What You Need to Know Today: September 25

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“No one ever drowned falling in the water. They drowned staying there.” – Steve Sims, founder of Bluefish, a luxury concierge service.


Why Kylie Jenner needs to start thinking BIG. “When Kylie Jenner’s app shot to the top of Apple’s App Store, she couldn’t open her eyes. She was getting her lashes done. Her friends began to scream. She began to scream.You’re number one, they said. You’re number one.” (Wired).

When I read this, I laughed. Then I immediately kept reading to find out what a Kylie Jenner app looks like. Turns out, it’s what you’d expect. A private-diary of sorts where the 18-year-old dishes on trending fashion, makeup, music and boys. And to gain full access you have to pay a $2.99 per month subscription fee. This subscription-based app platform may sound like a pretty good idea, but the truth is Kylie is thinking small when she should be thinking big.

Those people paying for monthly access to Kylie’s app are most likely wealthy-teen super fans. And if Kylie really wants to ramp up her entrepreneurial game, then she needs to learn how to sell to the super rich. One guy who can teach her how is Steve Sims, founder of Bluefish, a luxury concierge service. Steve’s team delivers remarkable experiences to people like Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, and Sting. I recommend watching this short video where Steve explains how to start thinking BIG.

+ Attention Customer Service: Rich people don’t want their money back… they want this.

You’re going to hate Apple’s new headphone jack. Today people are lining up so they can get their hands on one of Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which just hit stores. But some people are already looking past the 6s at the 7, and talking about a patent Apple has received for a new headphone jack shape. Full story.


Beating the Pope. $8.75 million is how much Pope John Paul II received for a book advance on In My Own Words. That was the third-biggest book advance in history. This week it was announced that the Pope was beat out of his third-place spot by Amy Schumer, who scored a $9 million book advance for a book with the current working title The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. If you’re curious as to how authors secure major book advances, read this article by Shawn Coyne, “What Good Agents Know.” TL;DR: Good agents know how editors think.

People don’t forget. After more than a decade spent running sketchy online marketing schemes, JustFab’s founders have made it big in Silicon Valley, says Buzzfeed News. You know the stories you hear about people selling fake potions, magic diet pills, and youth-in-a-bottle? Here’s who was behind most of them.


What men’s obsession with fitness really says about us all. “It’s not just exercise; it’s an entire lifestyle to strive for. Having that trim, muscular body doesn’t just tell the world that you exercise. It can send the message you’re an intense personality or a high achiever inside and outside the office — or that you have a lot of money. Clad in a SoulCycle shirt or carrying a duffle bag bearing a boxing gym’s name communicates even more. More than ever, fitness is a lifestyle,” says Sam Griffel. Must-read for anyone selling fitness products.

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Ladies… If you reluctantly jumped on the Man Bun bandwagon, then you’ll be beside yourself when you see what guys are doing with their hair now.

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