go swimming this summer’ because i’m so embarassed of my body, nor to have to compare myself to others when I’m out with my boyfriend or friends. It’s a constant self-battle but I would LOVE to overcome all these things.

    I’ve always eaten healthy because I know the importance it has on your body, and no matter how low self-esteem I have the more important thing is my life, I love eating healthy as it reminds me of the years I’m adding on to my life rather than taking away.

    This would just make me a very happy person.

  • Chris

    What it would do for me is to make me be able to perform my job as an Firefighter/Paramedic more efficiently which in turn would be safer for the people I care for, my fellow workers as well as myself. It would give me more self confidence in all aspects of my life and it will also give me a better chance at an active lifestyle as I get older.

  • Carol Ann

    Body Transformation starts in the mind. EMBRACE the VISION of WHATyou want your body to look like, HOW you want it to function for you and WHY this will work better for your life and others.
    Imagine the beauty of your muscles and how they work. Being strong and confident in everything that you do . To move with fluidity. AWESOME…. CONNECT THE MIND TO THE MUSCLE…THEN EXECUTE…Love the time you invesst doing this . It will pay off handsomely. What an amazing vessle our Creator has made for us to utilize and perfect!!!!!

  • Jackline

    Transforming my body would mean am going to live a healthy life with more energy and have confidence in my self.

  • Diane Duda

    I’ve been lucky not to be totally overweight but I would love to be toned and have muscle and reshaping of my body. This would be give more confidence just to walk with my head held high and not being so insecure. I also would like it as it would make me so fit and feel healthy and just good all over. I am somewhat active but not to the point where I’ve transformed my body- need more motivation and push for that. Thanks for all the info on your sight!

  • Debra

    My husband and kids think I can’t follow through on anything, so being successful with this plan, I would finally be respected. Also, I would be a great role model for my kids who need to be more physically fit and lose a few pounds!

  • Laura

    Not wasting the precious minutes and hours of my life focusing on what’s wrong with me, but instead feeling strong and capable of making myself the best I can be.
    Being around for my children’s children, being able to play harder with my children now and teach them the importance of fitness.
    Taking them out for active hikes and things instead of watching movies because I think I’m too tired to move.
    Not worrying about cancer, diabetes or other life-threatening illnesses I may have prevented taking me away from the ones I love.

  • Dawn

    Transforming my body would mean:
    Finally conquering a lifetime battle of the bulge
    Knowing I can do it – that I’m not a failure – that I’m not too lazy
    Strengthening my lungs which would help my asthma
    That I could be a true example to my 14 and 12 year olds
    That I could train and help them before they have years of regret
    That I could go into my 40’s better than my 20’s

  • Michael

    It would mean I could have the energy to play with my 3 year old daughter. I would live long enough to see her children grow and play with them. I would be able to look in the mirror with pride instead of disgust. I would have confidence walking into a room full of people. I could actually take my shirt off in public and not be concerned if my boobs were bigger than some of the women. I could feel sexy for my wife and not crush her in our moments of intimecy. I could live.

  • Judd Rumley


    What would transforming your body and lifestyle mean to you?

    Ultimately, it would mean everything you have mentioned as possible solutions and more. It would mean that we are being good stewards of the bodies we’ve been given. In addition, it would serve as an example of how physical fitness is not only right but also serves as a parable of how the principles of physical fitness will help in all the other areas of our lives. For instance take the thought, “you reap what you sow” this is definitely seen in how one takes care of their body reaping the benefits from consistent exercise and proper nutrition. Now take this to other areas of life financial, emotional, spiritual, relational. In the end being physically healthy is a visual aid to help us see how we can be healthy mind, body and soul.



  • Jerry

    Transforming my body would mean life. It would present a quality of life to myself and everyone around me. Transforming my body would enable me to show others what is possible and reach out to the next person who may have (or be in the process of) giving up on themselves.

  • Janene

    Transforming my body would be a dream come true. It would enable me to be an active participant in my life instead of me watching my life from the sidelines as it passes me by. This scenario played out this weekend when we (my husband, me & my almost 3 yr old daughter) went to a local fair with our neighbor and their kids. I watched from the sidelines as my “skinny” neighbor rode on the rides with my daughter. I felt embarrassed and ashamed and wondered what my response would have been had my daughter asked me why I wasn’t riding the rides with her.
    I know that at her age this is only the start of “fun times” that I am going to miss out on unless I get a grip, get healthy & lose weight. I write this email with a lump in my throat & tears in my eyes. I want to stop thinking & obsessing about losing weight & start making it a reality. As I read through other entries, I can soooo relate to what others are saying. And I know that we are all hoping to be picked as your contest winner. If I am the one you decide to help, I just want you to know that I would dedicate myself 100% “to be in it to win it” & I would not let you down. I know that with your help and expertise I will be a success story.

  • Laurel

    I don’t have anything amazing to say. I am almost 52 and my mother died recently, overweight and unhealthy because she wouldn’t take care of herself. My dear mother in law took care of everyone but herself and is now chair-bound, to the great distress of her children. I want to die on my feet. I want to take care of myself so my children aren’t burdened with worry about my health as I age. The older we get the harder it is to get healthy and stay healthy. I have been using TT techniques for a while and it has helped me out a lot. I didn’t measure first, so I can’t tell you where I am at there, but I know I am healthier and I am going to keep working at it because I have to. I don’t ever want to be a burden to my kids and that lifestyle has to start now. Hopefully they will do the same for their children. Hopefully my ability to help them as they live their adult life away from home will be a testimony to them, and to my grandchildren. I will certainly head them over to your site for advice, as I have so many other people.

  • Tromie

    This gift if I win will mean that my goal of completely comingoff of medication for type 2 diabetes will be complete. I have lost at least 25 pounds through diet and walking since I was diagnosed the end of DEC 2008. My A1c is 6 amd I have been taken off of the injections and I am on Oral Medication. I am shooting for a bodyweight of 185 as of last month I was 206 down from 231. I want to be medication free and regain my strength

  • Henry

    Transforming my body would mean I could stop reading about exercise and nutrition and start putting it in to action. I am a 33yr father of two my boys are 11 and 6 yrs old,and let me tell you I just don’t have the energy that I used to have.
    I am 5’7″ AND WAY 220lbs. and about 32 bmi, I used to way 175 w/10% body fat. In all honesty It would give me my life back, remove my insecurity(I am embarrassed to go the beach and take of my shirt ) plain and simple I cant even play football or basket ball w/ my kids without running out of breath every time i run around for 1min. I guess in a wierd way I have lost my self respect. its very hard for me to assist a gym I work 9-12hr days. PlEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEE!!!! help me get my self respect back as well as be able to enjoy my wife and kids more and feel alot more healthy and active. This way I can be a great role model for my kids as well as teach them the importance of physical fitness..

  • Phelesia

    Total Body Transformation
    For me this would equate to “Total Health Transformation”. Transforming my body to a leaner, cleaner, healthier state would eliminate my worries about diabetes and hypertension which I am currently fighting tooth and nail to avoid. I have pre-condition numbers so far but I am working to change that. I’ll literally gain years to my life through Total Body Transformation.

  • What would transforming your body and lifestyle mean to you?

    A simple question with so many answers. The physical side of it, being able to lift more, do more, have more endurance. The self confidence side, knowing you have pushed yourself and that you decide what you can do and realize you can do more that you ever thought. The lifestyle, the good habits, going to the gym every day, eating right, and alway being sore!! The spiritual side, learning that you control your body, that you decide what you will do despite the bodys natural desire to want to be lazy, to want to sleep in, you know that your spirit is in control and that you determine your life.
    There’s so much to the question but for me it’s becoming who I want to be. it’s deciding what’s important to me in the long term and not sacrificing it in the short term. I want to be around to see my kids grow up and their kids grow up. I want to enjoy playing sports, hiking and hunting with my kids and one day grand kids. I want to be a role model for my boys, teaching them how they can choose their path in life and not sit back and let what comes happen. I was an active youth, loved sports loved lifting but those transition years got me. After high school I moved out of state, moved around a bit and lost the schedule. Life got busy and 15 years later I was 235lbs, soft and out of shape. I started running about 9 months ago, short 20 minute jogs. I’m now getting ready to run a 1/2 next month. I have started incorporating some of the Turbulance Training into workouts. I am seeing changes but have a ways to go. 15 years of just letting things happen to me will take some time to shake off. I need to tkae the challenge and give myself a jump start, getting rid of years of fat! By doing so and changing my body I will see results physically, spiritually, in self confidence, and a total change of lifestyle!

  • Gilbert

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”
    I just turned 41 and am in the poorest health ever. I suffer from gout attacks and find myself a slave to medication.
    Transforming my body would mean physical strenght, lowered stress, and living a long healthy life to see my kids grow up.
    I know a transformation would improve my career. I would be more confident when I meet clients. My suits would fit better and would be a great example to a healthy lifestyle to my kids so they won’t fall into the same “curse” I have dealt with all my life.

  • Richard Carter

    My need is simple. I have had very ill health … 5 MI’s and 5 strokes and cancer and diverticulosis and more! Being bedridden too often has put 30 – 35 pounds that I cna’t seem to shake. Still limited but trying short 5 minute bursts of activity and it’s helping .. Try to do every day I can .. so far 4 times a day. I have a lot to do yet and need increased health and stamina and then the strength to enjoy it after I have completed my work! I pray what I have to do will bless a great many … particularly children. Thanks for listening .. Rick Carter

  • Tina

    My ongoing transformation is helping me to be an inspiration to my children to stay active and healthy. I have never been overweight, but I have definately been unfit. Three years ago on April 28th I gave up cigarettes and began to work out in earnest and eating healthier. I have 2 young daughters and slowly they are learning from my new habits. They still like their snacks and mac and cheese but they do choose fruit over chips and water over pop. I hope to instill in them lifelong, healthy habits.

    However, I need to put my finger on what it is that is holding me back from having the body that I so desire. I don’t want to be a bodybuilder or fitness model; however, I do want to look fit. A flat stomach, toned arms and legs are just out of my reach and I am working diligently to figure out why I can’t part with this body fat. I am really starting to believe in the importance of accountability and a support structure. I believe these are the things that I am missing in order to complete my transformation.

    I will continue to move toward the body I want; to go back to my unfit self is not an option. I participated in a walk/run for Cystic Fibrosis yesterday and I am happy to say that I was able to run most of the way with my 2 daughters and my 2 1/2 year old grandson. That was such an awesome feeling to be running for a great cause, with my children and grandchildren and passing by men and women that were half my age but more than double my size.

    I am a breast cancer survivor of 17 years and I will soon be 49 years old and I want to be smokin’ hot. That sounds a bit vain but true. I want people to say “I want to look like her when I’m her age”. I want to be a role model to my family and everyone I meet. I want to be fit!

  • Connie

    What would transforming your body and lifestyle mean to you?

    Simple. I struggled my entire life with weight gain and loss. 5 years ago I lost a lot of weight and I cannot even tell you how great it felt. Everything. Not just looking good. No, my pants didn’t hurt my belly when I was sitting down. I ate a lot but good food, worked out a lot. It was great. Then I hurt my back and followed by Rheumatoid Arthritis . Fatigue comes to all that. But, I started with some of your free TT workouts and I do feel a difference already. I’m not totally there yet and I have not lost any weight. But my head is there again. And that is big, it’s a start. because when my head is there, the work will be hard but easily be done. Because I want it. so it would be great if I would win because then I have all the tools too. And I will give you before and after shots! If I win or not, THANK YOU! It really helps me to find your posts in my inbox several times a week. Thank you,

  • Timmie Staum

    Transformation? Life! That’s what it means to me. I am about to turn 56 and I have been over weight since I was in my early 30’s. I hate my body! I have been exercising for a couple years now and I even lost 140 lbs. I didn’t do it the right way. I starved myself. So when I started eating normal again, I put 38 lbs back on. The scale slowly added a few pounds and I am very torn up about it because now I have to do that part all over again. Because I exercise regularly, I have a good foundation to start with but now I am more than ready to take it to the next level and lose this fat forever! I need to, for my self esteem and for my health. I also have a heart disease, and when I exercise and make sure I eat right, I keep that problem at bay. Although I don’t eat junk, I am addicted to food and I battle that every day. I know, that once I have taken the weight off the right way, it will not be a problem for me again. So it really is more than self esteem. It about conquering myself. Thanks for your web site. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Dan Rice

    This transformation would mean being able to run and play with my kids and do the things that a parent should do as they are growing up. I have had 5 knee surgeries on my left knee and it is definitely not in the greatest condition for those type of activities. With the weight I could potentially lose and the physically fit condition that I could possibly be in, it would put less stress on my knee and therfore I would be able to do alot more with my children.

  • Esteban Ramirez

    Love the information i’m getting; do you have any vidoeos on TT; I have very little time for reading?

