What You Need to Know Today: October 16

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This is the most disruptive trend in tech. “When a digital business marries up with — what I’ll call — digital intelligence, it’s the dawn of a new era.” IBM CEO Ginni Rometty sat down with Fortune to discuss what the future of business looks like. Hint: Artificial Intelligence. We often forget how far ahead of the curve IBM actually is, Rometty makes the point that when everyone was just learning how to use the internet, IBM was first at realizing the potential of digital businesses. Watch this short video for more. (Drink [water] every time Rometty says, “Cognitive Business”).  

Lucky Charms’ new social media campaign is magically delicious. “Only 10 people will be able to get their hands on a box of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms,”says Eater. General Mills has launched a new marketing campaign with Biz Markie (odd choice, if you ask me) singing a Lucky Charms cover of “Just a Friend,” explaining the rules of the #Lucky10Sweepstakes. To win one of the 10 coveted boxes of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms, you need to upload a picture of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms cereal (think: this, but less depressing). Best 10 pictures win. This is a great idea with lots of lessons you can apply to your business and social media efforts. Why this works? It’s tapping into the zeitgeist of selfies and pictures on social media. The “imaginary box” makes it fun and leaves room for creativity. And only having 10 boxes, creates scarcity — which gives consumers a reason to take action.  

+ Here’s what NOT to do on social media. Gimmicky-stunts, like this, have no end-game. Do you really think people will follow or re-tweet after the novelty wears off? 


The Wall Street Journal puts an * next to the youngest-self-made-female billionaire. 31-year-old Elizabeth Holmes’s  company Theranos Inc. was valued at $9-billion this year — making Holmes the youngest-self-made-female billionaire. But, earlier this week the WSJ wrote a piece that’s causing some major problems for Theranos Inc. and Holmes. Full story.  

Bonus Tip: Here’s a cool hack you can use for any Wall Street Journal article that has a paywall (requires subscription). Copy and paste the title of the article into Google. Then click on the first result you get, you’ll now have access. Don’t ask how.

Disney is hiring an intelligence and counter-terrorism intern. Requirements are basic (not the training kind). 


The dark reality of fantasy sports. “In a narrow doorway on Fifth Avenue, a short cab ride from the brand-name stores selling luxury and cachet to the wealthy, a man with the street name Mr. Gold handed a shopping bag to a woman in casual clothes. The bag contained $350,000 in cash, proceeds from an illegal Internet gambling ring.” A court in Nevada ruled that FanDuel and DraftKings are banned until they get proper licensing. Surprise, surprise. Fantasy sports are NOT considered a skill-based game (explains why the guy who knows nothing about sports always wins your office pool). The Times wrote a fascinating piece on the stuff-you-never-hear about fantasy sports gambling.  

Netflix first big motion pic releases today. Here’s what you need to know

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Here’s how to eat McDonald’s every day and still lose weight. (Not recommended) 

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