What You Need to Know Today: May 19

Good evening, Early Risers


Pinterest unveils new ad tools. “Pinterest is rolling out several new tools and pricing options for advertisers today. Perhaps the biggest of them is Pinterest’s take on a new video-like Promoted Pin — but, not in the way you might expect.” (TechCrunch). Read more here…


The future of college doesn’t look so bad…It’s become the norm to scoff at a college education, like it were an iPhone 5s in 2015. The college system isn’t broken, it’s just outdated and college’s understand this. Here are some changes colleges are making in the future to adapt to the information age we live in.

The truth hurts – this is how your boss sees you. “Powerful people seem to feel that they need not have complex, nuanced views of you if you are (relatively) powerless,” says Dr. Heidi Halvorson. Sounds harsh, but you can quickly change how powerful people see you by following Dr. Halvorson’s advice she shares in this must-read article for any employee.

Personal Development

The chef’s secret will change the way you work. Celebrity chef, TV host, and culinary rabblerouser Anthony Bourdain wouldn’t strike you as a religious man. But he does have one ritual: setting up mise en place, to ensure a productive day in the kitchen (office), says Business Insider. Use Bourdain’s 10-minute chef’s ritual in your day-to-day to stay productive.

How to plan your day like Twitter’s co-founder. One of the most effective productivity hacks touted is planning your tomorrow to-do list, today. Taking this approach one step further, Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey uses a simple weekly system that builds on this popular productivity hack. Click here to learn Jack’s trick.


Tonight is the 19th Annual Webby Awards, honoring the best of the internet. What makes the Webby’s different than most boring award shows on TV is winners are only allowed five words in their acceptance speeches, or they get booed.

Q: What popular video streaming site said this after winning in 2008?

“Hallelujah for short attention spans.”

Click here for answer.

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