  • Dori

    It would mean that I can stop feeling like a failure! I start, I stop, I start again … but each time I stop, the starting gets harder and harder because of the guilt I place on myself for failing. This vicious cycle has been part of my life for years, and it wears me out. The missing component for me has always been the support structure. Although my immediate family is supportive, I don’t have anyone to work out with and who truly gets my desire to get fit and STAY fit. What’s more, my husband’s job requires us to move almost yearly and I can’t establish a community of support. I know, however, that TT works and part of what makes it work is the community of people who can support me and whom I can support as well. With that, I feel I can bridge the gap between where I am and where I know I can be!

  • Cate

    I am 50 years old, and I’ve been a single mom for 8 years. I’ve given birth to 10 children, raised 9, and still have 6 at home.

    I admit I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life, and I’m currently about 30 pounds over my target weight. I’ve survived an abusive marriage, divorce, unemployment, bankruptcy, homelessness, and losing and regaining custody of my children. I know I have the discipline to transform my body because I’ve done it before; but with so many children at home, sometimes I forget to take care of ME.

    This is the year I MUST reinvent myself. In July I will be sending one more child off to college and moving from California to Nevada to work for a start-up software company as a senior executive. That’s a lot of change for anyone to go through. I am determined to begin transforming my body before I get there, because I know from experience that having a strong, healthy body will make me a stronger and more effective parent, businesswoman, and community leader. And maybe… just maybe… I will meet “Mr. Right” in the process. But the most important thing is to become the best possible ME for the second half of my life–and this just might be my last chance to do that.

  • Greg

    Transforming my body for me means a better life.

    It means no more pain in the knees and back. Not having to tell my kids that I can’t do karate with them, take them on a bike ride, go hiking, and all the things they love to do, and most importantly not having to see the disappointment in their eyes. Not having to watch as their grandparents take them to do these things because I physically cannot for anything but a short time.

    It also means setting myself as a role model for my youngest son who I see slipping into the same snacking routine that I have.

    It means being able to sleep again.

    It means actually using the weight set I bought because I am tired of being like this.

    It means being able to not worry about the 250lb weight limit on things I want to do.

    It means being able to enjoy my motorcycle again, something that I loved that is now too painful to do for long periods of time.

    It means not having to shop in the big and tall section ever again. Being able to have a large variety of clothes to choose from.

    It means getting back to the person I once was, getting back my engergy, my self esteem.

    It means no longer looking in the mirror and that image alone making me grouchy and ruining my entire day.

  • Joshua

    Wanting to transform my body means as much to me psychologically as it does physically. I was one of the only kids in my gym class all throughout school that could not perform a pull-up or chin-up. In fact, I still can’t. If nothing else, I only want to be able to do pull-ups. I also make my own costumes for random things, but I only have things that I can’t fit into the way I want to.

    I am ecstatic that I can do almost 500 pounds on a leg machine. It’s come in handy in the winter. But my upper body is not anywhere near where I’d like it to be. In all truth, physically I want to be able to do the feats of strength that Bruce Lee and Stallone could pull off- one armed pull-ups, two fingered push-ups, one hand push-ups. Also, I would love to be able to do higher jump kicks and flying kicks.

    I have never had a good self-image in school. Things have transpired with my family the have led to me severely resenting my dad. I and my dad have the same body – fat around the midsection, undeveloped pecs, and flab under the triceps. A total body transformation would help in this way psychologically because I have made a mission to change my body so I don’t look like my dad. Mostly it was for my mom’s benefit because we reminded her of our dad and caused her anguish everytime she did.

    But I fear I lack the self-motivation to do any transforming because I have no support around me. And I’m poor, I have very, very little money to work with.

    So, not only will a total body transformation help me with my physical goals, but also my deep psychological goals.

  • Conway

    What would transforming my body mean to me?

    As a disabled man with Muscular Dystrophy (NON-wheelchair) and having had Polio as a baby, transforming my body holds many treasures for me, specifically the ability to move around more easily, as well as increasing the strength in my arms, legs and shoulders which would enable me to navigate my way through the day much more easily. And yes, there’s also the vanity aspect of it. Bigger, harder biceps and broader shoulders would thrill me no end.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my entry.

  • Steve

    Transforming my body and lifestyle would mean that I would develop in a number of areas that need to be transformed.

    I have always faced the ups and downs throughout life and sadly to say most of them have been on the downside. Having a body transformation and lifestyle change will HELP me to realize the importance of what optimal health opportunity’s lye ahead, having an incredible insight and feeling everyday of overwhelming energy, to fulfill my everyday life.

    A transformation such as this would be an incredible relief from frustration and depression. Not only will it give me confidence within myself, but to progress my results towards friends, family and anyone who values the importance of their own health.

    A realization of TRUTH is what I honestly value and live upon. With optimal results from the hard word I input towards a new healthy lifestyle, will aid me to achieve a state of excellence for which I hope for.

    I stand by a quote:
    To Achieve A State Of Excellence, Is To Achieve A State Of Mind.

    This will inspire me to stick to what I want to reach as a goal and by transforming my body and lifestyle I believe it will be something of a great opportunity and towards an outstanding success.

    Thank You For Your Time Craig.

  • Sean

    Transforming my body means a great deal to me. Besides the fact I am a physical education major in college while working on getting my personal trainer certification, which by the way I can’t quite afford to do yet, I have been over weight a long time. I use to be in decent shape and things happened over time and I just lost it. I find it hard to do certain things and I hate it. Not once in my life have I ever went shirtless at the beach or anywhere in public. There are times I bend over to tie my shoes and I find it hard to breath. I’m not eve in the 300lb category so I’m unsure why I have this problem. I have exercise induced asthma so that cause a whole other world of issues for me. Besides living life healthy, happy, and confident, there is an other meaningful reason for me to get in shape. My wife is 2 months pregnant and I don’t want to be so out of shape and fat that I can’t do things with my kid that other children will experience with their father. Kids freak me out enough as it is and I’d like to be a good father. My life and career depend on me getting in shape. I want the energy and health for a family and I need to be fit for my career choice. I’m not doing this just for me. I have no one to impress. I want to be healthy and gain control over my asthma in order to be a better husband and be a good father. This is gonna be my first kid so I’ll be praying. I am quite terrified.

  • kaveh azimi

    This transformation would mean a healthier life style, which would enable me to stay active later into my life than if I were to abandon working out regularly and to choose a sedentary life style. Also, I hope that it would mean less aches and pains when I am older.

  • leah

    what a tt transformation would mean to me would be able to see the body i had only 7 months ago return with the addition of increased energy and muscle health. to be restored with the ability to enjoy and pursue leisure activities along with pleasurable interactive,energetic and memorable times with my kids and husband and able to have social confidence again by attending functions with friends and family would increase my happiness and renew my education in maintaining a healthy food intake to allow these good times to keep rolling with me on board. the feeling of being fit and healthy is something i miss dearly and have noticed this in small ways in every day life. my motivation has disappeared, my self value has almost diminished along with my zest for chasing life. i am still young, just hitting forty. i am tired of hearing the cliche of your body changes at this age and weight is so easy to gain but harder to move. whether this is true or not i donot like to believe these people who are telling me this. i dont want to settle for this is how i am going to be for the rest of my life. being an energetic mind and body with a high spirit for life, food and fun only 7 months ago,makes me ponder with i cannot believe how low gaining 17 kilos in that short time can make me lose my eb. i can remember the last time i carried this amount of weight was when i was 16 years old and i was recovering from a life altering car accident. i never even felt this self conscious even then. i have had 3 children and never weighed this much during each of those pregnancies. i would embrace an educated training program whole heartedly with fun and vigor.

  • Yllek

    It will help me to have more confidence in me, stop hiding myself in huge pants and live my life to the max as the other adolescent girls who are slim. Since i was little, others were constantly mocking at me, giving me silly hurting nicknames. Even my parents started to comment on my physical appearance :'(
    I’m really fed up with this situation, please give me a chance to change my current ‘life’. I’d even started doing physical exercise when i was in elementary school but till now i’ve not any satisfying results:(
    I really want to enjoy my short ‘adolescence life’..
    If i succeed in my goal, i think my parents will be stunned of my transformation and i want them to be proud of me.

  • Steph

    For the past 12 weeks, I’ve been participating in a “Biggest Loser ” transformation competition at my gym. Tomorrow is the final weigh in and I’ve lost 12 lbs so far! I’m at my college weight and feel great. I’m a stay at home mom of four young children and I’ve given my body and soul to my little people for the past 10 years. Now that they are more independant and starting school, I’m enjoying the process of recapturing the young woman I set aside a decade ago to become “Mom”.

    A successful 12 week transformation would be the ultimate gift I could give myself after sacrificing my twenties and half of my thirties for my young family. It would mean recapturing my identity and discovering just what exactly is underneath the last five pounds of baby weight. My 35th birthday is almost exactly 12 weeks away and a transformation would be a fabulous way to enter this next exciting chapter in my life!

  • Karen

    Transforming my body will transform my life! As my fitness increases, I find I have more energy to do all the things I want to do. I finally figured out that I should be an architect, which involves going back to school, not a small challenge when one is over 50. I need to go to graduate school to earn a Masters in Architecture so that I can then design renovations, repairs and new buildings which will help regenerate the environment in which we live. With a fit and vigorous body, I will be able to withstand the rigors of academia, maintain my marriage and keep my horse in good training. This is not a small set of goals, but in light of the bigger picture, a drop in the bucket. Transforming my body to leanness and high energy is important to me so that I may work on all my other goals.

    Of course, I have more selfish reasons for progressing towards a fit, lean attractive body. Feeling and looking good are important, being boundlessly healthy even more important. Having a drop-dead, beautifully fit, body means ease in many inter-personal interactions. I want success on all levels! That means professionally, personally, academically, intellectually. Mens sana in corpore sano (Healthy mind in healthy body), as the Roman poet Juvenal said in his response to what people ought to want from life. The translated passage pretty well sums up what I want from life and it includes a transformed body!

    Thank you for the opportunity to express how I think transforming my body will effect my life. I have included below the translated passage I referred to earlier.

    It is to be prayed that the mind be sound in a sound body.
    Ask for a brave soul that lacks the fear of death,
    which places the length of life last among nature’s blessings,
    which is able to bear whatever kind of sufferings,
    does not know anger, lusts for nothing and believes
    the hardships and savage labors of Hercules better than
    the satisfactions, feasts, and feather bed of an Eastern king.
    I will reveal what you are able to give yourself;
    For certain, the one footpath of a tranquil life lies through virtue.

  • Doug Descant

    I am writing this on behalf of my wife, Lisa. She is the most beautiful, selfless, and full of life person that I know.

    Lisa lives for helping others, which is evident in the career path that she has chosen. She is currently working a full time job as a support counselor for inner city high school students while putting herself through a 3 year grad. school program to become a licensed professional therapist. {not to mention being a loving and supporting wife to a wild-eyed, maybe immature fire fighter. ; ) } I may be able to lift more physical weight over my head, but she is the stronger when it comes to carrying the “weight” of others on her back. Lisa is so passionate about helping those in need that she gives little to no time to herself.

    I must have favor w/ the “man upstairs” b/c God gave me an Angle to love that is not only physically attractive, but also internally radiant.

    Unfortunately, a lot of us have a hard time seeing all the good qualities others see in us, and this definitely holds true for Lisa. She jokes and tells me that I’m blind or delusional when I tell her how beautiful and sexy she is. Lisa’s confidence in others is extremely strong, however; her confidence in her own physique and abilities needs some work.

    She has had me design diet and exercise programs for her in the past, but she has never given herself 100% to them due to her feeling that she lacks the time and motivation to stick with them. Only recently has she been sticking to a healthy eating routine, which I praise her for everyday, but she still has little confidence in herself to make it work.

    So, what would Lisa transforming her body mean to her? It would help her to see what I see. It would help her feel sexy and attractive. It would help her to know that she is beautiful. It would help her understand why she takes my breath away every time I lose myself in her deep blue eyes. It would help her gain the confidence in herself that she deserves.

    Thank you,


  • Visitor

    Body transformation to me means re-birth of the individual with a great body that looks good and hence giving positive strokes to the individual with more presentability and hence creating a positive outlook towards life thereby creating a healthy mind. A heathy body has a healthy mind!

  • Jeremy Dubay


    I can start with the health benefits. I don’t want to weight 350 like my father. I don’t want a pacemaker at 55 like my mother. I want to be able to keep up with my two kids. I’ve already lost 16 lbs in 8 weeks following your training advice and eating better (but not following any specific diet plan). I already have more energy, I sleep better, I am better at work.

    My wife asked me the other day a question. “Don’t you want to look better to other people?” I was taken aback by this. What she meant was that she didn’t want other people hitting on her or me. She wanted constant re-assurance from everyone about how good she looked, without asking for it. SHE’S RIGHT!! I do want people to look at me, I do want people to comment. No matter how confident you feel, constant re-assurance makes you feel that much better.

    I WANT TO BE A RIPPED, HOT BODIED DUDE!!! It seems a little shallow, but what the heck.

