What You Need to Know Today: September 10

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What our obsession with Apple says about us. Yesterday, Apple captivated the world with its latest upgrades and product lines at the “Hey Siri” event. You can watch all the videos here. While it’s natural for people to admire well-designed products, especially powerful tools that empower humans all over the world. It’s the Jobs myth that’s problematic, says Mic’s Cooper Fleisman. “The ambitious tech leaders of tomorrow will look to Jobs and admire how he embodied capitalist principles to an extreme — his work was so important, his calling so much higher, that he was impervious to the social mores to which the rest of us humans adhere… Gibney’s film asks us quite literally to look at our reflection in our iPhones and realize we’re complicit in this attitude.” Find out why we’re all so obsessed with Apple.

+ What’s more cost effective? upgrading your phone every 3 years or every year.

The crazy new way colleges are recruiting football players. “When he put on the mask and slipped on the headphones, Brandon Allen wasn’t sure exactly what he was getting into. Then it began — and he was “engulfed.” Arkansas’ senior quarterback is among a growing number who sees — and feels — the potential of virtual reality in college football. Created by STriVR Labs, a startup company grown out of a former Stanford kicker’s Master’s thesis, the technology is still in its infancy. But the universal first impression of the virtual reality trainer is something you have to to see.”

How thirsty is too thirsty? Tinder is about to find out… Tinder is beta testing a “Super Like” button in Australia for those jaw-dropping, neck-breaking profiles you come across. Full details.

What’s the benefit? You tell me. Leave a reply in the comments about why you think Tinder is doing this? Should Facebook have a “Super Like” button? I want to hear what you think.


This hamburger costs $250. “When I’d get on a plane, I’d laugh at the people flying first-class. ‘Lol, stupid. They paid 3x the airfare, but we’re all going to the same place. Ha ha.’ I was an idiot. I never once stopped to ask this one question.

Meet Tom Brady’s QB1. “When Under Armour wants to discuss Brady’s endorsement deal, they call QB1. When Brady buys or sells real estate, it’s QB1 who manages the transactions. When Brady needs to purchase an $8,500 pool cover, it’s QB1 who breaks the news that it doesn’t come in white. When the creators of a new online dating app want Brady’s endorsement, QB1 declines because he thinks Gisele wouldn’t approve. ‘When I want to get things done off the field, I go to QB1,’ Brady said.” Whether you’re an employee or CEO you need to understand this bromance between Tom Brady and his off-field QB1. As an employee, you want to be QB1 for your boss. As a boss, you want to find your QB1 and support him/her anyway you can.

+ Great and Greatest: How Venus helped create Serena (Grantland)

The first book I read when I started my apprenticeship. When I first started my apprenticeship at ETR, editor, Craig Ballantyne asked me to read The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy. That book opened my eyes to the world of copywriting and direct response marketing. If you haven’t already, I recommend you read it. Another tool I’d like to pass along is The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting by Kissmetrics. There’s a lot of valuable information contained in this link. Share it with your friends.


The secret to having the perfect date (not what you think). First dates might as well just be called the “Look at how not-weird I am!” Olympics. We spend hours picking out the perfect outfit. We fret about saying the wrong things. We put our best selves forward to ensure we make a good first impression — even if our actual day-to-day selves are snorting-while-laughing, junk-food-binging, Netflix-addicted, compulsively farting weirdos. While getting truly gross is probably better for later stages of a relationship, research suggests that trying to be overly normal while dating is actually counterproductive (Mic).

+ TIFF opens tonight. Why not take your first date to Toronto?

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Everyone loves a good Yard Sale

Winter’s coming and everyone loves seeing a good Yard Sale. But there’s a different kind, more traditional, yard sale that happens every year on US I27. The world’s longest yard sale runs for nearly 700 miles along a mostly vertical line connecting Alabama and Michigan, from the first Thursday in August through the first Sunday. Save this in your Google calendar for next year.

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