What You Need to Know Today: November 25

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10 tech buzzwords and how to explain them to extended family. Net Neutrality: The principle that internet providers and governments should not selectively speed up or slow down internet traffic but instead keep the internet equally accessible to all. Just in case grandma asks… Full list.

+ Here are the best Black Friday tech deals.

Ordering an Uber for your tipsy aunt just got a lot easier. Little too much vino blanc with your turkey? No problem. The new Teleport app makes ordering an Uber for someone else as easy as pecan pie. “You create a ride to a location of your choice and a web link with the location and driver information is texted to the person you invite. You pay for the ride, so the person you’re ‘teleporting’ doesn’t have to do anything except get in the car and go.”


5 secrets every millennial salesperson should know. “As a Millennial who has been selling for more than eight years, I can tell you this: There is no computer, smartphone or other piece of technology that can replace great salespeople.” 26-year-old Ralph Bianculli Jr. travels the world selling sustainable products for Emerald. One tip I really like is “stop selling and start helping.” It’s a simple paradigm shift that makes a huge difference. How can you use it? “If you know your client is an early morning person, set up 6:00 a.m. meetings. Get your butt there on time, and I promise he or she will look at you in a whole new light,” says Bianculli. Here are 4 more secrets to selling every millennial salesperson should know.

Why Tom Brady’s good looks pay him more money.  “In the mid-70s, a man named Peter Bensen furtively left an item inside of an airport. No — it wasn’t a bomb. It was a fake college application. The application was filled out, complete with stamped envelope ready to send to the college. Included was a photo of the supposed applicant. Bensen and his research team planted the application over and over again, recording what people did when they discovered it. There was one variation between the applications: the attractiveness of the person in the photo. The researchers observed that the more attractive the person who’d ‘lost’ the application, the more likely a random stranger was to put it in the mail or hand it to airport security. Less attractive people were more likely to be ignored,” says Shane Snow. Another study, this time in 2008, looked at the symmetry of NFL players’ faces. “They found that each standard deviation increase of attractiveness correlated to an average of 8% increase in salary.” So what about people who are not pro athletes or college applicants? Shane Snow explains the ROI of beauty.

+ If you missed your shot at hooking up with QB1 in HS, may the odds be ever in your favor tonight.


Unconventional wisdom for thanksgiving eating. “Be mindful: There are a hundred articles every November about how to navigate family disputes at Thanksgiving, and none of them points out that the best way to avoid a fight is to avoid talking. If you want to get maximum pleasure from your food, give it the attention it deserves.” (Digg). Added bonus: eating mindfully will reduce overeating, increase the enjoyment of your food, and improve your digestion.

Why you should NOT workout tomorrow. Thanksgiving workouts are a thing. At ETR our own Yoga Superstar Missi Holt just published her latest Turkey Day Circuit. It’s awesome! Do it. But I recommend you do it today, instead of tomorrow. Here’s why: Thanksgiving exercise helps people rationalize eating more. Read this. If you absolutely cannot workout today. Workout tomorrow first thing. You’ll set the tone for the day ahead, and if you use Missi’s workout, you’ll burn more calories than you would doing 60 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill with the added bonus of the afterburn effect.

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Millennials are Cooking Up New Thanksgiving Traditions


“As boomer parents pass the hosting baton to their kids, millennials are assuming more control of the holiday program: Fifty-two percent will host their own dinner this year (vs. 41 percent of non-millennials), and most will invite friends to join in (Thanksgiving is no longer a family-only affair — witness the growing popularity of Friendsgiving). So the Thanksgiving spread increasingly reflects the discerning palates of a younger generation.” Here’s what millennials are planning to serve.

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