  • Diana

    What would transforming my body and lifestyle mean to me?
    For the past five years I have continually gained 5 lbs per year. 25 lbs ago I was at my healthiest I have been in, I would say, for my entire life. Since the weight gain I continue to suffer from mysterious health issues, issues that the “professionals” cannot determine. I personally think that if I were able to lose the 25 lbs, not only would I look better, but I would begin to feel better too.
    I have been on a regular exercise regimen for most of my life. I love having an active lifestyle and love feeling fit. I generally do not have any problem getting motivated to work out. Lately, however, it has been hard because of the mysterious physical issues that have cropped up over the past five years. I still work out regularly, but I am stuck in a rut and I desperately need a change for the better.
    I am currently a senior at the local university and my major is, of all things, dietetics. It seems with each passing year and each pound gained I lose more focus and zest for life and school. I am struggling to keep my grades where they need to be, I am struggling with lack of motivation, lack of focus, lack of mental clarity and with the mysterious physical symptoms, lack of energy.
    My health is of utmost importance to me in my life. And I sincerely believe that if I could transform my body and my lifestyle in this one area it would increase my health and bring me back to where I used to be. But not only physically, transforming my body and lifestyle would help me regain my confidence in myself and regain the energy I would need to make the necessary changes in all aspects of my life. I truly believe that I would not only transform my body but I would transform my attitude, and my outlook and ultimately my entire lifestyle (not just my nutrition lifestyle).

  • Transforming my body would mean transforming my life.

    My doctor told me I need to loss 20 LBs and reduce my LDL Cholesterol by 70 points. He want to put me on medication, but I want to try diet and exercise first.

    I have two teenagers and a 4th grader…I want to be able to enjoy my family

  • I’ll make this “short and sad.” I am 69 years old and too tired to do anything much physically or otherwise. I was a workaholic all my life and now it is time to get out of my chair and get some fitness and energy. Your Turbulence Training plan is the only one I have seen that gives me hope that I can actually do this! – Doc Meek

  • Shawn M

    What would transforming my body mean to me? Freedom. Free from a boom and bust cycle of summer struggles and winter sloth. Freedom from the tyranny of the dinner plate; Freedom from the guilt and self-consciousness of eating the wrong things and feeling lousy. Freedom from having to maintain 2 wardrobes of fit clothes and fat clothes. Freedom to have the confidence to enter that first mountain bike race, or half-marathon. Freedom to take off my shirt at the beach. Freedom from the fear that my body is breaking down prematurely. That’s what transforming my body means to me: Freedom.

  • Sam

    Transforming my body and my lifestyle would amount to a renewed sense of self-worth, an indictment on mediocrity, living proof that a fit person is not the same as a skinny-fat person, a shift from dreading summer and the outdoors to embracing them. A chance to finally become an example rather than continually seek one.

  • kate

    In 2006 I was diagnosed w/ Breast cancer. I went thru treatment consisting of 8 rounds of chemo and 35 radiation treatments. Thru it all it was important to me to lead as normal a life as possible. I continued to work and work out. I had always been athletic so I went from running to walking but still doing so at a challenging pace.
    It is 2 yrs since I finished treatment and have put on the pounds. It may sound ridiculous after living thru a cancer diagnosis but the extra weight gain has really stressed me out.
    I know my metabolism needs a wake-up call and nothing else has worked. After reading about the benefits of interval training and the ‘dark side of cardio’ I feel I may regain control of this issue and that to would be PRICELESS>

  • Lorna

    As an marine scientist, I tend to aim high and succeed every time!! But my self confidence has been eroded over the years by my one failure so far in life, that is, maintaining a nutrition and fitness regime that allows me consistent success over time. I love to train, but my job involves a lot of travel, which of course, will be taken care of with the hotel room workouts when I can’t do better. The simplicity of the nutritional information will make it easy to follow. Finally, reducing the training time, will inspire me because I have so little of it to spend in the gym. The support forums are excellent, and the Transformation Contest winners inspiring. I was truly blown away by the last transformation winner. She deserved every bit of praise heaped on her, and is a role model for us all. And the positive side effects of Turbulence Training means that the programme will have an impact on every aspect of our lives, if we allow it. One great example is the contest winner stopping smoking. I bet she NEVER anticipated that positive side effect. I can’t wait for next Monday to come!!!!!

  • Carol

    HEALTH-I need to strengthen my core!! I have almost constant spasm in my back. I have hypothyroidism and have added 5 pounds every year for the last 6 years and don’t want to any more. To be rid of my flarby body would be great but most of all I want to be as strong and as healthy as possible.

  • jorge

    it will be nice to be healty and look good but how can a guy like me can do it? semms to be easy but it don´t, so how can i get fit in a short timr with out getting sick, so if u can help me it will be great.

  • Lisa

    Transforming my body =FREEDOM. One word describes a new way of living. A freedom from emotional eating and sedentary living into a victorious and confident new life.

    Quite simply: Transformation=Freedom.

  • Steven

    Just need to lose the end of it :@ went from 27% fat to 14 and haven’t got abs sculpted…

    Just wanna break through this 14% I’ve been on for 3 months now 🙁

  • Paul

    Transforming my body will help me tremendously as I start interviewing, finding myself unemployed for the first time in my life. I know I need every edge I can get and first impressions mean everything. By walking in with confidence and in great shape I can show future employers that I already know how to take care of myself and have a commitment to personal excellence that will translate to my job and that I can be someone they would want representing their company. Lets face it, looks do matter and that is one variable I can control. Your program is great, already on my way to achieving results!

  • Denise

    What would transforming my body mean to me?
    I am a 46 yr old mother of 4. Their ages range from 26 to 3. I am also the grandmother of 3, ages 6months to 5. My life is very demanding and busy. I love it!! In almost every way I am happier than I have ever been. I have a great family and a job that is fulfilling and challenging. The only thing missing is the way I look at myself. When others see me they don’t see what I see in the mirror. They see a strong, independent, happy, confident woman. I see a woman who is aging to fast, out of shape, flabby and tired all the time. I look at my beautiful 3 yr old son and think how awful it will be for him as he grows up to have a mom that can’t participate in his life.
    I want that confidence that everyone sees in me. I want to walk tall and proud of myself. I want and need to continue to live a full life. I already have high cholesterol and dont want to be on medication for the rest of my life.
    So the question is a good one. A transformation would effect me in every aspect of my life and the life of my youngest child. A transformation is the missing link in my perfect life.
    Thank you for helping me to put into words what I have known all along but was afraid to say out loud. Besides all that, thanks to Michelle Obama, I need to tone up my arms before summer 🙂

  • I am in trouble, I have been following you by email and by reading your website for a couple of years now but don’t seem to be able to join the contest. I have all these excuses: I am too old (65) I am too fat (55lbs overweight) I am too busy (I still work part time, and I take care of my 1 yr old grand daughter 2 to 3 days a week). But worst of all ~ I have been dieting all my life and it no longer works. Nothing works. I just keep getting older and fatter. It interferes with my work, my self esteem, my energy, my happiness, and worst of all with my self worth in all my affairs. I worry about my health becoming inpared by the extra weight. I have tried dieting, fasting, over the counter pills, every new idea folks come up with. I exercise to no avail. I am discouraged.
    Help please,

  • I am in trouble, I have been following you by email and by reading your website for a couple of years now but don’t seem to be able to join the contest. I have all these excuses: I am too old (65) I am too fat (55lbs overweight) I am too busy (I still work part time, and I take care of my 1 yr old grand daughter 2 to 3 days a week). But worst of all ~ I have been dieting all my life and it no longer works. Nothing works. I just keep getting older and fatter. It interferes with my work, my self esteem, my energy, my happiness, and worst of all with my self worth in all my affairs. I worry about my health becoming inpared by the extra weight. I have tried dieting, fasting, over the counter pills, every new idea folks come up with. I exercise to no avail. I am discouraged.
    Help please,

  • I am in trouble, I have been following you by email and by reading your website for a couple of years now but don’t seem to be able to join the contest. I have all these excuses: I am too old (65) I am too fat (55lbs overweight) I am too busy (I still work part time, and I take care of my 1 yr old grand daughter 2 to 3 days a week). But worst of all ~ I have been dieting all my life and it no longer works. Nothing works. I just keep getting older and fatter. It interferes with my work, my self esteem, my energy, my happiness, and worst of all with my self worth in all my affairs. I worry about my health becoming inpared by the extra weight. I have tried dieting, fasting, over the counter pills, every new idea folks come up with. I exercise to no avail. I am discouraged.
    Help please,

  • Wendelyne Sharrock

    I am in trouble, I have been following you by email and by reading your website for a couple of years now but don’t seem to be able to join the contest. I have all these excuses: I am too old (65) I am too fat (55lbs overweight) I am too busy (I still work part time). But worst of all ~ I have been dieting all my life and it no longer works. Nothing works. I just keep getting older and fatter. It interferes with my work, my self esteem, my energy, my happiness, and worst of all with my self worth in all my affairs. I worry about my health becoming inpared by the extra weight. I have tried dieting, fasting, over the counter pills, every new idea folks come up with. I exercise to no avail. I need some hope.
    Help please,

  • Wendelyne Sharrock

    I am in trouble, I have been following you by email and by reading your website for a couple of years now but don’t seem to be able to join the contest. I have all these excuses: I am too old (65) I am too fat (55lbs overweight) I am too busy (I still work part time). But worst of all ~ I have been dieting all my life and it no longer works. Nothing works. I just keep getting older and fatter. It interferes with my work, my self esteem, my energy, my happiness, and worst of all with my self worth in all my affairs. I worry about my health becoming inpared by the extra weight. I have tried dieting, fasting, over the counter pills, every new idea folks come up with. I exercise to no avail. I need some hope.
    Help please,

  • Wendelyne Sharrock

    I am in trouble, I have been following you by email and by reading your website for a couple of years now but don’t seem to be able to join the contest. I have all these excuses: I am too old (65) I am too fat (55lbs overweight) I am too busy (I still work part time). But worst of all ~ I have been dieting all my life and it no longer works. Nothing works. I just keep getting older and fatter. It interferes with my work, my self esteem, my energy, my happiness, and worst of all with my self worth in all my affairs. I worry about my health becoming inpared by the extra weight. I have tried dieting, fasting, over the counter pills, every new idea folks come up with. I exercise to no avail. I need some hope.
    Help please,

  • Ricky

    I do community work with teenagers and every chance I get, I tell them how the world is their oyster… how they can achieve ANYTHING that they put their minds to… how nothing is impossible.

    Well, that’s exactly what transforming my body would mean: an opportunity for me to lead by example and SHOW them that anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the effort.

    So, for me, transforming my body will most definitely have tons of benefits in my life, but the greatest benefit would be to in the process hopefully transform their young minds into believing that they too can truly achieve ANYTHING that they set their sights on!

  • Aaron

    After getting married over a year ago I fell into a rut, gained some weight, and have had some health issues and lost a lot of confidence in myself. The transformation for me would help me regain my confidence in everyday life and I would definately feel more confident around my wife.

  • Cristian

    HEALTH !!! HAPPINESS !!!That’s what it means to me… Good work ! Thanks !

  • Aaron

    After getting married over a year ago I fell into a rut, had some health issues and gained some weight. I also lost a lot of confidence in myself. To me the transformation would mean a chance to regain some of the confidence I had lost and a chance to get my health back to where it was before if not better.

  • It would mean being able to lift my five year old again without feeling excruciating pain in my shoulder as if it was going to get pulled out by doing so!
    It would also mean I would finally achieve the dream body that I once had when I was in my early twenties- being able to do much more in much less time than I do now.
    It would mean becoming and staying fit- playing in the park with the children without feeling breathless… wearing that black dress without feeling awkward… walking up a mountain trail without losing breath or energy…
    It would mean being able to get off the plateau I got myself on with the birth of my son nearly five and a half years ago… and regain my ‘self’.
    Of course, it feels great to look good… It however feels infinitely better to be able to do so with the confidence that it need not take hours of time and can be done WITH a full time job AND with two growing children…

  • Brenda

    This transformation would mean a new beginning for me. It would put an end to the shame that I feel towards my body. For a long time I have stuggled like many people do with there weight, but the biggest problem for me is that after so many diets and yo-yo diets, I never liked the way I felt or looked afterwards. I want for the first time in my life be able to love how I look and be happy with my body. I want to transform this ugly, fat body into the beautiful tone and shaped body I know I can have. Is not easy to hear on a daily basis ” oh you put on a few pounds, you better be careful or no one is going to be attracted to you”. It hurts me to hear those comments when you want to do something about it but you just don’t know what, where, or when to start. I want to do it for me. to be able to say out loud ” I love how I look, I love my body”. to me is more than just losing weight, is about how you feel about yourself. And I know that by doing the transformation, it would change my life in all aspects.

  • Paul Hoderlein

    Transforming my body would mean gaining a new sense of freedom and health. It would be a stepping stone to increased fitness and longevity.


  • Maria from Florida

    Having transformed my body seven times after giving birth to seven sons and doing it again a few years ago to a much greater extent, would accomplish the same thing it always has…
    An empowering feeling. Soaring self-esteem and confidence. When you look and feel this good, the transformation is not just superficial. Your mental fitness is at an all time high. Because of this confidence, your decision making process is enhanced. Your whole life transforms…into a life that is a pleasure living, sharing with others, and filled with anticipation of living each new day to the fullest!

  • Mike Wright

    It wouold mean to me that I finally lost the 35 pounds of excess weight I have not been able to get rid of for the past 6 years. Once I do this I will have more energy to spend playing with my children and hopefully live a long productive life and see them grow up.

  • Tierney Pruitt

    Although most girls worry about their weight and clothes size to impress others and attract guys. I don’t care about those things. I mean sure being a smaller size would be nice and being a lighter weight would be cool, too, but I mainly just want to get healthy.
    I’ll admit that as I play basketball and volleyball with my team I feel self conscious because they are all so thin and lean. While I have a lot of muscle, it’s not really defined and I have a big build. I’m embarrassed whenever I look in the mirror and I sometimes cry. I want to be a more confident individual so that I can be a stronger person, a better friend, and a better student. I’ve been working hard to lose fat and strengthen my muscles, and I’m not going to give up, but it’s hard when I look at my best friend and she’s so tiny and I’m HUGE! I’m not obese, just overweight. If I could transform my body, I know I’d feel healthy, confident, less depressed and more attentive. I wish I could reach that point.
    P.S. To whoever wins: I know that you’ll be a stronger person and get a happier outlook. 😀 I’ll be wishing you luck!
    P.S.S That WAS NOT a kiss up message! I really just felt like congratulating whoever wins and giving them some encouragement. just thought I’d make that clear. 🙂

  • Tom

    Next week mark’s a pivotal time in my life — I turn 60. Most would say my chances for getting six pack abs or building muscle would be skant. However, they said the same thing when I was 235 lbs on X-Mas day 2006 when I placed an order for a treadmill. On X-Mas day 2008 I weighed in at 165 lbs. But I’m done yet.

    I still want to be able to say that I lived long enough to have six pack abs. Wouldn’t it be great to say I accomplished that at age 60! Unfortunately, spending 90 minutes on the treadmill every morning doing cardio wasn’t getting me the muscle tone or definition I wanted. So, I began surfing YouTube for some training alternatives. Mid-January I stumbled onto some of your TT videos. I bought a set of 20 lb dumbbells and started doing the exercises in the videos. At my age, it’s taken a bit longer than 12 weeks to see results — but they are beginning to surface. I never thought there would come a day I could do 120 pushups during a workout, but I can now. Chin-ups not so much — but I’m working on them. I use the support bar on the treadmill to do overhead rows, which are my version of chin-ups. So I guess you could say I’m still using the treadmill! lol

    The most interesting thing of all is the number of people, both friends and acquaintances, that pull me aside and ask how I made all the changes in my body that are so obvious. As they put it, they never thought someone so “old” could accomplish what I’ve done. I always tell them that if I had it to do all over again, I would have used Total Training exclusively. My workouts are 30 to 45 minutes long and they kick butt! My wife recently said she never remembers me having muscles that were actually so apparent.

    All I can say is thanks to what little Turbulence Training I’ve found on YouTube I’m closer now than I ever thought possible to actually having six pack abs and a body I can be proud of. I can’t imagine what I would look like if I had the entire TT program. The mind reels at the thought!

  • Tmart

    To me, it would mean the end of selfishness. Anytime I see someone gorging themselves on food, or not exercising because “they don’t have time”, I think of the potential pain that they could be putting their families through by choosing this lifestyle. It’s not just about them. Many of these people have children who will be forced into the pain of loosing a loved one early; and it could be prevented, people! Think of the ones who love you, not just yourself.

  • Matthew

    Transformation for me will mean for me release from something that has bothered me for most of my life. I guess it is kind of embarrassing for me to talk about but I have gynecomastia (excessive male breast tissue). Even in high school when I was very lean, this was a problem for me. As I got older and gained weight, it became even more of an issue. I have not taken my shirt off in public for the past 5 years . It is something that is on my mind every day. Every item of clothing I buy or try on, is gauged on this one criterion. I have lost 30 pounds in a little over 2 months and I am going to continue with the TT workouts until I lose 25 more. This will put me at 185 lbs, which at 6’2” is fairly lean. At this point I am going to switch to the TT for Mass and hopefully pack on some muscle in my chest. Honestly I don’t know how I will feel about my chest at that point but if it still an issue, I can go to a doctor and at least know I have done all I can do on my own. There are many other areas of my life that will be, and are being, effected. This, however, is really my motivation and what keeps me going when I don’t feel like working out. Even if this isn’t exactly what you were looking for, it feels good to get this off my CHEST. HA!!!

  • Dan

    What would transforming your body and lifestyle mean to you?

    I have been using TT for about 10 months now, and I have already transformed my body and lifestyle dramatically. Transforming them for that extra step would mean the world to me.

    I am approaching 3 years of having been diagnosed with diabetes, at which point I weighed 204 pounds (on a 5’10” frame). I lost weight via running and weight lifting and a slightly better diet, but I was nowhere near as effective as when I found Turbulence Training. In fact, I injured my knee from so much running due to the repetitive stress.

    With Turbulence Training I was able to take it to a new level, and I no longer have any repetitive stress injuries thanks to high intensity intervals. As of my last bi-annual doctor appointment, I was told I could stop taking my diabetes medication and could be considered to have conquered diabetes if I had a successful checkup at my next appointment.

    This brings me to what a transformation would mean. It would mean I no longer have to worry about not seeing my children graduate from college because I am overweight and out of shape. I would mean I can look forward to the father-bride dance at my daughters’ wedding. I can grow old with my lovely wife. It would mean I can be a role model to my kids, my family and my friends, showing them what can be achieved with hard work and a solid game plan.

    With the help of Turbulence Training, and another short 3 months of transformation, I can become the me I always envisioned I could be.

  • David Sandhu

    For 20 years of my life I have lived the life of a fat man while not even realizing that there is a life that is real and full of excitement, joy and happiness. Last summer I found TT and realized that my bike ride to work did not constitute as a “workout” and I should and can live healthier. My transformation will mean alot to me, a few reasons, though, are that it means is that I will:
    Finally be able to go to the beach without being embarrassed.
    Enjoy it when one of my friends has a pool party.
    Enjoy the nightlife of parties and social events
    Boost my confidence
    But most of all, I think this transformation means to me that I will forever change the way my family and my children (to come) will view food and exercise. When I was growing up my mom and dad never talked about calories, making the right food choices, going out for a walk or enjoying the outdoors. When I go back home I am constantly telling my family that there is more to life than watching tv and eating food, there’s feeling good about yourself and going for walks, enjoying nature and just being outside. I truly believe this transformation will demonstrate to my family that change is real and can happen to individuals, and I am so honored that I can be the one to start a revolution in my family so that we will live longer, more prosperous, and happier.

  • Grant

    i guess it will mean alot of the same things to me as it does to other people.
    – for the first time in my life i would be able to take my shirt off at the beach or in public
    -first time in my life able to take my shirt off while at home without being ashamed
    -i wont have to sit hunched over during lectures trying to hide my stomach cause i think my belly is sticking out too far.
    – ill finally be able to go to a water park and have some fun.
    -after years of trying hopefully the effort i put in will finally pay off.
    -might inspire my mum to lose some weight and hopefully be healthier and be around alot longer.
    -might help me smile when i walk passed a window/mirror, instead of frowning.
    – i guess most importantly it could help me stop being angry at myself.

  • Froydis Olsen

    Transformation would mean reaching a goal that thus far has seemed totally out of reach. My life has been on hold! I have been keeping most of life at a safe distance. A transformation would mean to live my life to the fullest, with great health, energy, laughter and with a loving man by my side.

  • H

    It would mean I could not live in fear of getting a disease (Diabetes) through my own faults that took one of my best friends seven years ago. His was type 1 and I know eating and bad choices can lead to type 2. It would mean being able to take my shirt off and being stared it for the whole package. It would mean reducing pain in my back and shoulders because of the extra weight. It would mean that I’ve successfully committed to doing something and seeing the end result. It would mean Life.

  • Drew V.

    What transforming my body would mean to me, is the chance to start my life with a clean slate. As a child I remember being on the over weight side of the charts. As a fifth grader I was 5’0 and 195 pounds I played sports thinking that being active and getting exercise would help me burn off the extra weight, but it didnt seem to work for me like it did for others. Going through middle school and high school I still particapated in sports, as a senior I was 6’2 and and 387 pounds. After graduation I started to try and lose the extra weight, that was in 2003. Now Im 6’3 and at 285 and I’ve seem to hit a plateau in the transformation I started years ago. I feel that if I can win the battle I have been fighting for my whole life, I would have the confidence to walk with my head up looking people in the eyes. Not to include the information that I would recive would help me in my day to day life.

  • Transforming my body would mean that I would be able to wear that speedo suit on the beach without looking like a beached walrus.

  • Anne

    I am a athlete. I enjoy looking like an athlete, dressing like an athlete and yes even smelling like an athlete! I am a fitness specialist at a GM facility and I try to lead by example. Every day I see people who don’t take care of the greatest gift given to them; their human body.
    Reaching my personal goals shows people that if you put your mind to it anything can happen. Having a goal of a contest and a goal date helps so much with motivation. It’s something I have never tried before.
    Who ever is selected remember this You only live once folks. Go out and make it happen.

  • lela texeira

    Transforming my body would mean that I had the power to create my reality as I want to live it and experience it. It means that I am loving and caring to myself and not just to those around me, and that is truly a “sustainable” concept which is win-win for everybody. Committing to my health is making a commitment to enjoy and improve everything I do. Being an example is a powerful teaching tool, I’d hope my fitness accomplishments would inspire others and let them know that what they want is also possible.

  • Ty

    What does transforming my body mean to me?

    Everything. There are lots of stories about guys that wear their shirts while swimming in a pool or at the beach. Well, I’m not that guy; I’m the one that doesn’t goes to a pool or the beach for fear of being seen. I haven’t always been a big guy. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been fit at some point either. I’ve been skinny fat from reducing my calories, but never “fit” and lean. I’ve always known that I’d like to be lean, but have never been able to put my plan together and stick with it. So, to be honest, I’m not writing this just trying to get something for free. I truly want to get my life back and start enjoying it. So, to answer your question; transforming my body would mean enjoying what life has to offer and not being afraid of putting myself out there and going after my goals and dreams.

    P.S. – Wow, one would think that such a significant thing would be so important that I’d do whatever it takes to get there. I guess it just gets old after you’ve failed numerous times before.

  • Janice

    WOW, did you ever catch me on the right day.

    I have been sticking with a program (for the most part) for the past nine months. I am happy to say I have lost 30 lbs of body fat while gaining 18 lbs of lean body mass! So great news you say??? Well not when you have a habit of self-sabotage and feeling like you are not worthy of being the best you can be… I am so close to breaking through the mental barrier and realizing my own self worth, but I can’t seem to do it alone.

    So in answer to your question, it would mean getting my life back and liking myself again (I’m sure I did at some point in my life 🙂 ). I hide behind a layer of fat so no one will want to get too close to me emotionally or physically. I want this so badly, but need help and accountability with a healthy dose of encouragement. I am not morbidly obese, but still have 30 pounds left to lose and welcome the opportunity you are offering. Given this opportunity I will do whatever is asked of me, this I will guarantee you!

    Yes, this opportunity would mean everything to me if I were given the chance. Thanks for hearing me out.

  • Ralph

    What will transforming my body mean to me?
    Well, I’ve worked really hard to reach where I am now, but am losing my way because I’ve hit the famous weight losers wall – I’ve plateaued.
    I’m on level ground, and as hard as I kick I just can’t seem to drop to my next target level. I’ve been able to work so far on my own, but now feel I need help to go forward and change my life.
    Perhaps Craig has a suggestion?

  • WD

    Transforming my body and lifestyle would mean that my self-image would shine brighter, self-confidence would increase, positive outlook on life would be realized, and thus, increased sales in my insurance profession would happen.

  • mary

    Transforming my body would mean that there is a part of my life I have some control over and that would help me feel better about myself.
    I keep trying on my own, but it’s difficult I really need a plan that works.

  • Bobby Farkas

    In 07, I was over 320 lbs. In Jan 08 I took up running. I am now 260 lbs. I still need to take off the last 70lbs. Which I found is becoming more difficulties to do. I need to pick up my cross training and starting working out with weights.
    The lose of weight with trim and lean body will bring me more confidence and less stress.


  • Cynthia M

    Transforming my body and my lifestyle is such a big part of saving my life. In November of last year, I attempted suicide. I was involved in a violently abusive relationship and never felt I was good enough or pretty enough for anybody. I was told and felt that I was fat and ugly. I turned to alcohol and drugs to escape my seemingly hopeless situation which led me deeper into depression until I felt I couldnt take any more. I spent 10 days in a veteran’s hospital in a mental health clinic. During that time, I was able to realize that I really did want to live and I have been working extremely hard on turning my life around. I have since got out of the abusive relationship and am currently staying with my son and his family. I am in an outpatient treatment program for substance abuse through the VA. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder Type II and am suffering from Post
    Traumatic Stress Disorder due to my experience while enlisted in the US Navy. I have been overweight most of my life and some of the medications I had been taking caused me to gain an additional 50 pounds. A friend of mine told me about Turbulence Training and I have been trying every since to save enough money to purchase the program. I know that a positive self image is the key to my recovery and I am so excited that you have offered this opportunity. Not only would I feel that I feel good, but I would look good, too. I am committed to taking my life back and rewriting it to the way I want it to be.

  • Jane

    Transforming my body would mean that finally, someone would take care of me! Does that sound bad? I am a mom of four, two of them who are mentally ill, and cannot handle day to day life. From 5 am til 11 pm, I am focussed on getting through each day. I have to do it all, be a supermom, work all day and take care of them (with many calls from the school) and it is hard when you have no energy, you don’t get enough sleep, and your mind is always working, trying to get the best for your kids. I know I need more sleep, that the stress of these kids drives up my cortisol levels. The last thing I have time for is to figure out what type of program will actually work for me. But my kids are my everything, and no one will love them like I do, so I go on day after day, needing to make changes, but too tired and stressed to think of how to go about it.

  • Jose Luis

    I also suffer from PTSD-Vietnam. I got back from Nam looking like a spaghetti and didn’t have the body that would appeal for respect from people who spit on my face. Transforming my body would mean respect. Oh, to see the look of respect -NOT intimidation, mind you-on people’s faces, including family and friends. It would also mean achievement- that I am not a loser, but someone who doesn’t give up until achieving a goal stated. Like the song says R-E-S-P-E-C-T! The word alone inspires. Indeed, transforming my body would be a resurrection for me. Thus endeth my whining.

  • Jer

    Energy is a really great place to start. Over the last year our house has grown from a retired old dude and me to a daughter, 37, a granddaughter 16, a grandson 10 and the return of our 28 year old son (who has been working organic farms and came home for a death in the family). Boy is it busy around here. Working 40 hours a week as a CNA in a long term care demetia wing is busy also. But now we are looking at hiking and talk of overnight camping. Living in The Bitterroot Valley in Montana is a wonderful place and more fitness would help. It is time to take this 57 year old body to another level. I am working on my diet, going towards more raw and organic, and know that my energy will improve. But to be able to keep up with the family on their outings and not have them waiting for grandma because she isn’t walking as quickly as they are on those lovely, kick you butt, up-hill grades would be a pleasure. So everyone that reads this, keep working on those muscles and know you’ll feel great soon.

  • Ashley Brown

    For me, transforming my body includes my transforming my mind. I need to break out of a great number of bad habits to truly transform from the soft pillow I have become, into the chiseled Adonis I know I have the potential to be. My body will change, with or without me, and if I loose control now, I could end up at a dead end. The best thing I could do now is steer it in the right direction, have a destination in sight, and make sure that my entire lifestyle is set up to deliver success. I have been reading about TT for a long time … now is the time for action.

  • RN

    Transforming my body and lifestyle would mean that I’d be everything I wanted to be in life and thus I’d feel as if I could accomplish everything I ever wanted to. Nothing would stand in my way anymore.

  • Transforming my body would mean that I would be able to run around and play with my daughter. It took me 4 years to have her and the downfall was I went up to 205lbs. I am 5ft3inches, so you can imagine what I looked like. I since then have lost a lot of the weight but with the help of over the counter drugs. They worked a little, but the mood swings were horrible. I stopped taking them and gain some weight back. I want to lose the weight the natural and healthy way. I don’t want to feel tired all the time and be ashamed of my body. I want to feel great about myself and be the best mom I can be.


  • Vivian

    My story falls in the beginner category since I have not yet tried the TT workout even though I have been receiving emails from you for at least 1 year. I am very overweight, borderline diabetic with a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease. So getting in shape would most importantly improve my health and quality of life. I also believe it would help me find a better job by increasing my confidence, help me look younger (I’m 47), and compete with the 30-somethings for jobs.
    I was unemployed for 1 1/2 years until I got a contract job in Feb. (they hired me without an in-person interview – thank goodness!) and I know I was turned down many times for being overweight. I was also unable to afford your program during this time, but I wanted to keep it in mind for when I did get a steady job. I also hesitated to buy your program because I wasn’t sure how fast it would work so the story about Robyn losing 34 pounds in 12 weeks is very inspiring. I would like to lose weight that fast although I have about 85 lbs to lose.

  • Wood

    Transforming my body would give me a sense of accomplishment that I’ve never been able to achieve thus far… transforming my body would give me confidence I desperately wish for… transforming my body would be a stepping stone for keeping my 2 little boys healthy and motivating my unhealthy family…

    As a small guy, it gets extremely discouraging to be “fit” and active and work hard in the gym, but never see results. The belly just refuses to leave, and temptation to give up (along with the temptation to indulge on sweets) is always around me. I just really need that extra jolt of motivation and effective training, as do most all of the people writing in. I wish everyone here the best of luck with their goals!

  • Rhees

    The time for me has come and gone too many times. I’m 46, play competitive tennis and now have 2 kids playing and watching their Dad. As seasons have started I have often commenced a new regime of training and I’ve known about TT for 2 years. Watching others transform while I’ll stop & start has been frustrating. The committment needed hasn’t been there to ‘do it’, and my goals have been ignored too loooong. Dax would have a field day with me. I work full-time in Sales and have the month of May off on Long service leave and have decided that this will be the start of my new lifestyle. I’m not a candidate for the Biggest Loser but have health issues that can only get better by improving my fitness and mental state. By that I mean i’m not fat, i’m overweight at 92kgs and 6′ tall and want to play with my kids and tennis until I drop off the planet. I can see the change in all the people that Transform or complete the challenge that they thought they could or would never do – their beaming smile says it all. So, ‘its time’ – an old Labor party slogan, is ringing in my ear and now that I’ve told the world, there’s no turning back – good luck to all and remember to smile and help one another.

  • Steve

    Transforming my body for me would mean completing a transformation I began a couple years ago, when I went from 280 lbs to 230, and have been stuck yo-yoing + or – 5 pounds ever since.

    I’ve already become somewhat of an inspiration to seriously overweight family, and continuing my journey would help me to continue to be a role model for my loved ones.

  • Dominique

    Transforming my body would mean conquering the middle-age “spread” I’ve been accumulating. It would mean a return of my energy, and and overall boost in my self-esteem. It could mean extending my years on this earth!

  • Catherine

    Transforming my body would mean the world to me. Being my ideal weight and not chubby would give the confidence to venture out and do the things I want to do, not worry about what people might think. I currently feel tired all the time and depressed, being healthy would give me more energy and confidence. I don’t want to feel sad and depressed about myself anymore, I want to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. There is a powerful and happy woman inside trying to escape!

  • Allan

    It would mean a whole new lease on life for not only myself but for my wife as well! We have been struggling for years on trying to diet and get in shape. All the contradictory information out there is just frustrating. We have been members of numerous gyms and found one that we like and enjoy working out together. The frustrating part is finding workouts that work for both of us and also combining the nutrition that we need to help transform our bodies into the fit healthy people we know we can be. Thanks for all your help and consideration!

  • Lori

    I would finally live up to my potential and be the woman I know I can be.

  • Richard

    Transforming my body would mean three things to me:
    1) It would mean that I am setting a great example for my daughter that if you work hard and smart anything is possible.
    2) It would mean that I am getting healthier and will have more energy and time to be able to spend with my family.
    3) It would mean that I am happier overall with myself and have a higher sense of self-respect becuase of the changes I have been able to make.

  • Luis

    Reaching the age of 51 better health is very important to me. Live a better quality life. Be able to face life and all its daily’s challenges; from this point forward with more energy…it will be awesome. That indeed would build my confidence as a man and as a person.

  • Shari

    At 235 (down from 260 with diet alone so far), I still have a ways to go. Transforming my body would mean a lot to not only me but my two sisters, also overweight, and my parents. One sister and my mother have Type2 Diabetes and I am on my way unless I make a drastic change. I know it is all about the small daily habits, I used to lift weights with bodybuilder friends back in my 20s, but once I was a full-time desk worker those workouts fell by the wayside and stress eating and lack of movement took their twin tolls! I’ve been heavy the last 20 years and desperately need to turn it around. I know all the movement in the world won’t make up for a crappy diet – I should know, I’ve actually completed 4 half-marathons in the last 18 months without dropping a pound!

    I didn’t start losing weight until I started eating clean. That’s helped so far and now it’s time to step it up and get moving!

    Transforming my body would spare me from developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, make me comfortable doing physical things (I am learning to swing dance but feel enormous and ungainly and embarassed!), and ultimately help motivate my family members to follow me in losing weight and getting healthy. Having struggled with depression and panic attacks I know that blood sugar is a big part of that, and that proper diet and regular exercise helps build up the good neurotransmitters to keep me from having to take meds to overcome these mental imbalances.

    Transformating means I could be the wife my husband married so many years ago now, the wife he deserves, with the health I deserve.

    From all the research and different things I have tried, I’ve come to believe that TT represents the most cost- and time-effective way out there to work out and achieve the body I so desire!

    I want to live the rest of my life doing active and healthy things (dancing! marathons! hiking! biking!) and during the transformation journey I know I will ultimately reach my destination and make athletic activity a non-negotiable part of my life.

    The cute clothes will just be a bonus!! 🙂

  • Cathy L

    Wow! A transformation would be a result of a commitment to my family and friends. I would like to get my Husband involved with me to do this together. I want to show others that it can be done. I have been working out with a group of ladies at the gym and we do alot of TT type workouts, and I have seen a change in my shape. I also am training for my 4th triathalon sprint in Aug. What a way to get ready for that, and have a great looking body. I have enjoyed reading your news letters and trying some of your workouts. Keep up the good work.

  • It would mean finally being able to invest in myself; to be able to tell myself that I’m worth it. My first word was ‘pizza’, no joke, and I’ve always lived up to that mentality. I’m 24, and since January, I’ve been undergoing some transformations. I’m down to 240 from 265 (@ 6’0″), thanks to Turbulence Training. I can run 5 miles. I’m finally starting to feel better in clothing. Transforming my body has given me a feeling of starting fresh and looking forward. I’m getting married September 19th of this year, and my goal is to be under 200 lbs. What I need is another motivational burst, because right now I’m at a plateau. This summer’s transformation contest should be just what I need to finally break free of my greatest barrier, my weight. I owe my renewed sense of confidence to Turbulence Training, and transforming my body into the lean man I know is inside will give me the strength to achieve everything I set my mind to!

  • Re’

    Your simple question opened up many thoughts I had stored in my mind. Thank you.
    The transformation would help me significantly face my fears, and over come them regarding my abuser. It would help me get moving forward from a still position. It will give me strength, energy, a sense of accomplishment, superior health, mentally and physically, and I will know inside the he no longer has a hold on me. It will also set an excellent example for my 14 year old daughter. I want her to continue to make healthy choices and to really understand the importance of being fit , eating well, and how it helps our total being in so many positive ways.
    You have given me good food for thought.

  • David Redabaugh

    Achieving my health goals at this stage in my life (55) would mean giving to my family . . .more of the best of who I am. More energy, more enthusiasm for living . . .more discipline to model for others. It would also mean giving back to me. This is one of the greatest gifts I can give to myself and to all the others whose lives I touch through my work, play, and at home.

  • Belinda

    It would mean looking looking and feeling like a fit and healthy young woman for my wedding in March 2010. After that we are going to start trying for a family, so it’ll mean a healthier and easier pregnancy. After that it will mean a good role model and guide for my children, and that is the most important goal for me.

    I’m not very overweight but I know I could be so much fitter and healthier. My workmates say ‘oh, you don’t need to watch what you eat’. Just because there are people who are bigger than me doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try and improve. I am trying and even though I’m only achieving baby steps, they are still steps in the right direction. Consistency is my biggest hurdle. I have to get serious and reinforce my determination – people will get over their hurt feelings if I don’t have one of their home made cup cakes. If they care about me, they’ll forgive me (nothing to forgive really) and if they don’t, well nuts to ’em.

  • ricky sanciangco

    Transforming your body would mean a lot. For me, it would mean great courage and strength to stick to your goals and objectives, to become the new YOU. It requires discipline, self confidence and ability to overcome the challenges. To achieve your goals the need to instill in your mind that doing this type of transformation would mean a lot of changes in your life such as having self confidence within yourself, become a new person, socially & emotionally and become a role model to your fellowmen who have the same problem as you were before you became a new YOU.

  • Jami

    I could sit here and list out all the outward things that I have felt and think regarding my weight. Would I love to be comfortable enough to walk around in a bikini, fit in my skinny jeans and feel amazing naked? ABSOLUTELY! But I have reached a point in my life that I realized that no matter how thin or fit I got on the outside I wouldn’t feel good about myself until I changed the inside. I have stopped myself from succeeding time and time again. Why you ask? Because I have feared that if I succeed I still won’t be able to see myself as a thin, fit, worthy person. I won’t see myself as beautiful not only on the inside but now on the outside as well. I have stopped trying as soon as I saw results not because I was lazy and wanted to quit but because I truly feared success. It was easier to blame my size for the lack of “things” in my life. Such as a boyfriend, a new job or even my social life. What would happen if I finally did reach my goal and I STILL didn’t have those things? What then? Would that mean that I now had to face the fact that the reason I didn’t have those things wasn’t because I was overweight but because I wasn’t the person on the inside I thought I was? I spent so much time focusing on the wrong things, blaming my size for everything I forgot to nurture myself on the inside! I was laid off from my job a little over a year ago and since have been forced to re-evaluate my life and me as a person. I couldn’t take the easy road and blame my outward appearance on things that had happened at work. In the last year I have come to love myself again and have realized that I am worth it. I have or don’t have things in my life because that is what I CHOOSE to do/have that has nothing to do with the number on a scale. I have accepted me for me and am trying every day to allow myself success in whatever it is I do. To not fear failure, for not trying is failure. To NOT try to be healthier and more fit and happy with my outward appearance, that would be failure! I feel I am ready to make a change and to finally allow myself success. Sure, like I said I would love to look good in a bikini but it’s not as much about that as it is allowing myself to finally make a difference in myself!

    So you ask what it will mean to me to transform my body? It goes beyond just my outer appearance, it speaks to finally allowing myself to believe I am worthy of this. It would mean I have FINALLY allowed myself success after struggling with this since I was a child. I would mean I loved myself enough to make a difference in my own life.

  • Clint

    Transforming my body will give me the body of the super-hero my kids think I am, but will not need the imagination to picture because he is a reality, not just sympathy. It will give her the man my wife never knew existed inside me that she never met even in high school.

  • Deborah

    What will transforming my body mean to me?


    I am morbidly obese, and I am ashamed that I have let myself get into this condition. I am an embarassment to my husband, children and grandchildren. I am sure my family would be proud of me if I could finally lose weight and transform my body.

    Losing weight would mean better health and increased energy. Hopefully it will also mean that I will feel better about myself and no longer suffer with depression. As my fitness level increases I know I will be able to stop smoking.

    Most importantly, transforming my body, would allow me to be around longer to watch my children and grandchildren grow up.

  • Transforming my body through TT is merely a starting point. Achieving goals gives me confidence. I need a boost to my confidence. I was recently sacked from the police in an incident of Political Correctness gone mad. To save themselves all my colleagues stabbed me in the back. I hit rock bottom. Unemployed in the current climate, with every application for jobs ending with . . ‘Why did you leave your last job?’. 44 years old and on the scrapheap. Two teenage kids still wanting everything and creditors screaming at me from every angle.
    Then someone took a chance with me and I’m back in employment. OK so the pay’s nowhere near what I was on, but – better than that – people accepted me, trusted me and appreciated me.
    And as my body goes back (slowly) to what it was 12 months ago when all this laid me low, so my self esteem improves.
    I can face whatever life throws at me, as TT teaches me that goals are there to be reached. The path may not always be as direct as we’d like, but it gets there. Always with perserverence, with effort and with (most importantly) self belief.
    I will reach my goals. It will teach me to be patient, to never falter and to believe in myself as others are doing too.
    I will beat all obstacles, for there will be many, and I will prove to those backstabbers that I won in the end. That I walk with head held high with a newfound love of life, of those around me, and of me.
    Thanks Craig. We’ve never met. We probably never will. But your regular messages of support (even though the messages were for all your subscribers and not JUST me) they nevertheless gave me regular boosts and you inadvertantly helped me through the most painful time of my life.
    A time that is now behind me as I push forward, with improved body and mind.

  • Jouko

    Be like Kerry at 51 which is next month, May.

  • “What would transforming your body mean to you?”

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time considering this sentence. I thought about a long-winded answer in which I would extol the many benefits I foresee for myself and my family. I had contemplated my response several times over, until this evening when a single word entered my thoughts. This one simple word summed it up… the entire meaning of what transforming my body would mean for me.


    Simple enough and powerful enough. PEACE. It would mean peaceful days where I no longer have to beat myself up over the images I see in the mirror each morning and evening, each time I use the washroom at the office, each time I try on a pair of pants or wear a shirt which has increased in size from L to XXL over the past few years. It would mean PEACE each morning, noon and evening when I argue with myself over what I will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But most important of all, it would mean PEACE for my family who undoubtedly have suffered through my miserable attitudes these past few years, all the while thinking it must be something they have done when I snap and quibble for no apparent reasons. My increasing waistline has been increasing my stress levels and causing much unrest within. Unfortunately, we typically release the associated disappointment on those we love most in this world.

    To answer the question, PEACE is what I hope to gain most from this experience. PEACE for me and for those I love most in this world.

  • Tracy Pike

    I’m 50 years old. When I was 40, I was working out regularly, had a great body & felt like I finally had a chance to create a life for myself after being alone & lost for so long. I even had someone special in my life. But it all ended quickly & I found myself falling through the cracks again like I had earlier in my life.
    Being 50, without any security, savings or even a few real friends to socialize with isn’t easy, especially when you’re out of shape & about 50 lbs. overweight. The worst part of it is that I work part-time a couple of hours each day in the local gym to get by. I help others exercise but I can’t seem to help myself get in shape again.
    Transforming my body & lifestyle would let me feel like I might have a chance at making it in life again. Being in good health would at least give me the chance to be able to work longer in my life & help keep illness away. And I might even have a chance to meet someone special again.

  • Husseina

    I’m Husseina from Tanzania, E. Africa.
    For me transform of my body means, a CHANGE in my body.
    Of course being healthy should be the first priority. Three years back I was 90 kgs and had suffered this since 1994 after my 2nd delivery, I never realised m over weight and no1 in ma family mentioned it to me because I was active and very hard working, plus i was built and was not fat and bulgy. How I gained so much was unnoticed due to pregnancy, but after delivery I din’t loose.
    It was one holiday wen my sisters came from abroad all lean and slim,
    we took some photos when they left I saw the photo and couldn’t believe, was shocked to see, I being the youngest was looking the eldest and big. That scenario really touched me I cried and was so fed up of myself. I couldn’t eat as when I started eating the photo came in my mynd. I stopped taking carbohydrates thats sugary stuff and starch like rice, potatoes and white flour. After 3 weeks I met my sis who stays in the same city, she asked me are you sick, do you’ve Aids. I was stunned, hey! why are you cursing me she said have you seen yourself, you look sick. I, then realised have lost some kgs and to my shock it was 15 kgs my neck and shoulders looked bony and my face lost its charm, of course other parts of my body were not in shape, like my tummy and hips. I was so desperate that without consulting any trainer or dietician took such a major step
    At first I was so proud of myself because people started commenting you ve lost alot, they asked me how did I managed, I said I was on diet and some simple exercises, but then I realised actually its not how it should be done because I was not healthy.
    I learnt, transforming my body is not only being slim, but rather slim, fit, charming, tonned up, energetic, glowwy, sexy and mostly healthy. For all of this you need proper meals with all nutrients your body needs and exercises. Because, If you don’t have a healthy mind you ‘ll end up being a CABBAGE all your life……………..
    ‘Transform from Fat to Fit’

  • Hannah

    Turbulence training means the ABSOLUTE world to me! It has seriously changed my life forever, because to me it means FREEDOM! Freedom from OCE, borderline anorexia, exercise bulimia and chronic cardio. TT has helped me overcome these issues that I have battled with for over 5 years. And if you have ever had any of these issues, you know just how trapped and uneasy you feel from the awful thoughts that are in your head 24 hours a day! Ever since I started TT in back in Jan, my life and body has completely transformed. I no longer have body/ self image issues and have thrown cardio to the curb. It was basically my last-ditch attempt to get the body I wanted…..THE RIGHT WAY! And it did more than just get me that! I am at the leanest I have ever been, with more muscle than I have ever had! (And I have been involved in athletics my whole life) Not only did it make me look good, it did the most important thing……make me feel good about myself! I feel like I have more self-confidence than ever and feel much happier!! I also have a new view towards diet an nutrition! Instead of wanting to be skinny skinny skinny (like most women want), I know strive to be healthy and natural! It’s seriously a unique euphoric feeling! Instead of reading the skinny celebrity websites, I look forward to my fitness blogs daily! It’s a truly amazing feeling to break free from demonizing thoughts and issues, and TT has done just that for me! I will do TT FOREVER! THANK YOU CRAIG BALLANTYNE! =)

  • Nika

    a transformed body to me means:
    healthy body
    healthy mind
    looking great
    feeling great
    wearing stylish clothes,what I like and not what I can find to fit me
    being an example and motivation to those who need a transformation
    have high energy

  • it will mean all of the above comments for me plus attaining my best physical potential…the way God designed us to be! =)


  • Ivan

    It will be great to re-engergize my body and improve quality of life.

  • Zach

    I would finally feel like my wife didn’t get the “short end of the stick” by marrying me. She looks amazing, and it is even more amazing that she said yes to me. I would like her to have a good looking husband.

  • Bob

    Transforming my body is something I need to do….right now. For the past several years, I’ve found myself continuing to gain weight, feeling worse and worse, losing energy at work and with my beautiful family (lovely wife with two gorgeous kids, 17 and 15). I would like to get back in the shape when I played sports and show myself that I CAN do it. I would like to live many more years with the blessings that God has given me and I want to do it in the best physical, mental and spiritual condition I can. There is no question I want to do it and I think that TT is the track I need to run on. When August comes rolling around, I’m excited to see what I will become. And that is thinner, more confident, much happier and in a position to live my life in the very best possible way. Watch me work!

  • Amber

    I’m 34 yrs.old. I’ve been working out 6 days a week for the last 10 yrs at atleast 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs each time. I enjoy working out and I try to stick to a clean diet. For the last year and a half I’ve been struggling with gaining about 5 lbs-8lbs back. I’ve hit a plateau and sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. My upper body is lean. It’s my abs and lower body that I have trouble toning down. Ever since having kids, I have touble with some fat on my stomach. I am so confused by all the info about working out that I read on the internet and in magazines that I am at a loss!! I would love to get more bang for my buck and in less time. Please help me!
    Thank you.

  • Being able to transform my body to what I have envisioned it to be means to me that given my resources, age, health status… I can achieve anything I set myself to do.

    To achieve my goals, I am willing to put in the time to work hard for it. I will eat healthy with what is available in my country. I will be resourceful in finding healthier food alternatives. And most importantly, if I have setbacks, I will go back where I left off. Failure is not an option!

    My commitment is for life and I make this commitment to myself. I cannot tell myself that I’m a failure. This frame of mind helps me achieve my goals inspite of the obstacles that keeps me from achieving my goals.

    I love myself and my body needs to know it.

  • Ryan

    I am 34 years old and my daughter is 8 years old. She gets more active by the minute. I am 50 pounds heavier than on the day she was born. Playing baseball or soccer in the backyard does not last more than 10 minutes. Bike rides are about as short. Taking her swimming is non existent since I am embarrassed to take off my shirt in public. A transformation for me would be that I can finally enjoy running around with my child, go swimming, bike and be the active dad that my dad was to me. She deserves this!!! In addition a transformation for me would mean that I can finally tuck my shirt into my slacks for work. I keep avoiding going up pants size and just don’t tuck my shirt in now to save some space so I can get them buttoned. Last a transformation would reduce my risk for heart disease, which my father died at the age of 48 from unexpectedly.

  • Jody McGrath

    Focus. I’ve worked out for years, but I’ve never reached the level where I have attained great focus and mental clarity. I believe the more tuned your body is the more tuned your mind. I am working on my own business and have a family with two small children. I need my mind to be sharp not scattered and foggy which unfortunately I feel frequently. I believe if I could focus and be disciplined enough for a total body makeover it is a lesson I could apply to other parts of my life. I want to be the example in my kids life that you REALLY can do anything if you put your whole heart into it and fitness does nothing but help.

  • Eric

    Well I will have to admit I am not a paying TT Member. I do take a look at craigs workouts and they make good solid sense. I incorporate some of his Core workouts and I drink Chocolate Milk 🙂 . 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I was 5′ 6″ tall and 145 and back into a 30-31″ Waist. I saw pictures from the Vacation i just took and despite the weight and waist size I was NOT happy about my body.
    After my diagnosis I freaked and did cardio like crazy and weight training. I dropped down to 132 and was very lean. Almost too lean even though I worked out. Now I do my own thing based upon trial and error. I have gained alot of muscle.. mAintained a low bodyfat, all with almost NO CARDIO aside from an occasional Bike ride. My workouts are shorter about 30-40 mins instead of an hour and a half. Best of all I am already off all medication. I wear a 26-27 waist and I am Benching double my body weight for reps. Don’t give up. Follow Craigs advice and transform. I never thought it would be a lifestyle for me. I’m very busy and I rarely eat at home but I have done it and so can you.

  • Michelle

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”
    Transforming my body would be the catalyst to transforming my life. It will give me the confidence to stand out in a crowd versus always hiding in the shadows. It will give me the courage to accept challenges with confidence and determination rather then fear and limitations. The ability to look in the mirror and feel the love rather then the shame at what I see. To be able to stick to my integrity, by putting what’s best for my body and self ahead of unhealthy social influences. Most importantly transforming my body, my life will once again make my dreams (old and new) seem attainable.

  • Rich.

    Transforming my body will mean less trips to the doctors’ office, increased longevity with less medication as I get older, and when I’m old, I won’t need as much assistance at an earlier age as most will need. Older will be relative, in that, my calendar age will be much greater than my physical age. It will also mean being there for my family. The apparent exterior physical changes that occurr will be an additional benefit.

  • Lorraine Gardiner

    How do you answer a question, a question which has always eluded me through my years of combating weight gain, low self confidence and bad body image. It was by chance that I came over TT, living in the UK it hasn’t been part of the top ten ‘how to lose weight’ archaic programmes that u seem to find. A chance google search led me to the site and CB’s simple word of wisdom. This I thought isn’t a gimmick – this is what I need to do. Something clicked, suddenly I felt in control of my body destiny. I as yet haven’t reached my goal, but the simple and effective workouts that are quick and intense and easy to understand now pin ‘hope’ to the changing room locker of my life. The ability to harness a programme that works is great peace of mind and will allow me to reach all my goals of having confidence in myself, in the clothes I want to wear and how I want my body to look. Last year proved to be a stressful time at work, in study and in my personal life. Now this is my time and my sights are set for a 12 week TTT for a girls holiday in Oct. I don’t want to be the one with the muffin tops, the flabby stomach and the bumpy thighs and you know what I am certain that with this training programme, eating healthy an investment in me – I certainly won’t be.

  • Syed Ghouse

    I guess it’s all about who wants to be in the drivers seat of their life. To me I would like to be in total control of my body & if it asks for transformation, then so be it!

  • Celeste

    Transforming my body will be facing head on the dream and goal that has been just out of reach, out of focus. I want to compete or be able to, in physique contests, not so much to win, but to know that I can! The achievement of that kind of goal, being a little scared, going for it anyway and receiving the prize – is not just a moment of glory, but the process of learning how to and being able to take others on that road, too! And as a result, owning a very lean, mean body. That is what “transformation” means for me.

  • kelly

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”

    Transforming my body would transform my life. Having pushed myself through drug and alcohol rehab, and also fighting against mental health issues, health and fitness gives me a focus in life and a motivation to continue working towards my life goals. Exercise is an escape for me. It is something I wish to involve myself in on a full-time basis, eventually becoming a gym instructor in order to help others who are looking to improve their quality of life through fitness. Transforming my body would also give me the confidence I need to help achieve my goals and start believing I am capable of attaining them.

  • Tracey

    Transforming my body would mean a lot more confidence & self-esteem instead of low self-esteem all the time,to feel stronger & have more energy to be alive instead of feeling like i am a walking heart attack waiting to happen, or diabetes which runs in my family. To feel happy about life instead of deep depression, to have a lot less aches & pains especially in the back area, too feeling more attractive & sexy & being able to buy proper fitting clothes that actually fit instead of dreading to try on clothes that won’t fit, to be a role model for some members in my family especially my sister who is also overweight now,to help other people achieve their goals, to be able to play with my 7 year old niece & spend quality time with her to be able to go bike riding with her & little hikes to feel like a little kid myself again, to feel like a winner for once in my life & not like a loser all the time, to eat more healthy & being a lot more active instead of being an emotional eater all the time, all in all just to feel alive, fit, positive & to be a better person & role model to other people

  • a

    Transforming my body would give me the knowledge that I have been one of the best examples to my young children. To know that I have provided them with a lifelong example for health and fitness which will infinitely be a part of their lives would be second only to teaching them to live their lives fully for the Glory of God.

  • Nelson

    Please pick me.
    Tranforming my body would mean turning my full of fat body into a body with bulging biceps and triceps, ripped shoulders, and a washboard stomach.

  • That little part of my brain that is always thinking about how much I want to lose the final 10 lbs? I want that part of my brain back. There are more interesting things to think about.

  • James

    For me it would mean an end to over 35 years as a slave to the palate. An end to low self esteem and all the dross that comes with that. A chance to inspire my 5 and 3 year old sons to never have to deal with that same, avoidable fate. A chance to be able to run, jump, laugh and play with them for as long as I can.

  • Ben

    I’ll retire in about a year and have already begune building a career in motion pictures. Getting back into shape would not only afford me the ability to get out in front of the camera as I build my independent production company, but would also afford me that much more time to spend with my son in addidiotn to affording him the opportunities I didn’t have at his age.

  • Shea

    For me, transformation would mean no longer being average. Approximately 5 years ago, I weighed just under 300 pounds, far too much of it fat. I lost about 120 pounds, and got fit for the first time in my life. Since then, I’ve managed to keep the weight off, and have run numerous races ranging in distance from 5k to 50 miles, and competed in a number of cycling races as well. Even though I’ve kept the weight off and have competed in some amazing races, I’m not satisfied. While my cardiovascular fitness is quite good, I’ve never been able to get my bodyfat below about 14%, and at this point, my upper body strength leaves a lot be be desired. Transformation would mean getting my bodyfat down to the single digits, getting rid of the stubborn abdominal fat that I haven’t been able to lose, and developing a muscular upper body to be proud of.

  • Garilyn

    What would a transformation mean to me?

    It would mean a lot…it would mean a thin, firm body that I can’t remember ever having. As long as I can remember I’ve had a protruding belly…it would mean a flat belly. (After my last baby, the doctor told me I had the worst diasis he had ever seen.)

    It would mean not only FEELING sexy for my husband but BEING sexy for him. It would mean energy to really play with my kids (mostly active boys) the way I know they want me to. It would mean losing this awful fat this is so degrading and yucky!

    A transformation would mean self confidence- something that has been lacking for many, many years. It would add joy to the daily journey and add wonderful years to my life, years with my husband and 4 beautiful kids, the family God has blessed me with.

  • Stephen

    “What would transforming your body mean to you?”

    First and foremost it would be very important for me to improve my health and fitness levels, and my body shape, as I have a heart problem and have some symptoms which may lead to Diabetes 2, unless I changed my lifestyle.
    So, I have changed to a low GI diet with great support from my wife, who has also converted to this healthier diet with me!

    Over an 8 months period without any physical exercise I lost approximately 10 kilos from 85 to 74 with just the diet. So, with the turbulence exercise I am sure I could improve my body shape more dramatically.

  • Anna

    Freedom. Not just from my weight, but it will mean that I can change–that I have control. As I write this, my eyes have begun watering; whether from finally admitting this to myself and to the world, or from some sense of longing, I could not tell you. I do think that this means whether or not I win this contest I may finally do something about it.
    For the better part of five years I’ve been alternating between telling myself that I need to lose weight and telling myself that I can do it tomorrow that I’m not as bad off as some one else… tomorrow never comes.
    I’ve done countless research trying to do something about my problem, but, irregardless of what I know or think I know, I have yet to actually do much in the way of anything. I think at some point I’ve lowered my standards and yet they’re still as high as they ever were–a dichotomous situation to say the least.
    There are so many things I want to do; and, yet, I keep putting them off. If I could start one thing, I know I could make the rest happen with the knowledge that I control my life.

  • missy

    1)id be more cofident palying with my son and neices instead of being tired all the time.2)id be happy to get out more and not worry bout my weight all the time.3)id be able to chase my son in a game of tag.4)my goal is to lose all my fat instead of a little here and there my goal weight is 125pounds so i can get into my favorite jeans again.

  • wassan al qadi

    i m only 24 years old but i feel like a 50 uyears old, im always tired and i feel that am lazy too, so i want to change that, i do go to the gym daily and am diet too, but still i feel like its not working at all, so transfprming really means Better health , More energy ,Less fatigue, frustration, and even depression and More confidence.

  • Penny

    Transforming my body would give me the confidence to get out there and participate in anything and everything. I wouldn’t be constantly worrying about what I look like in this or that… i would be able to wear anything and look good… no GREAT! At 46 I feel young inside but don’t think my body looks young, so tend to hide it and avoid dressing up. I need to transform my body so I can become confident and be a role model for my 3 daughters.

  • Audrey

    I don’t even know where to begin. Most of my adult life I have been overweight. I was very successful at losing weight and managed to keep it off, too. Then I had kids. I have not yet been able to get back to my pre-baby weight or lower.

    I’m tired of being tired, having no energy and feeling like I just can’t focus. I want to wake up refreshed and looking forward to my day with my kids and not dreading it because I’m carrying around the extra weight. I want to be strong, fit, lean and HEALTHY. I want the same for my kids. I don’t want to be a fat mom that doesn’t take care of herself. What am I doing when I teach them that it’s okay to take care of everyone else before doing anything for themselves? I wouldn’t accept their skipping breakfast yet I do it A LOT. I want my kids to look at a mom that loves to play with them, ride bikes and get crazy. As it is now I’m so exhausted that by the time I start the dinner routine I can barely get through the evening.

    I know what I need to do and I know it starts with me and I can’t ask anyone to do it for me. I just haven’t been able to pull the motivation out that I need to start and follow through. Following through is my biggest obstacle. A week to 10 days is my max and then I get distracted.

    To actually follow through would mean many things to me:
    – increased energy
    – possibly being able to stop taking anti-depressants
    – better health (heart problems and high blood pressure run in my family)
    – a positive role model for my children
    – a fit, sexy woman for my husband (who bless his heart loves me the way I am…at my lowest weight and at my highest weight)
    – no more mommy belly (I’ll keep the scars but would love to get rid of the pooch)
    – improved self-esteem

    For me it’s not about the perfect body (although I’d be lying to say it’s not something I’d want – who doesn’t?). It’s about being healthy, fit and a good role model for my kids. I want to be around when they have kids and to do that I need to get my butt in gear and work on becoming healthier.

  • Amy

    Transforming my body means:
    -being able to say “I am beautiful”. Even after losing 131 pounds I still felt like I could not say that. After 4 weeks of TT I looked in the mirror and saw what my husband had been telling me. I am beautiful.
    -being able to be a great mother. The birth of my son changed my life from being a food focused emotional eater to a family focused loving wife. Life became worth living to the fullest which meant losing all the weight.
    -being able to be a great wife. Intimacy was hard to find for a long time because I did not like myself. I was ashamed. After losing the weight and doing TT I found that I was proud of my body and did not mind showing it off to my husband!
    -being able to see muscle instead of loose skin. I have a ton of loose skin that will take a long time to go away if ever. TT has provided muscle to go under the skin and has reshaped my body so that the skin is not as loose!

  • Nathalie

    Well I’ve now done 2 transformation contests, and I’m so happy I found this TT program.
    I’m a 48 years old mother of 2 kids (7 and 9), and a wife to my husband of almost 14 years now.
    I’ve never worked out in a gym much before, and when I did, it was to do the long boring cardio, over and over again. I would get bored and stop for a while. Try it again for a while, and get bored again…. and so this cycle went on and on for many years.
    I moved half away across the world from my hometown (now living in Asia), and I started doing the long boring cardio again. Then I stumbled upon TT and started reading Craig’s email. After seeing the results of the 2nd transformation contest, I thought “maybe I can do this…”. I read up some of the success stories, and these people sounded real.
    So I took the plunge and entered the 3rd transformation contest. I have never been so dedicated to a workout program. I was just a beginner when I entered the contest, but there are so many workouts available, that you can find one that suits your needs and your leverl of fitness. (I just saw that there is a new program: TT 101!! now that’s great for all the beginners) I was never able to do pushups before, and now I can do 8 regular ones, on my toes. That is a big accomplishment for me. I love the workouts, I’m lifting weights now that I never thought I could do, I now walk into a gym and feel like I belong versus looking lost and not knowing what to do. The programs are very well layed out, and all the exercises well explained. I show up with my sheets, and off I go.
    I’ve been doing TT now since september 2008. I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been in over 8 years, and I have some of muscle definition, which I have NEVER had. I have not finished my transformation yet, and that is why I will enter the 5th transformation contest. As we say on the forum: this is a journey…. 🙂
    I have gained such a nice level of confidence, specially out in public. I stand tall, and am finally not constantly conscious of how “bad” I look when I’m out in the real world. I’m actually, for the 1st time in a long time, looking forwards to the pool and beach time coming up. I will wear my bathing suit, and feel good about how I look.
    My kids keep asking me why I exercise and want to loose weight: I tell them that I want my body to stay healthy, so I can be with them for a very long long time….
    Another bonus: All the people in the transformation contests are REAL people. The forum in which we all exchange ideas, offer support, encourage eachother, is a MAJOR key to my on-going success. I’ve made so many friends on this forum. From all over the world. And my TT friends are the ones being featured on the TT’s webpage…. they are all real. They are a very important key to all or our successes.
    To conclude: I now have control over ME and my life. I am healthier, leaner, and taking care of me, so I can be around for a very long time to come. TT is now a part of MY life.
    You will not regret joining TT, it will litterally change your life, it’s changed mine….
    Nathalie (aka Macao)

  • Scott

    It would mean no more shame about carrying too much extra weight. It would mean an honest and actual safety benefit in my job as a police officer, being fit projects confidence and gives those with an idea to present a physical challenge one more reason to decide not to do so. It would mean less worry about my health and more energy and ablity to interact and play with my almost 4 year old son and 7 year old daughter. Being a father at the fifty year old mark is somewhat difficult in itself, getting in great shape and making myself younger would be the greatest gift I could provide these kids. It would mean having pride in myself, and confidence in my ability to define my lifestyle instead of letting my lifestyle define me.

  • Eric

    What would transforming my body mean to me?
    -It would mean walking into a room as the big guy again, the athlete I used to be and not the big, fat guy I am now. An athlete that was 275 pounds of muscle, not 380 pounds of flab. An athlete that could run a 4.3 forty and not a guy that could barely run after his kids. An athlete that could squat and deadlift 700+ pounds and not a guy that could barely lift his own butt off the floor.
    -It would mean being a better father to my 3 kids (10yr. old daughter, 8 year old son, 5 year old son). More energy and ability to run and play with them and be a great dad to the gifts that God has blessed me with. To be a good example for them.
    -It would mean being a better husband to my wife. To walk around with my bride on my arm and not feel like I don’t deserve her.
    -It would mean that I could look at myself in the mirror again.
    -It would mean being able to go to a regular store and buy regular sized clothes again.
    -It would mean more respect in my secular job.
    -It would mean more respect in my ‘other’ job as a minister.
    -It would mean being held accountable. I bought your books last year, and know that is what I need to do, but haven’t acted. There is always an excuse, always next week would be better, next month, things will settle down then. They never do. I just turned 38, I feel like I am 58. My knees hurt, I don’t feel healthy. I want my athlete body back and need some motivation to get moving in that direction. No more excuses, I want my life back!

  • Veronica

    Transforming my body and lifestyle means:
    -Freedom from my fat chains
    -Bringing Sexy back – Hold on to your horses Husband!
    -The end of reminiscing of when I was fit, stress-free, an extremely happy size 4 & making it a reality
    -A new lifestyle, with new desires
    -My husband carrying me up the stairs when I’m tired
    -Providing a healthy, safe womb for my future babies
    -Having fabulous energy to continue to cook all natural!
    -Able to engage in outside activities for long periods at a time
    -Gaining TT Knowledge is power
    Thank you for what you do Craig SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE!!!!

  • Transforming my body will mean breaking through the wall of underlying fear that I have built up through the years. Fear that I cannot change my body, fear that I cannot change my life. It will mean proving to myself that becoming a personal trainer is something I *can* do, and even more so a step towards teaching dance as well. It will mean living up to my full potential as a mother, able to not only keep up with my kids, but also be an example to them that anything is possible, and that it does not have to mean sacrificing all the joy in your life to achieve it. Most of all, it will mean I am honoring my body by giving it the challenges I should have been this whole time, and allowing myself to be strong the way I know I am meant to be.

  • Andrew

    At 52 with an 8-year old son, it’s time to get off the couch and get fit – again. For most of my 30’s and early 40’s I was extremely active – rugby, squash, swimming, diving – a lot, then it started going downhill when I started up my own business – that same old excuse – no time!!!

    Now I have to make time and get fit so I can keep up with my son for at least the next 10 years as he progresses through school – he loves soccer and I want to help him grow his abilities but that’s impossible if I’m not in shape.

    A transformation would allow me to do just that – keep up with him, be there for him and his friends as they play different sports – coaching them even. A transformation would allow me to be his Dad, not to look and act like his Granddad!!!

    A transformation would allow me to be a better role model (even though he has “thin” genes from his mother), showing him that you don’t have to be skinny to be healthy but you can’t be overweight either. A transformation would give me more energy to get through the long days that come from running your own business and also provide a higher level of confidence when meeting potential clients. More confidence equates directly to more sales, more sales equals better income.

    A transformation would also allow me to introduce my son to more activities and sports that as a “couch potato”, I wouldn’t be able to do – activities that I used to do on a very regular basis when younger – kayaking, climbing, hiking. It would allow me to introduce him to other sports such as squash, rugby and triathlon – all of which I did when younger and fitter (only 10 short years ago!!!).

    A transformation would take me from my current 225lbs to a healthier 190lbs or so – and if I can do that in 12 weeks, so much the better. It will also bring back a spark into a 24-year old marriage that’s in the doldrums.

  • Concetta

    I believe in your programs Craig, because they work. TT workouts, intervals, pushing myself when I don’t think I can do another Bulgarian split squat. As you have said many times, nutrition is 90% of the battle for the body I want. It isn’t just nutrition, because I know what I should eat and when I should eat it. It is really control. Control to stop eating, even if it is healthy food. Too many almonds are as bad as too much ice cream.
    I have worked your programs to my fullest abilities for 2-3 years. Yes they work. I have lost those 10 pounds that crept on. I can see my collarbones and definition on my arms. But I have not fully transformed because I know that I am missing self control. I will not be satisfied with myself until I can walk away from the table sensibly satiated. Walk past the refrigerator in the evening. I will have the power over food. Food is fuel. It does not own me. I will eat to live, not live to eat. When I can do THAT, I will be on my way to a complete transformation, body and mind. Then I will walk a little taller, knowing what I have accomplished.

  • Senta Rose

    What transforming my body will mean to me:

    I became obese in the 2nd grade. All of my life I have dealt with the effects of obesity. The physical effects are what so many focus on, but that is nothing compared to the emotional and social effects. The last group of people that it is “politically correct” to mistreat socially is the obese. We are ignored, overlooked, and when this is not happening, we are often ridiculed. As a single person, I always assumed that a guy was not interested in me. It was easier to assume that then be hurt and disappointed. The idea that someone would actually be attracted to me just did not enter my mind. There are of course some men who are attracted to large women, but many of them do not have much going for them. It is hard to assume that I have to settle, but very often that is the assumptions I have made. Transforming my body will change so much about my social life and give me the confidence to seek out healthy relationships with men I am truly attracted to and not settle for anyone I can find who might be attracted to me.

    I was looking through a clothing catalogue that I have gotten in the mail for over 20 years yesterday and I was amazed at how horrible the clothes are. I thought of how many of the things in that catalogue I used to buy. These clothes make me look even larger then I am, they are gaudy and ugly. For the contest, we are encouraged to wear a “two piece swimming suit”. Guess what? They don’t sell them in a women’s size 2 or 3X. I realize that over the decades, I have settled for clothes that fit even if they did nothing to make my look better, even if I didn’t like the way they looked. Transforming my body will change my ability to find clothing that helps me to look as good as I can, that I feel good wearing and that is fashionable. But even more so, I will stop feeling so much like an outsider. To not be able to buy a swim suit for the contest makes me feel as if I don’t even belong in the contest at all. I argue with myself about that of course, and try to focus on the positive. I do have an ugly scar on my abdomen from a bad stomach stabling surgery that didn’t work. So, I don’t want to wear a 2 piece suit anyway. It is clear to me that transforming my body will help me to feel less like an outsider in life.

    Related to all of the above, I realize that transforming my body is about making me worth more to myself, giving me the confidence to live my life more fully. So often I have felt rejected and stupidly reacted by socially isolating myself and trying to protect myself from more pain. This of course leads to self pity and more pain. I look at TV shows about 500 pound people being removed from their homes by fork trucks (or other such devices). I know there are many who can’t understand how they got that way, but I have no doubt how it happened. While the most I have ever put on this 5’1” body is 267, I can relate to those other people who just get fatter and fatter as they sit alone often in their homes. I have not isolated to that extent, but for a few years, I was very close. I became very physically weak mostly from inactivity, and then I became ill very easily as well. I was on a vicious cycle. I didn’t believe I could lose weight so when I tried, it was half an effort. I expected to fail, and I did.
    Bottom line, transforming my body will enable to live my life more fully, not just be physically alive and able to breathe with a heart that can beat. Being fully alive is not just a physical thing; it is about being able to grow, and to fully experience life. I have been hiding out from life my whole life, settling for whatever I could get, feeling like an outsider looking in on everyone else who lives their normal life in their normal sized bodies.
    While I am still breathing on this earth, I want to be as alive as I can be. Therefore, I am transforming my body. I need this body to be strong and healthy. I have stopped hating it already as I have learned that I can change it. The transformation has not yet occurred, but I finally believe that it can if I just keep at it and workout with intensity following the Turbulent Training program I will transform this body into a healthy machine that will allow me to live fully.

  • Kim

    I Want to Live My Life Out Loud!

    I have a life that I absolutely love…Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness (as my career and passion).

    I’m missing ONE thing – a body that helps me fulfill the legacy I want to create every day for my family, my friends, and everyone else with whom I come in contact.

    You see, I’ve been working in the health and fitness field for 20+ years. I had a great body at one time…but that feels like light years ago. I taught up to 12 aerobic classes a week. I could work all hours of the day, get by on 5 hours of sleep a night, and still have so much energy that it could light up the city I live in.

    Bit by bit, that control and hold on my body has slipped through my fingertips. Poorer food choices, a continuous inward guilt trip about how I should look as a role model, and age have contributed to a soft and lumpy body that is hiding a lot of muscle underneath. I haven’t lost my passion for training and sharing my love of health/wellness with others. I simply need to overcome my fear of failing myself and be willing to blaze a different trail instead of taking the same old path.

    I know well enough that I need to bring my mind and body into harmony, trust the process, and BELIEVE without a doubt, that I WILL succeed.

    I turn 50 in 2010. Before I hit that century mark, I want to own every aspect of my life, including the best body that I could ever dream of having. For my birthday on 8/17/2010, I plan to rent a red Mustang convertible for the day and to one of the beautiful area beaches where I can stroll along the water’s edge wearing a bikini to show off a sculpted and sexy body, raise my arms heavenward and shout outloud “I LOVE LIFE!!” While this may sound like vanity, believe me, it’s not.

    It’s about showing all women that they can do ANYTHING they set their mind to– if they simply make the intentional choice to live their life out loud and with the goal of achieving the greater good – to be able to help others do the same with their life and health!

    My goals for the rest of 2009? Simple. Transform my body into a fitness model physique, but remain a real, warm, and passionate person in the process. Compete in my first figure competition and place in the top 3 or win. I also want to be able to go through that menopause journey on ‘cruise control’ – in other words to avoid all the physical and emotional roller-coaster rides that come with shifting hormones. Start a small training studio/gym in the basement of my home where women from my community can come to transform and empower their bodies and minds (at preferably little to no cost). Create as many opportunities as I can to give back to others as I have been blessed to receive. Be able to live my life “out loud” every day as a testament to what a transformed body and sound mind can do to help one accomplish great things!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my essay and consider me!


  • Craig Ballantyne

    Thank you everyone for all of your amazing comments. I have learned so much about what I can do to create a better program and contest for everyone.

    Your entries are very touching…

    I wish you all the best success in the 5th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest and will be announcing the winners soon.

    Please let me know how I can help you succeed.

    Your friend,

    Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
    Author, Turbulence Training

  • Dean

    It would mean that for the first time in 3 years I would not be ashamed of my body. I suffered a broken ankle 3 years ago, subsequent surgery to remove a bone chip on the same foot and the ‘boot’ I had to wear now has cause my knee to need surgery. I have not been able to do almost any type of exercise because of these 3 injuries and just now feel like I can make a come back…but at 54, I need motivation and inspiration. Before the injuries I had done triathlons, road races and even a marathon and had hopes of 1 more marathon. Craig…I need you and your plan. I want to say it was fate I got this email because I had unsubscribed to anything fitness related because I felt down about it…but your mail, your contest, has given me hope. You see fit to make me fit and I’ll be your shirtless poster guy for anything you’re pushing…and I’ve NEVER made that promise.
    I appreciate the opportunity to enter and this is my first and last chance at entering this type of contest…be merciful, be kind, be inspirational. Thanks.

  • Dean

    By the way your date on the blog say 4/30/2009 at 2:42 AM but my clock on EST says 10:43 PM on 4/29/2009. I need this bad enough to make sure you know I got in under the wire!!!

    Thanks again.

  • Scott

    To me it would mean:
    Health – less risk of cancer and heart disease, lower blood pressure, walking without worrying about back pain.
    Fun – 1) play with my kids without getting so winded 2)same with my wife! I can keep the promises that my libido makes.
    Looks – Not be the fat guy down the street, look younger, enjoy the pool again
    Energy – Have some at the end of the day!

  • janemary

    going from 33 % fat to 25% will make a huge difference to me, I am one of those thin fat people, my bmi is 22, i weigh 62 kilos and feel like a frump. My ideal weight is 55 kgs which is 7 kilos or 14lbs less than I am now,

  • Martin

    Finally losing the fat from my body will mean that I can finally rid of my illness weight. The motivation pushes me to recover from cance,r get myself fit and be in good shape to prevent relapse and feel good about myself.